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How to console a crying baby?

How to console a crying baby?

The main cause of baby crying is pain. By the way, scientists only 20 years ago recognized that newborns are capable of feeling it.

Most often at the age of up to six months, pain causes colic. In the first 12 months, food moves slowly through the intestines, because enzymes are not yet sufficiently active.

As a result, it is not completely absorbed, which is why gases are formed. Unpleasant sensations reach their peak in the evening, sometimes delivering to the baby almost the same flour as women experience during labor.

With colic, the baby’s crying becomes persistent and protracted (it can last up to 20–30 minutes or even longer). The child groans, frowns, wrinkles forehead, throws back his head, alternately pressing, then straightens his legs sharply.

The most effective help in this case is to put the baby on your stomach or “roll” it on the fitball. You can bend the legs at the knee joints and do the exercise “bicycle”. It is very effective to warm the tummy with a hot water bottle or a warm diaper.

And for the prevention of colic should regularly spread the child on the stomach. If all these tools do not bring relief, you need to consult a doctor.

Try to approach the baby at first crying and do not force him to scream until exhaustion. In order for the crumb to calm down faster, he needs to feel that his mother is in control of the situation, so do not lose composure.

If the baby does not hurt anything, most likely, he cries because he is hungry. Check this guess is easy: you need to offer him a chest or a bottle.

But kids have other reasons for discontent. For example, a child may be cold, hot, uncomfortable in a too tight blouse or an uncomfortable position.

A crumb can burst into tears from over-excitement – especially if the day regimen was disturbed for some reason. If the baby falls asleep for a long time and with difficulty, it is worth adjusting or completely revising the old schedule.

A warm bath, a lullaby, a “tour” around the room in the arms of the mother or a walk in the fresh air will help to soothe the child.

Maria Zibrova, micro-pediatric physician, Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery

Scientists have shown that babies worn on their hands for more than 3 hours a day cried almost 2 times less than children who spent this time in a crib. No wonder the wise truth says: “Nine months inside mom – nine months on mom.” The first time after the birth of the child continues to be completely dependent on the mother, and he really needs her support.

A sense of security arises, including through physical contact.

While feeding, make sure that the crumb captures the areola of the nipple. Otherwise, the baby will swallow too much air, causing colic to increase.

Immediately after feeding, do not rush to put the baby in the crib, hold it for 15–20 minutes with a “column” so that the “extra” air moves away.

There are several ways to distract a child from tears. Sometimes it is enough to talk with a crumb, voicing his feelings: “I know it hurts you …” The second option is to radically change the situation. If you drive a car, arrange an unplanned rally, taking in the “partners” of the baby.

Another way to switch the child’s attention is to pick him up and dance with him to soft music. Many mothers claim that the songs they listened to or sang to the baby during pregnancy also serve as an excellent sedative.

Water treatments also have a calming effect. In the bath you can add pine extract, fir oil, lemon balm or mint. However, some children after bathing, on the contrary, are overworked and fall asleep with great difficulty.

Then the “heats” should be transferred to the daytime.

Baby can cry and just because he is in a bad mood. In this case, gentle mother’s hugs, words of comfort and a “soothing” nipple will help.

How to console a crying baby?

This nipple is an innovation in the world of pacifiers. It is made of soft material, so that the pressure on the bones and teeth is reduced to a minimum.

A special recess leaves space for the language, facilitating its movement. The shape of the pacifier imitates the female nipple at the time of feeding, therefore, ensures the proper development of the child.

And thanks to a special system of valves, air is expelled through a special opening, preventing the bite from deforming.

How to console a crying baby?

Mix from natural plant extracts quickly adjust the baby for a sweet dream. Add concentrate in the bath can be from the very first days of life of the baby. Motherwort has a mild sedative effect.

Peppermint has a soothing and relaxing effect. Silver ions accelerate the process of restoring the skin and have antiseptic properties.

How to console a crying baby?

This smart baby monitor will not only release mom from the inseparable duty at the crib, but also ensure the crumbs healthy and sound sleep. A special touch pad is placed under the mattress and in the non-stop mode monitors the baby’s breath.

The parent unit is attached to the belt, notifying with a sound signal that the crumb has opened or turned.

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