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How to overcome fatigue after childbirth: using the daily regimen, food, aromatherapy and fitness

How to overcome fatigue after childbirth: using the daily regimen, food, aromatherapy and fitness

After childbirth, the hormonal adjustment mechanism begins to spin in the opposite direction. The content of female sex hormones (progesterone and estrogen) in the body is sharply reduced, returning to the “pre-pregnancy” level. Begins the development of a new hormone – prolactin, contributing to the formation of breast milk.

Contraction of the uterus provokes bleeding and cramping in the lower abdomen. Painful sensations in the perineal region (especially after tearing and stitching) also cause discomfort.

Often does not add optimism and environment. The reality is that a pregnant woman is surrounded by care, and after giving birth, the focus on the child is drastically shifted.

Young mother gets only congratulations and gifts (mainly in the form of children’s things and toys). Complaining about feeling unwell and tired after childbirth is considered almost indecent.

But she has to oh, how difficult! Even the “prepared” newly minted parents are often at a loss when they return from the maternity hospital: the tiredness accumulated during pregnancy and childbirth and the lack of hours in the day make it impossible to work with yourself and the house, to give the necessary attention to your spouse.

Constant lack of sleep and fatigue become causes of self-doubt and lead directly to depression.

PSYCHOLOGISTIC COUNCIL: it seems to you that there is no place to take forces? Think about the distribution of your free time. How often do you spend it on a zombie TV, on a complaint to a friend, on reproaches and criticism of a spouse?

All this contributes to the loss of precious time and gives rise to negative experiences. What did you do in your free time before the baby was born? Surely they found for themselves very enjoyable activities.

Take care of them while the baby is sleeping. Give yourself a couple of hours a week when you can go to a beauty salon, do your favorite hobby, or just go shopping.

The desire to be in good shape will help you not to associate yourself with the dull “hen-hen”, and your mood will immediately rise.
Eat right, drink vitamins and walk more. With the transition to a new stage of relations, it will be very useful to change some family rules and traditions so that they give you joy.

And the question “Am I really a bad mother?” Should not stand before you at all. Close physical contact, frequent attachment of the baby to the breast, timely help from family members will facilitate the process of adaptation to the new status and lifestyle.

However, if six months after giving birth you feel a sense of sadness and melancholy, you notice a decrease in appetite and insomnia, a lack of sexual desire, and sometimes feel irritation towards the baby, it’s time to talk about postpartum depression. Only a qualified psychologist can deal with it.

COUNCIL AROMATECHEPT: rest. You should not use your free time to “hang on” in an armchair with an iPhone in your hands – such a respite will not charge you with energy, and seeing the attractive photos of your girlfriend on vacation in the Maldives can take away the last emotional forces.

Full sleep is what your body needs first. Use every opportunity to poke a little during the day. And aromatherapy will help you to relax and quickly fall asleep in the evening.

Choose an aromatic candle or put an open vial of essential oil on the bedside table (remember that contact methods for using aroma oils such as baths, creams, etc.) are prohibited for nursing mothers. Prefer bergamot, lavender, ylang-ylang, citrus – ¬ orange – lemon, grapefruit.

They elevate mood and dispel anxiety, and also help fight insomnia. To avoid problems with sleep, exclude coffee from your menu in any form (coffee, black tea, chocolate, cola) and remember that a cup of warm milk with ginger and cinnamon well “sleeps”.

DIETOLOGY TIP: eat often and varied! Do not forget about vitamins: a woman during lactation can take special complexes designed for nursing mothers (they must contain vitamins D, C, B6, A, PP, F).
Analyze your menu! At your table must be present:

  • Meat (preferably chicken, turkey or rabbit). It should be eaten at least once a day to replenish iron stores.
  • Fish is the champion of phosphorus and vitamin D.
  • Cereals rich in fiber and minerals.
  • Vegetables – a source of vitamins and organic acids needed by your body.

Do not forget about carbohydrates – the main source of energy. Their deficiency leads to a decrease in the level of glucose in the blood, resulting in precisely the same are fatigue, drowsiness, bad mood.

The best carbohydrates are whole-grain bread, unrefined cereals (brown rice, unroasted buckwheat, oatmeal, barley), vegetables and fruits. And in order to get rid of excess nervousness, choose foods with a high content of useful amino acids – tryptophan (found in turkey, bananas, milk).

It is processed by the brain into serotonin – a hormone that promotes relaxation.

FITNESS TRAINERS COUNCIL: it is necessary to go in for sports! This will not only help to restore the shape after childbirth, but also has a positive effect on the psychological state of the young mother. Today you can find many videos of various physical exercises on the net.

You can also go to a fitness club – there a qualified specialist will help you choose adequate loads for the body. You can start training in 3-4 weeks after natural childbirth and in 1,5-3 months after cesarean section.

But the final decision is best taken only after consulting a doctor!

Bring the body to tone and overcome postpartum fatigue will help you:

  • Pilates. Classes will strengthen the muscular system, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. This will relieve back pain, which so often torment young mothers.
  • Water aerobics. It is especially good for its soft loads: water holds the body, and there is not a lot of pressure on the spine.
  • Yoga. Well suited to improve the emotional state of a young mother: classes will help calm down and cope with a feeling of depression. After performing asanas, stretching relieves the muscles and ligaments. As a result, you feel more cheerful.
  • Cardio training. The most affordable form of fitness for a woman – you can start with a normal walk. Stock up with a heart rate monitor and start walking with a stroller with a pulse rate not exceeding 140-150 beats per minute (this is an approximate fat burning zone).

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