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How to help your child get into school after summer

How to help your child get into school after summer

Consider individual features. Elena has three children in her family. Everyone has a different work style and a different homework schedule. “We have a morning nanny, she wakes up the middle so he can do her homework,” explains Elena. “Our daughter goes to school right after she comes home from school.”

And the youngest is better at homework under the guidance of adults, so he does it in the kitchen when I cook dinner. ” Elena allows her children to choose the most convenient time for them: it gives them a sense of control over themselves.

Motivate with joy, not punishment. The family of Vladimir and Olga have three children. If all the lessons are done before 8:00 pm, the children went to the shower and are ready for bed, then they win “time for fun”: half an hour to watch a cartoon or play with the whole family. “Sometimes it’s enough for me to say“ it is 7:30 pm ”in order to get them to do their homework faster,” says Olga. – Of course, the first time was not without evenings, when someone did not have time to do all the things on time.

The children were very upset. But now they can motivate themselves. “

Add movement. Make cramming fun and rewarding. “We take pillows from the couch, and the children work out“ blows ”on each word in the poem or the answer in the multiplication table,” says Natalia.

Physical activity helps children pull off steam after a hard school day. “Plus, it makes them laugh,” she says.

How to help your child get into school after summer

Organize a portable workplace. Get a small table on wheels. Help your child put on it all the necessary supplies for preparing homework. Thus, a small student will be able to do homework where he is most comfortable.

When the study will be completed, you can easily fold the table and remove it until the next time.

Keep track of time. Cause time, fun – an hour. Kitchen timer can be a great tool for motivation.

For example, you can break up homework preparation into blocks of 20 minutes with breaks for 5 minutes. During such breaks, the child can have a snack, do a warm-up, or take a short walk.

Let you have a little secret: move all the clocks in the house 5 minutes ahead. This will allow you and your little fidget to always leave the house on time and not be late for classes.

Purchase a wastebasket. Used papers, old flyers and notes can quickly clog the student’s workplace. Put them in a basket or a box, and at the end of each month sort and throw away unnecessary ones.

How to help your child get into school after summer

Hang the whiteboard for notes. Magnetic marker boards are a good help in doing homework. Leaflets with examples, various reminders or notes from mother can be attached to such boards.

You can also write on it with a special marker, for example, practicing spelling. If a child behaves at the blackboard, rehearse his answers using a home board, and he will not hesitate to respond to the entire classroom.

Encourage reading. Buy a magnetic reader for your little reader. Surely this will push him more often to pick up books.

And if your child no longer thinks of his life without them, such a thing can be a great addition to the gift.

Collect a backpack. To make the day go smoothly, and your nerves were intact, collect a backpack with all the necessary things for extracurricular activities and always carry it with you, accompanying the child. For example, a child may have a “musical” and “dancing” backpacks, if he attends music school and dancing.

On such backpacks, you can stick stickers on the fabrics so that they can not be confused.

Highlight him from the crowd. In childhood, each of us wanted something to stand out among classmates. In Soviet times it was almost impossible to do this. Today, to show individuality for the student will not be difficult.

Agree, to go to school is much more fun when you have a beautiful bag for interchangeable shoes hanging over your shoulders, and not just a regular bag. You can buy ready-made or sew it yourself.

In this case, the student can be sure that no one will definitely have such a bag.

Add shoe colors. Which kids do not want to be the most fashionable among their peers? In order to diversify the school routine, allow your child to decorate the laces with an adhesive color tape or fabric marker. These laces will look good on both sneakers and autumn boots or boots.

In addition, such shoes are easy to notice in the school locker room, if the kid feels that he has lost his pair.

How to help your child get into school after summer

Soup and porridge – our food. Some children are embarrassed to take home school meals. If your baby is one of them, get a beautiful lunchbox for him, because the packaging in this case is of great importance. In today’s market a huge selection of copies for every taste.

Your child will definitely not remain indifferent to any of them and will be happy to carry food to school.

Important stuff. With the help of original pens, pencils and erasers you can make the learning process much more interesting and exciting. Such bright and stylish stationery will surely become an essential accessory of your child.

Already one of their kind pleases the eye, and to enjoy them is sheer pleasure.

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