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How to dress a child in kindergarten

How to dress a child in kindergarten

In order for the baby to adapt more quickly in the garden, parents should exclude the appearance of additional difficulties as much as possible. Therefore, the most important requirement for kindergarten clothes is that it should be such that the little one could easily remove and dress her.

Or, if he still has little that can, the tutors would quickly cope with this task. Do not forget that these workers of such girls and boys have up to 25 people in a group, but it is necessary to take everyone out for a walk in winter and preferably at once so that no one sweats and then has a cold.

In addition, if the baby goes to the garden for the very first time, but already pays attention to what he is wearing, don’t wear anything annoying or detracting from his status, in order to avoid unnecessary occasions for worrying.

The shoes in the group should be light, since it is usually hot in kindergarten. The most preferable is sandals with closed toes and a high heel – in order to protect the foot, preferably also with an instep.

You should not save on good shoes, so as not to spoil the foot, because in the kindergarten the child spends the whole day. Therefore, for the prevention of flatfoot is better to choose orthopedic correct shoes. What if your daughter wants to become a ballerina?

Or, because of flat feet, the guy in the army will not take? Here, then you will bite your elbows.

Forget about the laces, zippers and clasps with holes – the most convenient fasteners on shoes for a child (of any age) – stickies. True, tying the laces, develops, in between times, fine motor skills, and, therefore, the brain … But let’s not complicate the life of the child during the period of adaptation to the kindergarten.

In addition, now there are enough developmental aids to train on them.

Closed, especially warm shoes, of course, does not fit. As well as sneakers and sneakers, even for physical education classes.

At gymnastics in kindergarten, usually, require shoes or even socks. As for the spare slippers, if the baby can describe it, leave another pair in the locker, it will not take up much space.

Shoes for walking are the same basic requirements as for room shoes – at least problems with fastening and putting on. Ideal – put his foot and went.

Another important quality – waterproof. Avoid boots with internal, removable parts that should be dried after each walk, and then “packed” again – educators do not like to fool around with such things.

Clothing for games and group lessons is also desirable to choose without any fasteners. That is – T-shirts with different lengths of sleeves, and not shirts and button-up blouses. Cut for the head should be such that it does not get stuck, delivering the torment of the crumbs.

Instead of dresses – sundresses without buttons, instead of shorts and skirts with buckles – those that are on an elastic band.

In kindergartens, as elsewhere, it becomes cold before the start of the heating season (and after it, in the spring). Then it is reasonable to give with you something from clothes for warming.

It can be sweaters, not jackets with buttons and zippers, and if a turtleneck, then with a wide enough and comfortable to put on his neck.

Materials for children, of course, must be natural, although fleece, for example, is also not forbidden.

If the group does not wear pantyhose, then socks are preferable to golf, which can pull a gentle leg. By the way, in the USSR in kindergartens golfs were allowed only on holidays.

Even if your baby hasn’t been pissing in his pants for a long time, keep extra clothes in his locker ALWAYS. Just in case.

The weather in Russia is mostly cold and wet, so choosing the right clothes for walking is very important.

How to dress a child in kindergarten

It would seem that a jumpsuit is more comfortable than a jacket plus pants – you need to wear something instead of two. An, no, the caregivers prefer everything individually, guided by the fact that the kids dressed in pants are standing and waiting for the pants to help dress others. And only then, all those who are already in the pants, put on jackets – so as not to sweat.

So keep that in mind. Or ask your caregiver what is preferable to him.

Much depends on lightning. Can you imagine what will happen if it breaks?

Choose a large zipper, metal, anti-vandal (good manufacturers have such).

It is better to take a jacket with a high throat (ideally – and with a second, soft inner), so as not to bother with a scarf at all. The presence of the hood is also desirable, even if it is not put on the head, it warms the back.

Pooh or other insulation – parents decide. In the eyes of many, nothing warmer than fluff has yet been invented, but erasing things with it is a confusion, which is rare.

And things will get dirty, and how else – after all, walks in the kindergarten are not carried out under the strict supervision of my mother. One set of outerwear can not do, it is better to have two per shift or, in extreme cases, spare pants, because they get dirty more. Keep in mind that if you pick up a child after or during an evening walk, he may be, to put it mildly, not very clean.

This is not a problem if the garden is located two steps away from the house. But if you have to get into a car with a child, or go and go by public transport for several stops – wet pants or a dirty spot on the back can be a problem.

Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to bring the child in one dress, and for walking to bring with him something “simpler” (something convenient for walking the child, and not for a decent return from kindergarten by the handle).

Of all the caps, the most comfortable and for self-donning, and as protection from wind and cold – helmets. Forehead, ears, neck – all under reliable and comfortable protection. With a helmet and a scarf will not be needed.

Cap without strings can fly off, the ears will be constantly open. With ties too uncomfortable, because of the hassle with them. Too warm fur hats are reasonable only in very cold weather.

Often, the fur overheats the head of moving children. His head itches and sweats.

Do not let the child in the garden gloves! He (and educators) are tormented to wear them.

Long, warm and waterproof mittens-leggings, put on over the jacket – the best option.

So, leave everything beautiful but quickly soiled and difficult to put on for guests, matinees and other holidays. Remember – in kindergarten the kid should least think about clothes. There are plenty of other things to do.

Good luck in adaptation!

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