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How to choose a video nanny?

A baby monitor is a wireless communication device between mom and baby. It consists of two blocks – the transmitter and receiver.

Baby unit is installed next to the baby. The device sensitively picks up all the sounds and then transmits them via radio waves to the parent unit, which is located at the mother. A good baby monitor is so sensitive that it can transmit to parents like a crumb yawns, sneezes, coughs, hiccups, tosses and whimpers.

Well, by the time he is going to cry and finally wake up, my mother will be there.

1) Observation modes. Radio-nurses have several modes of observation.

The main one is sound. If necessary, the sound on the parent unit can be reduced or completely turned off and continue monitoring in the light mode: if the child unit caught and started transmitting sounds, the corresponding indicator on the parent unit will light up.

If the parent unit with a special clip can be attached to clothes or worn on the hand like a watch, it is very convenient to turn on the vibration alert mode on the receiver.

How to choose a video nanny?

Philips AVENT SCD600 Video Baby Monitor

Range up to 150 m. 2.4 inch large color monitor. Infrared camera.

The camera on the children’s unit is installed in any position. In the absence of noise from the nursery for 30 seconds, the camera automatically enters “sleep” mode. At noise, it turns on the video image on the parent unit.

Light indication of the child’s voice when the sound is turned off. Rechargeable parent unit, charging time about 3.5 hours (with the unit turned off).

The operating time of the parent unit is from 6 hours (if video surveillance is enabled) and up to 8 hours (if video surveillance mode is turned off). Light indication of battery charge level.

Backlight child unit. Lullabies on the baby unit are activated remotely from the parent unit. Light indication of a stable connection between the child and parent units.

Control sound and images. Clip wearing parent unit on the belt.

From 11,990 rub., Children’s stores and pharmacies in Russia, www.shop.philips.ru

2) Communication at a distance. The connection between the baby monitor units can be one-way or two-way. In the first case, the mother only listens to the child, without being able to answer.

In the second case, the baby can also hear the voice of the mother. The maximum distance between the blocks, providing a stable reception and transmission of audio, varies depending on the model of the baby monitor.

Average indicators, as a rule, are 100–150 m, although in a city apartment it is quite possible to get along with a baby monitor operating within 30–50 m. But to use a baby monitor at the dacha, it is better to purchase a model with a coverage area of ​​300–400 m. in mind that all these numbers are valid only in open space, and the room can be much lower.

3) Analog and digital. Depending on the technology used to transmit and receive information, baby monitors are divided into analog and digital. Their main difference is in the quality of communication and in price.

The digital baby monitor has more channels to tune in, it transmits a clearer sound and provides a more confident reception, without interference. It is better to buy a digital radio one for a two-way radio so that the parent’s voice sounds without distortion.

How to choose a video nanny?

Digital baby monitor Disney TD5000 from Tefal

High reliability (DECT technology). The ideal quality of communication – no interference at a distance of 300 m. Two-way communication – to reassure the baby if he cries. Visual signal for silent mode.

Night light Compact receiving unit (can be worn on the belt).

The work of the receiving unit from the battery. All appliances Disney children’s series from Tefal decorated with cartoon characters.

From 5,190 rubles., Kangaroo, Daughters Sons, www.consumline.ru, www.esky.ru, www.ezhiki-karapuziki.ru

4) Additional features. Modern baby monitors usually have a number of additional functions.

So, the children’s unit can simultaneously serve as a night light, which turns on automatically, reacting to the baby’s crying, and within a few minutes after silence, it goes out on its own. The function of the music box on the children’s unit will entertain the child by playing melodies or playing the sounds of nature.

Music, as well as a night light, can be switched on automatically from a baby’s crying so that he can distract himself and calm down more quickly. Conveniently, if you can control the nightlight and music device from the parent unit.

In this case, the lighting in the nursery can be adjusted, and the melodies can be turned on and off and the volume of their sound can be changed remotely without entering the child’s room. For the convenience of mothers, the parent unit of the baby monitor can be equipped with a digital clock with an alarm clock and a stopwatch timer with a countdown.

Having set the pre-alert time, the baby monitor will always remind you that it’s time to feed the baby or give him medicine. Radio-nurses with a built-in digital room thermometer will always show at what temperature the air slips baby.

This feature becomes especially useful if the child often sleeps with the window open, on the balcony or on the veranda (if you live in a country house).

How to choose a video nanny?

Digital Baby Monitor Digital Plus by TOMY

Digital DECT technology – clear sound, noise protection. Automatic selection of the optimal communication channel from 120 possible. Light indicators sound.

Out of range indicator. Reacts only to the voice of the child, and not to extraneous noise.

Remote control night lamp. Two-way communication. Air temperature indicator.

The children’s unit is battery powered, the parent unit is powered by batteries. Clip for fastening on the belt. The search function of the parent unit.

Attach an additional parent block. The range is 350 m.

From 5230 rub., Kangaroo salon chain, Our Mother store chain, Maria shopping center, www.edmgroup.ru

The baby monitor conveys not only sound, but also an image, so mom will always not only hear, but also see the precious child. The baby video baby unit is a miniature video camera with a microphone.

The parent unit is a monitor-receiver, on the screen of which the “picture” is displayed, and through the speaker a sound is heard.

Area of ​​operation and dimensions. The simplest video nannies have a small area of ​​coverage (up to 50 m) and broadcast a black and white image.

The advantages of such models are that the monitor has a sufficiently large screen with a diagonal of up to 5.5 inches and can be used as a regular mini-TV at home, in the country, in a car. To do this, the monitor has a jack for connecting a public TV antenna, as well as its own telescopic antenna and an adapter for connecting the monitor to the on-board car network.

But if we talk about the main function – monitoring the crumb, then the dimensions of the monitor make this baby-nurse not very comfortable. If a mother has to go somewhere (within the radius of action), she will have to carry with her a monitor of impressive dimensions weighing 2.7 kg. Video monitors of a new generation in this regard are more adapted.

The parent unit fits on the palm, weighs no more than 300 g, it is convenient to carry it with you wearing a belt or a special cord, hanging around your neck. The LCD display has a diagonal of only 1.8-4.2 inches, but it allows you to view a color image of very high quality.

Thanks to the use of infrared technology, the baby monitor can work even in complete darkness.

How to choose a video nanny?

Miniland’s Digimonitor Baby Monitor

Color 3.5-inch monitor. New digital data transmission technology eliminates interference, significantly improves the quality of the image and sound.

Up to 4 video cameras can be connected to one monitor. The function of activating the device by voice. Night lights.

The music function (3 lullabies are played). When there is insufficient light, the infrared mode is automatically turned on.

A powerful battery in the monitor allows you to keep in touch with your child for a long time. Range up to 300 m.

From 13 280 rub., Www.edmgroup.ru

Connecting external devices. This feature makes the video nurse more functional. So, if you wish, you can connect a TV, DVD-, CD-, MP3-player, VHF-radio, computer to the AV-input of the camera, which will allow the mother to watch programs on her unit without losing the connection with the baby.

After all, even transmitting the image and sound from other sources, the camera does not cease to monitor the crumbs. When sounds appear in his room, the system immediately switches to broadcasting his image and voice.

Devices are connected to the monitor via the AV output. For example, by connecting the parent unit to the TV, you can watch the crumbs from a large television screen. And if the TV also has the “picture-in-picture” function, then you can simultaneously watch the television program and look after the baby.

By connecting the monitor to a DVD recorder, you get the opportunity to record video of everything that happens in the controlled area.

To expand the angle of view of the baby monitors, some models allow the connection of additional video cameras, similar to the one that comes in the kit. Video surveillance in this case can be carried out in the autoscan mode – the image from each camera will be alternately displayed on the monitor screen with an interval of five seconds.

This feature becomes especially useful when the baby begins to move independently around the room.

How to choose a video nanny?

Angelcare Touch Monitor Baby Monitor

Streaming video on the parent unit with adjustable camera angle. Night (infrared camera) and day control of the child. Night light function on the children’s unit.

The color touch monitor with a diagonal of 7 cm. Two-way communication with the child.

Special Sensor Sensor Pad. It is located under the mattress and catches the slightest movement of the child – an alarm signal sounds 20 seconds after the device does not catch the movement of the child or his breathing. Allows you to configure a special “ticking” signal that reproduces the child’s breath.

Monitors and displays the temperature in the child’s room on the parent unit. Alerts if the temperature is too high or too low. The range is up to 200 m.

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