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How to play with your child: professional advice

How to play with your child: professional advice

Teacher-methodologist of the highest category, psychologist, author of more than 100 books and manuals, including the publishing house Clever, Irina Maltseva has been working with children according to the “Smart Movements” method for many years. With the help of hands, body, gestures, children create images-supports for their story from the most basic concepts. They are activated figurative thinking, attention, speech memory, vocabulary conceptual thinking becomes clear.

Parents can also play with their children. “The game is a great opportunity for modern adults to switch from standby and observation mode to active assistance and cooperation mode once and for all,” said Irina Maltseva.

Yulia Danilova, teacher, director of the Mayak development school, author of the book “Choosing a Children’s Center,” states: “While playing, you enter the territory of a child. In the game, he can share with you what you yourself do not guess. He trusts you as a friend, because you can only play with a friend: play the fool, build caves or fly like ghosts.

Perhaps now it seems to you that this is not so important. But time will pass, and your baby will become a teenager.

And then you will appreciate that there is a CONFIDENCE between you. “

Alexandra Yakovleva, psychologist, editor of the “Psychology” column on the “Rain” TV channel: “The game is designed to bring pleasure not only to children, but also to parents. Otherwise, what’s the point? If mom and dad are dragged into the game “forcibly” because there is a “need”, there will be little benefit from this, because the game is positive emotions, an exchange of energy, the joy of spending time together.

Sometimes parents complain that they do not know how or do not like to play. Perhaps this is because not everyone can find a game to their liking. The new collection of the publishing house Clever perfectly copes with this task and presents different options, as they say, for every taste and color.

And remember: the game is not work, and your child will be happy to support you if you invite him to the game space in which you yourself really like. To the question: “How to play with a child?” I would answer: “Easy!”

Galiya Nigmetzhanova, a psychologist, a specialist in working with family, co-author of the book “The Art of Understanding a Child: 7 Steps to a Good Life”: “For a free game you need comrades. Otherwise it will be a game alone, just a fantasy. With the possible playmates a modern urban child can only meet in pre-school groups, in kindergarten.

But here a new ambush: there is no time for the game. Organized classes in the development of reading, arithmetic, foreign language – this is what the parents expect from a good, rated children’s institution in the first place. What remains?

Collect the children of your neighbors, friends and arrange game marathons at home. We know what happens when the child “came my friend Seryozhka, we played a little …”. But this is the best thing parents can do for a child today.

The best for becoming essential life skills. ”

Olga Uzorova, a teacher, author of textbooks for preschoolers and elementary school students, says: “I am a scholarly author, and I firmly believe that playing in elementary school should be 90% based on working out training skills and situations of academic success. Very helpful in the implementation of the game approach books-toys. A non-educational game between children and adults should also be required.

An adult teaches a child to see the unusual in the ordinary. Then the range of games expands – the child’s fantasy turns on. ”

Dima Zitser in the book “Love Cannot be Educated” writes: “The habit of turning into hard work any pleasure scares us and ultimately destroys the very meaning of this pleasure … And in family relationships it appears, it seems, in the first place. Read the book to the child?

This whole thing … I first have to gather my strength … Go for a walk? How to allow him to wear what you want?

What kind of parent am I then? And the educational function?

After all, he begins to relate to life with outrageous ease … He finally sat down for lessons? How can you instead do something that fascinates both of us?

After all, then, God forbid, prayer can turn into a farce. Do we ever play together? Well, how can I not set overwhelming tasks during the game?

After all, otherwise he will think that you can easily pull the fish out of the pond. They live, as you know, not for joy, but for conscience … ”

Svetlana Krivtsova, existential psychologist, author, head of the Center for Practical Psychology of Education: “The game is transformed qualitatively. At different stages, these or other experiences come to the fore. The first level game provides the child with the satisfaction of the need for security: children like it when the unsafe experience is replaced by the experience: “Saved!”, “We are in the house”.

This dynamic “was scary – it became calm” and makes up the main content of the games. Then the game changes, now the main thing is relations: “visiting guests”, “tea drinking”, “daughters-mothers”, “travels” – everything that is connected with the interaction of children with each other.

From this the following is born – games with rules. At first, the rules are part of the plot of the role-playing game, and then they dominate the plot – the game begins to obey the task of precisely following the rules. The game becomes a competition.

Hide and seek is a typical pattern. This stage forms the ability to obey the rules, learn to negotiate, learn to say no and accept failures.

The fourth type of game, where there are all the previous types of games, is team games. The game is incredibly important for the child, for the formation of his personality and willpower, for socialization in society and the ability to cope with his and others’ emotions. ”

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