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How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

The game does not require significant material costs and a large playing space – a small table is enough. At the same time, it can be played infinitely long and diverse, even with the same characters at hand. In addition, the theater – a game with a serious promotion.

With which? Any actor will tell you that he is more precious.

Applause, of course!

How old can a theater be for a kid? Ever since he started listening to fairy tales.

And it does not depend on age, but on the child. Some, for example, have been able to attentively listen to mom and watch for dolls since the year.

First, the baby will only watch, then he will take part in the play. In a puppet theater for a child, everything is attractive: dolls, toys, a fairy-tale and familiar plot, the ability to take part in the action yourself, reinterpret it, play and dream, and, therefore, create. No less important is the atmosphere of the holiday, inevitably arising at every performance.

And, of course, the participation of mom or dad is preferable for any child.

What develops home puppet theater? A lot of useful qualities! All participants, regardless of their age, he develops creative abilities.

They are laid in every normal person and, as a rule, publicly and encouraged by benevolent spectators, “splashing out” them into the world gives the actors great moral satisfaction. This not only enhances self-esteem, but also develops imagination, diligence (you need to do something like that in order to repeat success!), But also introduces it to the wonderful world of art.

That is why, during classes with the theater, parents should carefully and respectfully listen to the wishes of the child, given his vision of a particular scene, costume of heroes or an unexpected plot twist.

How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

Puppet theater perfectly develops fine motor skills, for example. Even when the crumb only puts a finger doll on his hand, he trains his fingers.

Not to mention the active participation of his pupa in the play: she must speak, run, jump, show emotions, dance to the music.

Nothing so naturally and easily develops memory and figurative thinking, like playing theater. For the child, everything happens unobtrusively, no one obliges him to specifically learn the role or memorize the plot. In the course of the game, the process of memorization, proceeds by itself.

Moreover, the kid learns not only to memorize, but also to build a strict logical sequence for a certain plot, and later to see the picture as a whole.

To teach the glove doll on your hand or the puppet on the threads to move correctly, you need to be able to not only feel the emotions of the characters and their state at each moment of the fairy tale, but also try to convey them realistically so that they respond to the heart of the viewer. All this perfectly develops the emotional sphere of the child and empathy – the ability to feel another person.

Since playing a theater is a lesson involving collective creativity, (at least one actor and one spectator), this lesson develops communication skills and behavior skills with other people. He learns to play as a team, listen to the wishes of others, respond correctly when you need to restrain your emotions, and not be afraid when you can, show them to the fullest.

And puppet theater helps to cope with shyness, develops speech, contributes to increasing interest in books. Psychologists also advise in the home theater to solve problems and conflicts that the child faces in life, showing ways to solve them on the stage.

How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

This is the simplest form of home theater, suitable for actors and spectators just starting their way into the world of art. Here, under the cover of the toy book, not only the content of the fairy tale is hidden, but also the figures of the acting characters (more or less symbolic, but necessarily cardboard), complete with the simplest decorations, plus the text of the fairy tale.

So, we read a fairy tale, cut out (or squeeze out of cardboard) existing characters, arrange them in scenery – we play by roles!

How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

The finger theater will allow the kid to feel at the same time an actor, director and designer of a performance based on a favorite fairy tale. Several fingers can participate in the presentation at once. But to begin with, pupae must be made with their own (or for the time being with my mother’s) hands.

To do this, on the pages of the book drawn “patterns” of characters and scenery. Cutting them and putting them together, and then sticking them together, in a certain way, according to the instructions in the book, you can get full-fledged actors.

They will be like a nozzle on a finger. Put on and play!

And the script of the whole action is in the book. You can play the show in the family, friends, kindergarten groups.

There is another version of the finger theater, the so-called finger theater in the house. It is not a book, but a toy – a wooden house with a removable roof.

It contains small (about 3 cm in height) figurines-heroes of a fairy tale, streamlined, brightly painted, with traced body parts. Figures are easily put on children’s fingers, in adults with large hands problems may arise. Due to the stability of wooden figures, the fairy tale can be played not only on the table or on the floor, but even on the grass.

There are no decorations in the set, so you can build them yourself, the text of the fairy tale, too, so parents will have to read a book or remember the content.

How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

This theatrical toy is often used in their work by speech therapists, psychotherapists and teachers of a foreign language. Each doll is a cloth glove or mitten, painted, under a particular dress and the head of the hero (or heroine) on it. In the ready-made sets for playing a certain fairy tale, as a rule, there are necessary parts of the scenery, as well as a ready-made script.

A glove doll more than other dolls creates the illusion of reality, it can naturally move body parts, while taking any poses and transmit emotions.

How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

The toy is not so popular as a theater on stands or a finger theater, but this makes it even more valuable. And more expensive, of course, that it is not surprising – there are many accessories, and a distinctive feature of the shadow theater is the indispensable presence of a light source installed behind the stage. There are such theaters simpler, there is more difficult.

When folded, they are placed in a folder or in a special case. The suitcase has everything to create a real theater: stage, light, scenery, action figures, posters, tickets. With the help of such a suitcase, you can arrange a whole idea.

First, prepare the “actors” for the game, cut them out, then rehearse the show, then hang up a poster, distribute tickets and … All for the premiere! It’s great to triple this in the country, for example, by inviting neighbors. The game comes with several scenarios with a detailed description of how to conduct performances.

The main difficulty spoken by the owners of the theaters of shadows, is the time-consuming cutting enough fine details.

How to revive a fairy tale: puppet theater on the table

The most difficult to control dolls – puppets, are set in motion with the help of several lines or less often – thin sticks. Not every adult will be able to immediately cope with the doll, and the child will have to work even more.

The task of the actor here is not just to set the doll in motion, but to become a full-fledged participant in the puppet show (to move “on stage” and outside it, while controlling the puppet, to perform certain actions with musical accompaniment, to move synchronously with other participants of the performance, etc. ). All this will help the child to more clearly coordinate their movements, to manage their body harmoniously.

Video: Glove dolls. DIY Puppet Theater

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