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How to organize a development center in the kitchen

How to organize a development center in the kitchen

Before embarking on interesting and rewarding activities, it is necessary to remove possible obstacles:

– Small kitchen: with rational use of space, the ability to maintain order, use only multifunctional things and toys, timely get rid of those items that “served their time”, flexibility and regular replacement of the contents of your children’s corner in the kitchen, even a small space can be turned into a full development zone.

– Dangerous items (hot stove, breaking dishes, sharp knives): of course, you can easily hide from the child everything that could be at least a little dangerous for him. But remember that someday he will still have to get acquainted with the hot and spicy, heavy and dangerous.

Why not now? Teach the crumb to the rules of handling unsafe objects, show how and what they are used in everyday life, let the child give you all possible help – so you will save him from possible injuries sooner.

– Too much cleaning: at first, your classes in an improvised development center can, in fact, end up scattering cereals and tipping over crates of dishes and cooking utensils. And here your task is to help the child clean up after itself – first with you, and then independently, then soon you will find in him a diligent and responsible assistant.

– We decide in advance what we will “develop.” The main secret of the success of your development center is the proper organization of the space, based on highlighting the priority development areas with which you want to spend time spent together in the kitchen.

Manipulations with loose products

The simplest and, at the same time, most useful for the development of fine motor skills in the kitchen is a variety of games with cereals: sifting through a sieve, pouring with a spoon or “over the edge”, drawing on a tray with semolina, searching for “treasures” (hidden in the croup of small toys), pushing beans or macaroni into a bottleneck, pasta beads, sorting croup by color, shape, size, and much more.

What do you think, is it possible for your restless person to spread butter on bread by himself, can he clean tangerine or a hard-boiled egg? Do not know?

Just try it! Already a 1.5-year-old child is quite able to do such exercises.

And what pride the baby will experience when he sees how you appreciate his help with the housework!

How to organize a development center in the kitchen

Disassemble the bag with the products? Do not miss the opportunity to pay attention to the development of speech – say, repeat the prepositions: Where do we put the bread?

That’s right, in the breadbasket. Leave the watermelon on the table, but remove the meat on the bottom shelf of the fridge … You can also play like this: “Who remembers more words matching the word Mandarin?

What is he like? Orange, round, tasty, fragrant, appetizing, sweet, small, juicy, exotic … What kind of cookies? Soft, sweet, crumbly, tasty, brittle, sweet, light … “

The kitchen is quite suitable for the development of musical ear. You have stirred sugar in a cup, slammed the lid on the pan, rustled with a plastic bag, poured peas into a jar, etc.

Let the kid try to guess with his eyes closed, which is the source of these sounds.

Put different fillers in the same non-transparent jars (for example, from under tea or spices), play “Find a pair” or try to arrange “rattles” in a row from the quietest to the most ringing.

As an exception, you can arrange a kitchen concert, allowing the child to rattle enough pots, lids and ladles.

The kitchen is very convenient to carry out various experiments. The smallest will be surprised to watch the sugar or salt dissolve in water. Then you can try the water and find that it has a completely different taste, although it looks the same.

The kid is interested in hundreds of questions: How does ice melt? Why does water boil? How to change the properties of the products in the cooking process? (for example, a solid pie is obtained from the batter, and the jelly solidifies in the fridge, and a reddish crust appears on the potato during frying).

That’s how interesting!

Hot or cold?

For the development of perception, use the power of the kitchen to the maximum – let the baby touch the cold and hot, soft and hard, loose and viscous. You can compare kitchen utensils and products in shape and color, teach your child to distinguish between different shades of color of fruits and vegetables, the weight of different products, shades of taste.

Introduce the kid with the basics of mathematics right in the process of cooking. How many eggs do you need to put in the dough?

Now add a little sugar and a lot of raisins. Or vice versa?

When the cake is ready, it will need to be divided into several parts, and the child in a game form will be able to get acquainted with the fractions.

Play the “Third Extra”. For example, place an onion, an apple and a carrot on a table. A carrot is different in shape, so it is superfluous.

Now, in front of the tiny cucumber, banana and orange. Does he guess the correct answer?

Place magnetic puzzles, alphabet, thematic sets of figures (animals, plants, toys, transport, etc.) on your fridge and use this prop for various games.

The kitchen is a wonderful place for painting with paints and various types of “bulk” application (with cereals, sand, pieces of napkins, threads, sparkles, etc.). Firstly, everything that will be scattered and stained, is relatively easy to clean and clean in the kitchen, and secondly, if you’re a little artist involved in the process, you will always find something to do while remaining in the line of sight of the crumbs.

The main thing is to prepare everything you need in advance – materials for creativity, apron, wet wipes and a rag. You should not limit your activities in the kitchen to traditional forms of creativity, because you can create from food – draw fresh juices, make prints with stamps of vegetables, make real pictures in a plate of fruit pieces, multi-colored vegetables, and nuts.

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