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How to cook meat mashed potatoes for babies

How to cook meat mashed potatoes for babies

Babies will have to try baby meat puree not earlier than 7–8 months. At this age, the child is rapidly growing and developing, and his body is depleting the reserves of iron that he has accumulated while he was in my mother’s tummy and during breastfeeding.

It is during this period that it is recommended to introduce baby meat puree into its diet. Meat is the main source of high-grade animal protein needed by a growing human to protect against infections, normal development and the formation of teeth and bones.

Properly prepared meat mash for the first feeding contains easily digestible iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins of group B. It also contains extractive substances that stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and the digestive system.

Lure meat puree start with a portion of 3-5 g (this is 1/2 teaspoon), so that, gradually increasing its size, get to 1 to 60-80 g.

Of course, if desired, mashed meat for the first feeding can be bought in the store, in finished form. Is it worth “fidgeting” with home cooking?

It is up to you. On the question of which meat puree is better suited for your baby there is no definite answer.

But we think you will agree that a homemade recipe guarantees confidence in every ingredient. Yes, and cook meat puree at home is not difficult.

  • glass or ceramic cup with a capacity of 200-500 ml
  • glass or enamel saucepan 0.5-1l
  • plastic or metal spoon
  • meat cutting knife
  • plastic board (it is more hygienic, wooden washing is much more difficult, which is why microbes accumulate on it)
  • blender
  • actually a piece of meat

1. Choose meat

For the first feeding, it is recommended to choose hypoallergenic rabbit or turkey meat that is easily digested and contains little fat. Lamb meat and low-fat veal and beef are also prohibited.

Pork for babies will be too fat and can cause malfunction of the digestive system, the chicken often causes allergic reactions.

To buy meat for baby meat puree is recommended in a trusted store. Since any meat must go through veterinary control, the seller must have a certificate confirming this procedure. Give preference to solid pieces of meat (not in cubes), fresh and juicy in appearance, not weathered.

The cut at the piece of meat should be smooth, pink. A dark red or whitish slice indicates that the meat was either stored improperly or is far from the first freshness.

How to cook meat mashed potatoes for babies

2. Preliminary preparation of meat

Before you cook the meat mash for the first feeding, you must how to wash the meat under running cold or warm water. Remove fat, veins, skin, films from it and release it from the bones.

After that, cut a piece of about 10 cm in size from a single piece of meat. Meat mash, like other dishes for babies, cannot be stored.

For this reason, at one time you will need a very small piece of meat. The remaining meat can be cut into larger pieces and put in the freezer.

Just keep in mind that any products for babies can be thawed only once. Thawed product is not subject to re-freezing: temperature drops create a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogens. So, each time, intending to cook meat mash for feeding, we get 1 piece of meat from the freezer.

For the first time this amount is more than enough.

3. Rules of cooking meat for baby puree

Put the meat in a saucepan with cold water (remember, it should be filtered or bottled) and wait until it boils. After 5 minutes, drain the water (it is necessary to get rid of fat and extractive substances that impede digestion) and pour new meat, it should cover it. Cook the meat until cooked on low heat for about 2 hours (turkey, veal and lamb until ready, cook 1-1.5 hours).

If the water boils away, top it up again. And remember that kids do not need to salt and add spices to meat.

How to cook meat mashed potatoes for babies

4. Cooking meat puree

When the meat is cooked, cut it into small pieces. Then chop the pieces in a blender.

To puree acquired a uniform consistency, similar to thick porridge, add to it a few tablespoons of the mixture or vegetable broth (baby broth can not be!).

Ready meat mashed potatoes can be mixed with vegetable, which is already familiar to the baby. So the child is easier to accept the new product.

You can also pour a few drops of vegetable oil into the meat puree (7-month-old children are entitled to 5 ml).

The first portion of meat puree should be 0.5 tsp. Carefully track the child’s reaction.

If everything is in order, in a week you can increase the portion. By the year a child should consume portions of 60-80 g of meat.

To feed the baby puree is best for lunch.

How to cook meat mashed potatoes for babies

How to cook meat mashed potatoes for babies

Every mother has her own recipe for how to make meat puree for babies. We will give some of them.

It will take: 40 g of beef, water, 1 teaspoon of butter

Washed, without bones, films and tendons meat cut into small pieces. Stew chunks in a small amount of water until ready for about 2 hours.

Ready meat to cool and scroll twice through a meat grinder, and then grind in a blender. In this way you will achieve a uniform consistency.

In the resulting puree add a little vegetable broth and bring to a boil. Mix everything thoroughly, add the butter.

You can also add a little breast milk to meat puree. But in this case, boiling puree is no longer required.

It will take: 100 g of turkey fillet, 0.5 cups of water.

Meat can be cooked on a grid of multicookers, steamed, or boiled in a saucepan with water on the stove. In the slow cooker, we cook by setting the mode “for a couple”, 40 minutes.

Boiled meat cut into pieces, which are ground with a blender to obtain a homogeneous consistency. Dilute with water.

Since the turkey puree is a little dry, you can pour a few drops of vegetable oil into it. Finished meat puree can not be stored in the refrigerator for more than a day.

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