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How to prepare for the birth of a child in three days

How to prepare for the birth of a child in three days

Dr. Elena Antsiferova has been treating young patients for 25 years. At first, after graduation from the institute, like all young doctors, it was not easy for her – there was plenty of theory in her head, but there was little practical experience. So from her youth she began to take notes and brief extracts.

They were very useful to Elena Antsiferova later – when she began to teach at the medical institute. To teach her students to quickly and easily understand what was happening, she continued to systematize her own knowledge and began to draw pictures and schemes.

Over time, Antsiferova began working as a family doctor, treating children at home. Since in this case the doctor observes the child for years, then the responsibility on him is enormous – after all, all the wrong appointments will return to the same doctor after a while.

So we must think a few steps forward.

As a result, Elena’s love for the systematization of knowledge and rich practical experience led her to write the book “Smart Mom. How to prepare for the birth of a child in three days. ” This is a detailed guide with many pictures and diagrams. The book tells not only how, but most importantly – why and why it is necessary to do this way and not otherwise.

After all, knowing what lies at the basis of a symptom in a child, it is much easier for parents to understand how to act.

Many young parents are worried about the process of digestion of children. However, the anxiety of an inexperienced mother is significantly reduced when she gets the opportunity to compare the stomach of an adult and a newborn.

In babies, there is a weak sphincter, in the process of digestion a lot of gases are formed. Elena Antsiferova calls it the “jug principle”: “If you tilt the jug, then everything will pour out of the wide neck.

As a result, the children burp. Where?

Usually, just from the mouth, almost every meal, milk is poured, someone more often, someone less often. But sometimes it can get into the nose, into the ears, and what is most dangerous is the respiratory neck. ”

Thus, taking into account the “jug principle”, the rules for feeding a baby are formed:

  • so that the child does not choke, in the crib should be placed on the flank, and the mattress in the crib should be raised by 25 degrees;
  • after eating a baby, you need to carry it upright for a while until the gases come out (like soda comes out of an adult’s stomach);
  • when giving a child a breast, it is necessary to ensure that he takes the nipple correctly (his mouth is wide open, he captures not only the nipple, but also the areola), there were no sucking sounds of air ingestion;
  • likewise when sucking a bottle;
  • so that the air comes out of the stomach and does not cause regurgitation, before feeding you should try to hold the crumb on the tummy, make him a soft massage of the abdomen in a clockwise direction.

Thus, observing these rules and remembering the “jug”, the young mother will do everything correctly, and the parents will not have separate recommendations for bedding, feeding, regurgitation, and massage.

Some babies in the first weeks after birth begins inflammation of the eyes – conjunctivitis. In this case, an inexperienced mother in a state of shock often blames herself: “Something is wrong, I am caring wrong, I am a bad mother, everything is lost.”

Meanwhile, the situation is easy to clarify and avoid stress. “Everything is simple,” says Elena Antsiferova. The lacrimal glands do not work in newborns, so there is not a tear in the eyes, but a thick gel that prevents the sclera from drying out.

Also, nasolacrimal ducts are not yet developed or closed by adhesions (dacryocystitis of the newborn). Thus, it turns out that a tear can not pass through the channels in the nose, moreover, it is quite thick.

As a result, the tear stagnates, and just as a stagnant pond becomes overgrown with duckweed, so do bacteria multiply in the eyes, resulting in conjunctivitis.

Knowing these principles of development of the baby, parents should only do basic things – do not forget to wash the baby’s eyes with water or herbal infusions in time.

How to prepare for the birth of a child in three days

Having barely been discharged from the maternity hospital, the mother with the baby in her arms is in a very difficult position. After giving birth, a woman has very little strength, but there are a lot of questions and lack of time, as the child always requires her mother to take action: feed, change the diaper, bathe, walk, put to sleep, smear the navel and so on.

At the same time, hormones “walk” with women who gave birth, like teenagers in puberty, and the mood with them. Young mothers are very sensitive, easily panic, worried about any occasion related to the child.

Why? Because there is no knowledge and experience.

Empathizing with the woman who had given birth with the baby in her arms and the horror in her eyes, about three years ago Elena organized the EvaDoctor medical school (EVA — the first three letters of the initials — Elena Vladimirovna Antsiferova). In it, pregnant women can learn everything they need in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as practice in practice: bathe, swaddle, care, learn to breastfeed or a mixture, follow the umbilical wound.

Classes are held for two days, couples often come, and the men are very enthusiastic involved in an interactive process.

Now at school there is a new course “Smart baby”. This is a sophisticated electronic model of a doll that completely imitates a newborn. She needs to support her head, feed her, belch the air, change her diaper on time, sometimes gently swing.

The electronic “baby” fixes everything: whether they fed him correctly, didn’t cool them, carried them right, didn’t forget about support for the head and wearing the post. With such a unique doll, future parents work out the skills of caring for an infant and understand how the mode of the day of the nursing mother is built.

School “EvaDoktor” helps teaching motherhood in the following four stages:

  1. The book on the care of a newborn “Smart Mom” ​​is the base;
  2. A two-day school course is an interactive practice;
  3. “Electronic kid” is an independent homework;
  4. The application for smartphones is an online support for parents who have already given birth (will appear by June 1, 2015).

Information partner – Happy Parents magazine.

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