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How to remove the stomach after childbirth

How to remove the stomach after childbirth

The belly after childbirth becomes soft, changes shape and loses its former elasticity and tone. There are several reasons for this.

  • The distended uterus slowly returns to its former size. If on the eve of the birth together with the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluid, she weighed almost five kilograms, then after the appearance of the crumbs into the world – only one. At the end of the second week after birth, the uterus weighs already 500 grams. She must return to weight before conception — that is, to about 50–70 grams — only after 3 months. All this affects the size of the abdomen after delivery. So be patient.
  • The fatty fold on the abdomen became thicker. Someone added more, someone less, but this fate has not bypassed any pregnant woman. Otherwise it can not be. Hormonal background, sedentary lifestyle, increased nutrition – all this leads to the appearance of extra pounds. They are always deposited on the “favorite” places – hips, waist, abdomen. And by themselves they will not go anywhere. Special exercises and a balanced diet will certainly help, but workouts, and quite mild ones, can only begin one month later, and go on a diet much later, in order not to harm lactation.
  • The muscles in the abdomen are greatly stretched. For nine months, they slowly but surely stretched due to the growing uterus. Inflated abdominal muscles were not subjected to severe stretching, preventing the development of diastasis. And to pump them up, standard exercises for the press will suffice. Weak – succumbed faster, parted. And come back to normal only after special exercises.

The answer to this question depends on many factors, in particular on:

  • intensity of uterine contraction. This process can only accelerate breastfeeding on demand. When a baby is attached to the breast in the mother’s body, the optimal amount of oxytocin, a hormone that helps reduce uterine muscles, is produced;
  • the degree of skin elasticity. This quality is inherited. Ask your mother how long it took for her to tidy up the belly of the birth field;
  • the number of births. The more of them, the harder it is to remove the belly after childbirth;
  • tactics of childbirth. After a cesarean section, it is more difficult to restore the former form;
  • food intake;
  • physical activity;
  • lifestyle. For example, a regular lack of sleep, with which each young mother faces, can negate all attempts to get rid of extra pounds. The one who sleeps a little, the level of glucose in the blood rises, which prevents weight loss.
  • the child is the first;
  • weight gain – less than 13 kg for the entire pregnancy;
  • breastfeed on request.

In ancient times, it was taken after birth to flatten the stomach with a diaper or towel. They were tied up in two ways — horizontally, precisely when they were weighed down, and vertically — so that the belly would not hang like an apron.

In the first case, the “support” node and she were at the same level, in the second, a strip of fabric was located under the abdomen, and the node was higher on the lower back.

Later constructed a bandage, “working” in all directions. Usually the bandage is worn on the first or the next day after delivery and worn for 4-6 weeks.

Sometimes the bandage cannot be put on while standing, but this does not mean that you need a larger size. After childbirth it is quite difficult to draw in the stomach, it hangs with a flabby “bag”.

Take a horizontal position and try again. Then stand up, inhale, exhale, if you do not press or pull anywhere, then you have found what you need.

How to remove the stomach after childbirth

Getting rid of fat on the abdomen is possible only with general weight loss. And it, in turn, is due to:

  • increased aerobic exercise – running, fast walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics. But this kind of training will have to be postponed for a month or two;
  • static muscle tension – yoga, pilates, stretching. Such classes are allowed 3–4 weeks after delivery. But still, the first load should be very moderate;
  • breathing exercises for weight loss. Subcutaneous fat is broken down and excreted from the body only with the participation of oxygen. The more of this chemical element in the body, the more intense is the metabolism and the faster those extra pounds go.
  • menu correction. Try to get less calories than you consume. Increase the proportion of protein and plant foods, and eat less carbohydrates. Eat more often, but in small portions. The same goes for drinking water.

Pump press will help:

  • rises from lying on the floor
  • Kranchi – twisting right and left,
  • squatting against the wall (slide along it without tearing off the shoulder blades).

With the help of these exercises you can restore elasticity to the abdominal muscles, they will tighten and change your silhouette. But not dramatically.

Real changes will not happen until you start to struggle with extra pounds on all “fronts”.

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