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How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

Decide for yourself what to believe: folk signs, the findings of scientists, or relax to rely on the will of fate. The choice is yours!

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

Italian scientists observed ten thousand pregnant women and concluded that women who weigh less than 54 kilograms more often give birth to girls than boys. Perhaps this is because female embryos are more resistant than male ones to adverse conditions. These conditions are considered and insufficient weight.

So for women who dream of a son, great news: you have a good excuse not to go on a diet, but, on the contrary, allow yourself an extra cake.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

It is proved that the spermatozoa that contain the Y chromosome (responsible for the appearance of the boy), more mobile, but less durable than those containing the X chromosome. Therefore, if you want a daughter, the penetration should not be deep: sperm will have to go a long way, and the overwhelming majority of the “boys” simply will not reach the goal.

And, on the contrary, if you dream of a son, you better choose a pose when a man enters a woman from behind: with deep penetration, nimble “male” spermatozoa will reach the egg faster than “female”.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

British scientists have found that in order for a couple to have a boy, the expectant mother should eat as many bananas as possible. Bananas often act as a phallus symbol.

And even practical application in this sense is found: abroad, adolescents at special lessons in school are taught to wear condoms with banana workouts. But seriously, these fruits are rich in potassium, which affects the formation of a favorable environment for sperm with Y-chromosome. She is just responsible for the emergence of the heir.

Cereals are also helpful in this business. Therefore, a plate of oatmeal in the morning should be your norm.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

There is a sign according to which, if the spouses want a girl, before conceiving, it is necessary to put some female affiliation into the bed: a mirror, a ribbon or a comb. Particularly zealous supporters of this method are advised to put a spinning wheel under the cushion. But where in the modern metropolis take it?

Do not despair! Embroidery hoops will come off too.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

According to belief, in order for a boy to be born, when conceiving it is necessary to put a box with tools (hammers, screwdrivers and nails) under the bed. For greater reliability, it is advised to put an ax or dagger under the pillow. It may be easier to go to sleep in the garage right away.

Remember, the hero of the movie “Taxi”, Daniel, made a garage out of his house, and he even had tires in the fridge? His beloved could not stand such a life and left Daniel. It was then that it became clear that she was pregnant.

The taxi driver managed to make amends and beg forgiveness. And what would you think, because they really had a boy!

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

Parents who want a girl, get ready to repair! Girls traditionally love pink (with some exceptions, of course). To give birth to a real princess, place yourself in the appropriate interior.

Paint the walls pink. Not for nothing, many say that girls cost their parents more than boys: they have to invest in them at the planning stage.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

Want a girl? Find a young apple tree and have sex under it.

Our grandmothers believed very much in this sign. We understand that in the winter, in a big city, this can be problematic, and even in the country house neighbors can catch.

But why not do it for the birth of a daughter! For greater loyalty in parallel, you can use another advice from the grandmother’s chest.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

People’s Council for conceiving a girl: five days before day X, the expectant mother should start drinking apple or plum juice for the night. On the question of why the juices of these particular fruits and berries, traditional medicine does not give an answer. Modern science has not proven the effect of these drinks on female hormones or on the formation of an acidic environment favorable for X-spermatozoa.

Therefore, drink fresh juices just to charge the body with vitamins that the expectant mother needs to maintain immunity.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

Belief says: if you dream of an heir, conception should occur during a rising or waning moon, and if you want a daughter – only on the full moon. For a long time, our ancestors endowed the moon with magical properties and argued that during the full moon everything new is born. They associated this moon phase with a woman who gives life to a child.

Therefore, conception should occur at this particular time.

How to conceive a boy or a girl: science and mythology

The following folk omen beats all records of originality. In order for a girl to be born, a woman should be tied up with a little finger of her right hand before having sex. Why him?

Maybe because the little finger is the smallest and weakest finger on the hand, and, therefore, is associated with the weakness of a woman? In any case, this belief seems to us inexplicable, and we do not undertake to give our interpretations.

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