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How to cope with the “fog” in my head

How to cope with the

“Adrenal fatigue” (adrenal fatigue) is not a completely medical term, but is actively used by specialists in the US and Europe to explain the condition of patients who have problems with clarity of thought, chronic fatigue, and a tendency to depression. The adrenal glands are a paired gland, located, as the name implies, above the kidneys, inseparably connected with them and extremely important for life.

And here brains, you ask?

The fact is that the adrenal glands produce hormones that allow the brain and body to cope with stress (both physiological and psychological). And since the whole life of a modern person is endless stress, a high level of stress hormones is constantly maintained in the body.

Experts claim that over time this can lead to the fact that our adrenal glands “get tired”, that is, deplete their resources. This pulls a deterioration in the performance of the brain.

But, since this condition is not yet recognized as a disease, no one will treat it. How to help yourself?

And what to do to improve performance and disperse the fog in your head?

If you feel the symptoms of brain fogging, avoid eating carbohydrates, especially simple ones, such as white bread and sugar, at work.

Change your diet and include more vegetables (such as broccoli and cabbage). You can save money if you chop vegetables at home and bring ready-made cucumber circles and carrot sticks to work.

Also make sure that you consume enough protein (such as chicken, fish, and eggs).

Going to lunch or a coffee break, give up donuts with powdered sugar, sweet soda and other available sharp pleasures, if you can. Do not drink more than a couple cups of coffee a day and do not abuse alcohol, it will also only worsen your condition.

How to cope with the

Provide your body with the production of vitamin D. Now it will not cost you a penny, because for this you only need to go out into the fresh air. Remember: the most useful for the production of skin vitamin D solar radiation – day.

The morning and evening rays of the sun are almost useless in this sense. To get your portion of the correct solar radiation, it’s enough to spend 20 minutes outside in the middle of the day.

This will provide an adequate amount of vitamin D and prevent its deficiency. In any case, now, in the warm season.

In winter, you may need to take extra vitamin supplements.

Vitamin D is needed for your immune system, your bones and joints, and your metabolism. So, do not sit in the office at lunchtime – go outside.

By the way, sunbathing by the window is a pointless exercise. Conventional glass retains most of the useful radiation.

Vitamin D: What do adults need it for?
For a long time, vitamin D was considered exclusively “children’s medicine”. The fact that not only the youth of youth, but also the soaring maturity and even the bowed old age, equally badly needs it, became known only 15 years ago.

And today, scientists argue that without his participation, prevention of the most dangerous diseases is impossible. Read more

How to cope with the

In case of loss of performance and “fog” in the head, it is very important to pay attention to the two organs of the excretory system that are responsible for detoxifying your body – these are the liver and the kidneys. The less toxins linger in your body, the more efficient your performance will be.

Liver and kidneys – is connected in a single chain of steam, which is responsible for the purity of our body. The liver is involved in the disposal of toxins, drugs and food that you eat.

And the kidneys are responsible for excretion of waste products from the body. Optimizing liver and kidney function is crucial.

Eating foods that promote healthy intestinal flora, normalizes digestion and supplies the right enzymes and trace elements to the liver, can help reduce the burden on the liver, and, consequently, on the kidneys.

8 steps to improve your digestion without medication
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How to cope with the

The kidneys are involved in maintaining the acidity of the blood: they remove excess hydrogen ions from the blood during the filtration process. Alkaline water reduces the level of acidity in the blood, “facilitating” the kidneys work. The easiest way to make alkaline water is to add to a regular drinking lemon.

More correct – to make an infusion of drinking water and lemon. To do this, on a medium-sized jug of filtered water, one lemon is taken, cut into thick slices and immersed in water. Squeeze lemon juice is not necessary!

Infuse 8-12 hours at room temperature.

In addition to the benefits for the kidneys and adrenal glands, such a morning “lemonade”, wakes up the digestive process, and also helps stimulate the liver, liquefying bile.

Clean your liver with the right food
Many of us at least once heard the advice “clean the liver.” Indeed, by the spring this internal filter feels particularly frazzled, because in the cold season we are especially prone to eating fatty foods and strong drinks. And now the liver needs our help.

But delicate and competent. How to “clean the liver” with food? Read more

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