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How to prepare a child for school

How to prepare a child for school

Dmitry Tyutterin answered the questions of “Happy Parents”.

– Summer is coming soon, and after it – a new school year. Many children will go to school for the first time, will face a world of knowledge and relationships that is unfamiliar to them.

How to prepare a child for a new world, starting in advance – from the summer, for example?

– All the training from the outside can be divided into two large blocks: health and motivation. Knowledge and skills are best left to professional educators.

As for health, the list of measures is simple and clear: hardening, strengthening immunity, adjusting your own regime to the school regime (especially the morning rise). As for motivation, then no one here except parents can handle it. It is necessary to talk with the child about the school, to tell what is waiting for it, what impressions you had.

All of us are afraid of the unknown, so the more fully the child’s ideas about what awaits him at school, the calmer (and therefore more productive) he will be. The less it is waiting for disappointments.

– Give the child to the camp before the school or not?

– Even for an adult, “summer is a little life”, what can we say about a child. Therefore, if we are talking about June and early July, the child can be sent to the camp (provided that this does not become a serious stress for him, all the children are different).

As for the end of July and August, it is better to devote them to a more relaxed rest and gradual gathering for school.

– What should be the summer of the future first-grader: you need to train and prepare for school workload or is it better to relax and stock up on energy before a busy year?

– One does not interfere with the other. Often the child when taking in school is taken with some “homework” for the summer. For example, practice reading or “deliver” a particular sound.

If parents have enough patience and tact to conduct regular plodding exercises and develop skills without nerves and stress for all participants in the process – honor and praise to them. And no matter what the end result will be – sometimes the learning process itself provides so much benefit as not to count. However, if you still cannot get along without nerves, then it is better to do nothing at all and relax.

The harm from such activities will be much more than good.

– How to convey to the child the essence of the teachings and instill a desire to go to school?

– The essence of the teachings should be communicated in simple words, describing simple specific processes that will occur directly on the first of September and the week after. Any other future is now foggy and it makes no sense to look into it. And the desire to go to school can only be instilled through a positively colored background of everything connected with the school.

If you are nervous at the introductory interview, swear, choosing a briefcase, or with a bad word when a child commemorate your own school years – all this tells the child more about the school than all your stories.

How to prepare a child for school

– What should be ready, what should a modern first grader, ready for school, be able to do?

– He must be sufficiently developed physiologically, he must have certain social skills: he must be able to listen, understand what was said, react, build a sequence of his actions, and so on. There are large lists of qualities that a preschooler should strive for; these lists are called the “Federal State Standard for Pre-School Education”. This is not a secret document, it is online.

It is important to understand that all the norms prescribed there are of a recommendatory nature. Preschool age is still the period when much depends not on the will of the participants in the process, but on the whims of nature and the speed of development of processes in the body of a preschooler.

And everyone has their own.

– What should not parents do?

– Do not give vent to negative feelings: fear for the child, the expectation of his failure, anger and other things. This is not constructive and only confuses and scares the child.

Do not make independent conclusions about the state of readiness of the child for school. If the specialist who made the decision about the child’s readiness for school seems to you incompetent, contact another specialist. The opinion of the grandmother can not be considered the opinion of a specialist, even if the grandmother has worked all her life as a primary school teacher.

Grandmothers are biased, this is their strength.

– By what indicators can a parent independently diagnose his child’s readiness for school?

– The parent cannot independently draw conclusions about the child’s readiness for school. There are many reasons for this, for example, that one of the key characteristics of readiness is the ability to hear and understand instructions from an unfamiliar person, who is a teacher.

Often parents are angry with children who, during an interview at school, forget the answers to the most obvious questions. The fact is that a very familiar question, but somewhat differently formulated and said in a different tone, can put a child in a dead end.

But for the teacher, it’s not the fact that the child knows any obvious information, but how well they can communicate in the future. So, let’s say, by asking a child to read the text, a good teacher looks not so much at the number of signs per minute, but at perseverance, ability to concentrate on the task and many other factors.

– How to remove anxiety before the first day and school for children who are hard to get used to new circumstances?

– First of all – by talking and supporting – even if it seems to you that some things are too obvious to say them (for example, that you love a child and are proud of his successes) – you should still say them. You can support the sincere participation and care.

Not a nervous experience, but affectionate attention, insistent as much as is required by the child himself. The possibility and availability of rest. Including, if necessary, the right of the child to be alone.

The absence of stress and new circumstances in other areas of life. If you carefully treat the child and his words, he will tell you what kind of support he needs.

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