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How to protect baby teeth from caries?

How to protect baby teeth from caries?

Hygienic procedures are required to be carried out long before the baby’s teeth erupt: it is necessary to remove plaque from the gums, rubbing them with a piece of gauze dipped in boiled water. With the advent of teeth, you can switch to a special silicone brush that mom puts on her finger.

After some time, it is worth buying a real children’s toothbrush: it should be with a small head and soft bristles, located in the form of tufts of different heights. It is important that the child likes the brush, so it is better to choose bright options: colorful brushes, brushes in the form of fairy-tale characters, ultrasonic or electric.

The child should not brush his teeth himself, as some moms and dads believe, but with parental help. At 2, 3, 4 years, the child is still not able to properly carry out the procedure, which is why the children, even with all the rules and the availability of high-quality brushes and toothpastes, begin to break the teeth – the crumb is not able to thoroughly and carefully clean the teeth of food debris.

Dentists believe that the readiness of the baby to brush your teeth can only be talked about when the child is able to mow their fingernails on both hands. Therefore, in early preschool age, it is the responsibility of adults to monitor the hygiene of the child’s mouth.

Of course, the mother can give the baby the opportunity to try her hand, but only after brushing her teeth herself.

In addition to competent selection of a toothbrush, it is important to purchase a good paste. First of all, you need to consult a dentist: it is desirable that the doctor recommends the paste, since it is necessary to take into account not only the age of the child and the condition of his teeth and gums, but also the situation with water in the area.

In large cities, especially in the region, water is fluorinated. And an excess of fluorine can lead to fluorosis, in which fluorine blocks the penetration of calcium into the tissue.

However, in some areas, on the contrary, fluorine is not enough, and caries flourishes here. Residents of such areas should buy children water enriched with fluorine and pastes containing this element.

How to protect baby teeth from caries?

Formation skills cleanliness in the baby is based on the “three whales”.

The first rule is regularity. Brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, at the same time.

Washing before bedtime should be a mandatory ritual for the child, become a habit.

The second rule is an example of parents. Kids copy the behavior of adults, imitating not only words and actions, but even gestures and intonations.

Therefore, parents should show the crumbs how they like to brush their teeth, rinse their mouth after a meal, tell them why it is important to monitor the health of their teeth.

And the third important moment is teaching methods. The result, as you know, can be achieved in different ways, but if the parents want the child to really love brushing his teeth, rather than doing it “under the lash,” it is necessary to adhere to the “playing tactics”.

Washing should be for the crumbs not a burden of duty, but a joyful, fun moment. You can first clean the teeth of rubber toys, then yourself, and then the child.

You can come up with a fairy tale where the brush is a kind of live character that explores the baby’s teeth: “So, let’s see what we have here? How interesting! ”You can read poems or sing songs.

Sometimes it is useful and convincingly before the trip to the bathroom to tell the crumbs of “Moidodyr” or to put an old Soviet cartoon based on the fairy tale by S. Mogilevskaya “Queen toothbrush”: about a little dirty one that the Queen’s citizens taught to be accurate.

There are certain terms and order of appearance of teeth.

In the period between 6 and 8 months of life, the central incisors of the lower jaw sprout from the crumbs, and then the upper ones.

By 8−12 months cut lateral incisors.

By the 12th – 16th month, the first molars.

By the 16-20th month, fangs appear.

By the 20-30th month – the second molars, which complete the formation of a dairy bite.

However, it happens that the sequence and timing of eruption are violated. The reasons may be different, but if it does not interfere with the normal development of the child, chewing, alarm is not necessary.

However, to show the baby to the doctor is still necessary: ​​the doctor may prescribe a X-ray and examine the baby.

How to protect baby teeth from caries?

However, in order to protect a child’s teeth from destruction, hygiene procedures alone are not enough, since various factors influence the appearance of caries. So, babies who have been fed baby bottles for a long time often have a so-called “bottle caries”, which, by the way, can appear during long-term breastfeeding.

The difficulty is that the teeth during washing are washed with milk, and the child’s mouth after the “meal” is not rinsed, the teeth are not brushed. As a result, the milk deposited on the teeth contributes to the formation of organic acids and the disruption of the acid-base balance in the mouth, because of which the minerals in the enamel begin to leach out.

This leads to the fact that the enamel is damaged and there are carious cavities. And over time, prolonged breastfeeding (and bottle) also adversely affect the bite.

Therefore, with the advent of the first teeth, it is necessary to introduce solid food into the child’s diet and gradually abandon the bottle and the breast.

In the case when it was not possible to avoid caries and the parents noticed a black dot on the baby’s tooth, it is worth taking the child to the pediatric dentist. If you do not fight tooth decay, do not treat milk teeth, they will begin to crumble, ache, pulpitis may develop, which in the future may lead to the development of periodontitis.

And since milk teeth are destroyed much faster than permanent ones, inflammatory processes can occur with the risk of damage to the germs of permanent teeth.

Sometimes the process is so neglected that the doctor recommends removing a milk tooth. It is necessary to heed the advice, especially since the “operation” takes place under anesthesia.

To date, there is a fairly safe anesthesia – the French “Sevoran”, which causes a deep sleep in a patient: the child does not see, hear or feel.

How to protect baby teeth from caries?

However, the first visit to the dentist should take place long before the appearance of any problems. A doctor should be visited immediately after the appearance of the first tooth, so that the doctor can inspect, meet the child, evaluate the condition of the enamel and give the mother recommendations on prevention.

A competent dentist will surely ask a woman about the course of pregnancy, childbirth and predict what difficulties may later trouble the baby. In addition, the doctor will talk about weaning, bottles, explain that sugar should be replaced with fructose, that sweets should be avoided and solid foods should be gradually introduced into the diet.

Of course, to get acquainted with the doctor of the child must be prepared. Such terrible words as “pain”, “horror”, “rip out” should not sound in the house.

It is not possible for a child to discuss their visits, negative impressions, show anxiety, excitement. The kid should be sure that a kind doctor is waiting for him, who wants to examine his beautiful white teeth, to touch how strong and strong they are.

Of course, much depends on the attitude of the doctor, so it is better to interview friends and acquaintances in advance about good dentists who know how to get along with kids and use modern approaches to the treatment of children’s teeth. A good doctor will never force a child into a chair forcibly, but, on the contrary, will allow him to examine the office, wander, touch objects, placed toys, get used to, relax. In some clinics, children are given small gifts: bright colorful pastes, toothbrushes, sets of a young doctor.

And the inspection is carried out in a separate chair, where the baby is allowed to sit with his mother. A competent dentist should be prepared psychologically, clearly know the features of each age.

He must be not only a good “technician”, but also a professional psychologist, be able to make contact, agree. There is even a saying among children’s doctors: if the technical part was executed perfectly, but the child left in tears, the visit failed.

If there are no serious difficulties, the teeth are treated with soft tampons, a sweet gel or varnish with a taste of chewing gum is applied. Lacquering – fluorine-containing or calcium-containing, mineralizing – allows you to remove plaque, dental plaque, protect children’s teeth from caries.

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