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How to choose fish and meat?

How to choose fish and meat?

Choose lean meat and poultry. They have less saturated fat and calories. Choosing meat without fat (or cutting off the fat that is visible on the pieces), you reduce the content of synthetic pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in your food, since they are most often deposited in animal fat.

Grass-fed beef is also a good, healthy alternative. We are talking about the meat of cows, who throughout their life eat only grass and hay. In this meat, a high level of fatty omega-3 acids.

And although it is lower than in seafood, grass-fed beef is especially useful for children who eat little fish or do not receive nutritional supplements with omega-3 acid.

If you see a certificate indicating that the product is of organic origin, this means that the animals were not given antibiotics and treated with them more humanely than on an ordinary farm. Of course, this does not guarantee that organic meat will be more healthy.

Organic poultry has one distinct advantage – it will definitely not contain arsenic, which is used as a dietary supplement in small quantities for broiler chicken feed.

It is worth a few words to say about antibiotics. Unfortunately, there is no regulatory document in Russia that prohibits their use in the meat industry at the legislative level.

Therefore it is worth hoping only for the good faith of manufacturers. But voluntarily, in the damage itself, few people decide to abandon them.

Thanks to antibiotics, animals become more enduring and able to live for a long time in unsuitable conditions for them: in unheated rooms, feeding on poor-quality food. Antibiotics give animals to prevent diseases that can cause the appearance in their body of bacteria resistant to antibiotics that are transmitted to humans.

In order to somehow protect yourself, before going to the store you can see the rating of meat products that have passed Roskontrol examination:

  • Beef: preferably fillet, roast meat and tenderloin.
  • Pork: preferably tenderloin, loin and loin chops or ribs.
  • Ground Beef: Choose ground beef from 90-95% lean meat.
  • Minced chicken: take lean (as a rule, there is no more than 10 g of fat per serving) or very lean (less than 5 g).

How to choose fish and meat?

The same advice is valid here as in the selection of fruits and vegetables – try to buy Russian sea fish from reliable stores. The fact is that the suppliers of fish of most supermarket chains are not always Russian.

Fish can be grown in China or Vietnam, and for these countries our GOST does not apply (it is impossible that the ice content exceeds 4% of the weight of the fillets). Fish are grown in unacceptable conditions, and they are fed to everyone in a row – accordingly, the quality of its meat is very low.

To make it acceptable, phosphates are added – to keep moisture in the fillets. Frozen, stuffed with chemistry, such a fish gets on the Russian shelves.

It is not profitable for shops to write the real address of the supplier, therefore Russian labels are often written on the labels.

Buy sea fish – it is the safest for health. The river often contains harmful substances, as the quality of such water leaves much to be desired.

The conditions of keeping artificially raised fish in Russia may be different from the Chinese, but not by much. Salmon, trout – all these are artificially grown fish, be it Norway or almost any other country in the world. And no matter how great the temptation is to buy them, we advise you not to do this.

The only salmon that can be eaten with full confidence in its “purity” is Baltic. But it is quite difficult to find on the shelves of Russian stores.

Fish caught in natural reservoirs: humpback, flounder, saffron, perch, cod, pollack, herring, mackerel.

Artificially grown: dorado, sea bass, sole, carp, pangasius, telapy, salmon.

These products are guaranteed less harmful substances and the level of beneficial omega-3 acids is higher than in any other fish:

  1. Long-finned tuna
  2. Oysters
  3. Pacific Sardines
  4. Rainbow trout
  5. Arctic char
  6. White grouper
  7. Crab
  8. Squid
  9. Mussels

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