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How to equip a nursery for the future first graders

How to equip a nursery for the future first graders

The age at which children enter first grade coincides with a transitional stage in the development of the human psyche. Therefore, the period of 6-7 years is accompanied by very important changes in consciousness, and it is characterized as a crisis.

The child begins to realize that from warm mother’s hugs, home comfort and the playroom in the kindergarten group, he will fall into a previously unknown for him “adult” world – to school.

When for the first time kids face learning activities in preparation for school, they begin to form a sincere desire to go to the first grade. At the same time, the game is still the main occupation in this transitional period. It is important for mom and dad not to miss the lucky moment when it is possible to form a child’s motivation to learn, so that later he would not go to school through force, read, write and consider with pleasure.

Help parents interest the child to study can including literate situation in the nursery.

At the age of 6 years, the child is curious about the workplace of parents, older brothers or sisters. Their desk, bookshelves, table lamps should arouse interest in the child.

Children usually like to watch serious and work-focused adults, as they absorb norms of social behavior.

Approximately six months before the cherished September 1, you can begin the imperceptible transformations in the nursery. Avoid abrupt changes in the child’s familiar world.

For example, it is unacceptable to drastically change the walls with old bears wallpaper to a neutral tone wallpaper on one day.

It is necessary to make changes gradually and without haste, discussing with the child the purpose of new items. Even if he saw the seniors working at the desk, it is very important that the kid do something for him on his own, for example, draw a picture or a postcard for his mother.

To save time and money, select a part of the nursery as a working area. For example, one of the walls can be repainted, getting rid of wallpaper with a colorful pattern.

Nothing should distract the child from the educational process, even if at the stage of preparation for school he is insignificant. For the same reason, the workplace should not be overloaded with interior and decor items. Suppose, if a bookshelf is supposed to exist, try to place it not above the writing desk, but on the right or on the left, in order not to be tempted to consider the inscriptions on textbooks.

And try not to decorate the table with cute figurines, stickers, intricate organizers for stationery.

How to equip a nursery for the future first graders

How to equip a nursery for the future first graders

How to equip a nursery for the future first graders

How to equip a nursery for the future first graders

A simple but convenient writing desk will help to concentrate on the tasks in preparation for school and on exercises in textbooks and notebooks. The workplace should help the small student to organize himself and his own activities.

For convenient storage of books and notebooks, glazed shelves and closed shelves are suitable.

When you design the workspace, it is important to consciously approach the choice of colors and remember the individual characteristics of your child. If he gets tired quickly and it is difficult for him to concentrate on the task, then dynamic colors in the interior will help.

But there should not be many of them, otherwise the nervous system will be overloaded.

For an overactive child, bright and vibrant colors can lead to agitation and cause difficulty in concentrating. Calm colors of green, blue and yellow are more suitable for studying such kids.

It is believed that green contributes to concentration, balance of action, relieves tension, raises tone and mood. Blue calms, gradually slows heart activity, can serve as a background color.

Yellow color has a stimulating effect on the brain and is effective for fatigue. In small quantities, it has a positive effect on human vision.

In the color scheme, the balance is important, as well as in general, when arranging the renovated room of the student.

Do not forget that, even if preschoolers want to do everything as adults, they remain children for a long time. The game is still very important. Space for entertainment, a place where you can store toys, and in elementary school retains its importance.

It can be an “island” created from something familiar and previously loved (mat, sports area, objects, toys, children’s books).

In the future, the presence of such a zone will help the child cope with stress in a strict timetable of classes, he will have a sense of stability. A favorite corner will soothe his psyche and allow him to gently adapt to the new social role of the student.

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