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How to combine household chores and activities with the child

How to combine household chores and activities with the child

Small “tradesmen” know the world, always learn, everything and everywhere. They need literally everything that they see in the hands of adults.

If you play with a child in toys and show what to do with a doll, and what about a machine, how tweeters and fluffy bunnies come to life and talk, then a crumb will be interested in its children’s “treasures”. However, the world of adult things is unlikely to stop bothering him. Immediately determine which household items you will make available and which ones will not.

Allowing the child to take a thing once, then it can not be banned. This, of course, does not mean that the vacuum cleaner becomes the property of children, and you need to say goodbye to the pan and put it in a box of toys. Just while cooking, the kid will be able to take the dishes and “cook” his soup.

Ensure that the items available are safe and durable.

Take a tray, better than a dark color. Add flour. Give this “toy” to the baby and show how to draw fingers over the flour.

Have the child repeat after you. You can use different patterns and the simplest drawings: fence, rain, circle, triangle, asterisk, snowflake, etc. It will be more interesting if you manage to accompany the drawing with a story or a fairy tale.

This game contributes to the child’s becoming arbitrary behavior, the development of imagination and fine motor skills. A fine motor skills will help in speech development and in preparing for the letter.

You can give your baby a plastic bottle and peas or beans. Let him take one thing at a time and put it in a narrow neck. After work, show the advantage of a large hole over a small one: “Look, with the help of a funnel, this can be done much faster.”

For the baby is a discovery. When you offer this game a second time, most likely, the baby will immediately require a funnel, which means that he learned the lesson.

If you are cooking, allow the little naughty to play with plastic plates and sponges for washing dishes, lids of cans and an egg container, and when you clean the apartment, give your daughter a cloth to wipe dust, and offer your son to turn on the vacuum cleaner and change the nozzles. Let the children fight for the liberation of the Earth from the terrible alien creatures, fantasize together with the kids – and the cleaning will seem like a wonderful game.

How to combine household chores and activities with the child

The recipe of the test-clay: flour, salt “extra” and water in a ratio of 2: 1: 3/4. Add a little bit of vegetable oil for elasticity.

It is easier for a baby to make a soft dough than a plasticine. What baby can blind in two years?

Sausages and sticks. Roll them up in a pretzel donut – and in the oven, dry it.

When the finished product is cooled, you can paint it with gouache together with the “sculptor”. Divide the resulting donut into 4 parts and take 4 colors: yellow, blue, red and green. To make the bagels in one-color, give the gouache jars to your baby one by one.

By the way, the dough can be immediately made colored by adding paint before mixing it in water. If after molding there will be unused dough, wrap it in cellophane and put it in the refrigerator.

Bagels can be worn on the laces of the same colors: red donuts – on red, blue – on blue. This game develops a child’s perception of color.

Laces can also be used to make pasta princess beads. This game will help teach a child to count and compare the number of items by pairwise matching. Italian princess does not fit simple jewelry, she needs necklaces of pasta.

Suggest the child to wear five macaroni at the first lace, and four at the second. Count with the child.

How to find out which string of “beads” is smaller? Put the laces together and pair the pasta in pairs. There is still one on yellow, but she doesn’t have a pair?

So, on the red lace pasta less.

If you have two packs of different pasta – just fine. The princess will tell the baby what alternation is.

The first macaroni thick, the second thin, the third again thick, and the next?

For this game, plasticine is better suited: you need a denser substance, so as not to crease in children’s hands. Blindfold the body and offer the crumbs to insert needles-matches. Tell the baby: “The needles protect the hedgehog from forest predators.

Save the hedgehog from the fox. Chanterelle wants to eat a hedgehog.

For the development of fine motor skills, show fidget and how the matches are inserted into the holes of the colander. Tell me that this is a house for matches, and they are frozen and in a hurry to get home or something like that. Any idea will fit, if only it were as funnier and more absurd as possible.

For inept fingers, this is certainly not an easy task, but what an interesting one.

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