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How to choose a refrigerator?

How to choose a refrigerator?

First of all, pay attention to the overall dimensions of the refrigerator. In small models, only one door, and the freezer compartment is built into the refrigerator.

More refrigerators are already possible options. You can highlight the European, Asian and American design direction. Refrigerators of “European” design are tall, narrow, able to stay in a cramped kitchen.

Usually, their freezer is at the bottom, the fridge is at the top.

“Asian” refrigerators are low and wide. The freezer compartment is usually located at the top and the cooling compartment at the bottom. This design is typical for “American” refrigerators.

Typically American is the layout side by side, when the large door on the right is the refrigerator, and the smaller door on the left is the freezer. As practice shows, many products best of all retain their qualities at zero temperature.

Since such conditions are not created in either the refrigerating or freezing chambers, some companies produce refrigerators with an additional chamber or with a zone of zero temperature.

This characteristic is often indicated on the freezer door or, if the refrigerator is single-chamber, next to the operation indicators. Single snowflake freezers can maintain a minimum temperature of up to -6 degrees, it is suitable for short storage of products. Two snowflakes indicate that the limit temperature in the freezer is -12 ° C, which is enough for long-term storage and freezing of a small amount of food.

Freezers with four snowflakes (temperature reaches -24 ° C) provide long-term storage and freezing of a large number of products.

How to choose a refrigerator?

In almost all modern refrigerators, the freezer is equipped with an automatic defrosting system. It can work on two principles: either to prevent the formation of ice (No Frost system), or to defrost it.

Refrigerators of the first type usually provide forced circulation of cold air. Numerous air flows in different directions are distributed throughout the chamber volume. This creates the conditions for rapid and uniform cooling of products.

Moisture is removed outside the chamber, so it does not condense on the walls and as a result – there is no need to defrost the refrigerator manually.

Refrigerators of the second type (drip defrosting system) work according to a different principle: when the compressor stops, moisture condenses on the back wall of the chamber and then drips down the guide channel into a special container located under the unit, from where the moisture evaporates. This process occurs unnoticed by the users of the refrigerator.

Refrigerators with two compressors are convenient in operation. They are somewhat more expensive, but the cooling and freezing chambers are independent, and if necessary, any of them can be turned off.

For refrigerators, energy consumption classes have been introduced, denoted by letters of the Latin alphabet from A (the most economical devices) to G (malicious electrician). Until recently, class A was considered the highest class. However, progress does not stand still.

Not so long ago, we had to introduce two new classes – A + and A ++, which are assigned to products that are most advanced in terms of energy consumption.

Today, if you wish, you can purchase a refrigerator with Internet access or with an integrated TV. In addition, in modern models there are a number of other useful devices.

For example, the heat sensor will give a signal if you have not closed the door, or, in the presence of another smart system, the door itself will close. Expensive models can be equipped with a “notebook”, from which you will learn how long a particular product is stored in your freezer.

How to choose a refrigerator?

FDR Refrigerator, Samsung

Ability to embed. Large capacity (454 liters).

The unique dual cooling system TWIN Cooling System ™. Informative digital display informing about temperature and current modes. In this refrigerator there is no dividing wall, which makes it more spacious.

No frost technology and high-tech compact ice maker. A convenient and roomy Big Box will allow you to immediately load a large number of products into the refrigerator, and the Fresh Safe box, thanks to a special internal microenvironment, is designed for storing vegetables and fruits and will be able to save natural nutrients longer.

From 62 990 rub., Tekhnosila, Mir, M.Video stores

Refrigerator ZRD332SO, Zanussi

Energy class A. Height –171 cm. Glass shelves made of highly durable tempered glass. The total net volume (net) 312 liters.

Automatic defrosting of the refrigerator compartment. Manual defrosting of the freezer.

The number of shelves in the refrigerating chamber – 3 full-size.

From 28 000 rub., The network of shops “Mir”, “M.Video”, “MediaMarkt”

How to choose a refrigerator?

Refrigerator GR-F499BNKZ, LG

Energy class A ++. Line compressor.

Total No Frost cooling system. Touch LED display. Zone Vita-Light is a special compartment with LED lighting that allows you to preserve vitamin C and moisture in products longer.

Special cellular surface Moist Balance Crisper. Opti-Temp zone with two temperature regimes: +2 degrees for vegetables and fruits, -1 degrees for meat and fish.

This compartment ensures longer storage of products without the need to freeze them.

From 56 990 rub., “M. Video “,” Technosila “,” MediaMarkt “

How to choose a refrigerator?

Refrigerator Side by Side S76488KG, AEG-Electrolux

The separation of the AEG-Electrolux refrigerators, due to the fact that it maintains a temperature of 0 ° C, is the optimal storage capacity for fruits and vegetables. Low temperature slows the growth of bacteria, contributes to a better preservation of taste qualities of products. Fresh meat will be stored in these conditions for 7–10 days, fresh fish for 3–5 days, fresh vegetables for 10–15 days, and fresh fruit for 15 days.

Management – display on the top panel. GROSS refrigerator compartment volume 302 l. NET refrigerator compartment volume 294 liters.

From 129 000 rub., M.Video, MediaMarkt, Technopark, Eldorado stores

Refrigerator FreshFrostFree, Electrolux

High class A + power consumption. Multiflow dynamic air circulation technology.

Special TwinTech system, cooling each compartment separately. Special low temperature FreshZone retractable compartment that allows you to store fish, meat, as well as fruits and vegetables. The built-in air filter TasteGuard does not allow to mix smells of various products.

Function of intensive freezing and intensive cooling with autoshutdown, electronic control, audible and visual signal of temperature rise.

46 000 rub., You can buy from any Electrolux dealer

How to choose a refrigerator?

Refrigerator Coolmedia KG28FM50, Siemense

Net volume of 269 l. 1 compressor, 3 cooling circuits. Above: refrigeration compartment 156 l; supercooling mode; 4 shelves of impact resistant glass, of which 3 are rearranged in height; bottle holder. In the middle: a zone of freshness preservation 0 ° С – 60 l, of which 35 l is “wet” and 25 l is a “dry” zone of preservation of freshness; 2 sliding boxes on telescopic runners with full extension; automatic adjustment of humidity.

Bottom: freezer compartment 53 l; storage time during a power outage of 15 hours; superfreezing mode; 3 transparent boxes. Calendar storage products.

Technology coolMedia. Built-in LCD TV (size 17 ’’, 43 cm) with USB connector. Ability to connect a DVD player.

Remote control.

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