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How to choose a humidifier in the nursery?

How to choose a humidifier in the nursery?

Good health depends on many factors, among which an important place is taken by the surrounding microclimate, in particular the relative humidity of the air. In order for a person to feel good, the humidity in the room should be at least 50–60% at an air temperature of 20–22 ° C.

In winter, humidity levels are often below normal. That is why the humidifier will not be superfluous in any home.

What characteristics need to be considered when buying?

Humidifiers are of three main types: cold evaporation, steam and ultrasonic.

Used with filters in which manufacturers add silver particles. This allows you to destroy many types of existing bacteria without heating water. Principle of operation: humidifiers drive the air through the cleaning cartridge, as a result of which the air cools down slightly (water evaporates heat when evaporating) and is moistened.

The performance of such humidifiers is highly dependent on air humidity: the higher the humidity, the lower the evaporation rate. But in this way, the humidity of the air is automatically maintained at an optimum level.

Used without filters. Work on the principle of an electric kettle. For intensive evaporation bring the water to a boil, so be sure to have an air humidity sensor (hydrostat).

Upon reaching the specified humidity the hydrostat turns off the device so that the humidity in the room does not exceed the optimum level. Compared with cold humidifiers have one drawback – a large power consumption.

The most perfect and popular type. They have small dimensions, low power consumption, high performance and work with low noise levels, which is important in the conditions of the nursery. An innovative method of spraying water in ultrasonic humidifiers allows you to use an interesting physical effect – water from the reservoir is fed to a high-frequency vibrating membrane, where it splits into the smallest splashes.

These drops gush over the membrane and form a cloud through which the fan drives the air. The released steam, dissipating in the air, effectively moisturizes it. The device is equipped with a built-in hygrostat that regulates the level of “produced” humidity.

Some models are equipped with more displays and remote controls.

Whatever type you prefer, the basic tips for choosing a device are the same.

First of all, when choosing a humidifier, you should focus on its reliability and efficiency.

  • Proper operation affects these criteria, respectively, carefully read the instructions. Here you will receive all the necessary information about what water to use for the humidifier, whether it is necessary to change the filters – and how often to do it, how to wash and clean the device, where to place in the room and where to store.
  • The presence of a hygrometer and a hygrostat will greatly facilitate the operation of the humidifier and help to achieve maximum effect. The hygrometer will show the humidity level in the room at the moment, and the hygrostat will turn off the device automatically when it reaches the specified humidity value and turn it on again when the humidity level drops. The hygrometer and hygrostat can be bought separately, since many models of humidifiers do not contain these additional functions.

If you choose a humidifier with filters, it is advisable to immediately find out which of them are being cleaned, how often they need to be changed and where they can be bought. Use filters on demineralized (ideally – distilled) water.

Otherwise, the moisturizing cartridge will quickly become clogged and will have to be changed frequently. If this is not possible, use an additional softening cartridge that reduces water hardness.

Often, the manufacturer indicates the amount of air flow through the filter. In this case, it is better to buy the one that in one hour “misses” it through itself at least 2 times. To calculate the volume of the room where the device will be used, multiply the area by the height of the ceilings.

It is important to understand that, whatever the power of the humidifier you choose, it is able to effectively moisten only one room. So in order to maintain optimal humidity in the whole apartment, you need to buy several appliances.

Be sure to pay attention to how noisy the model you like. Humidifiers whose noise level does not exceed 25–30 dB are considered practically silent; noise up to 40 dB can be considered comfortable.

For efficient operation, air humidifiers should work at least 12‒15 hours a day. Accordingly, you need to think in advance about the consumption of electricity, so that later it does not become an unpleasant surprise. The most energy-intensive steam humidifiers are considered with the power consumption of 300-500 watts.

Ultrasonic and cold steam humidifiers have a power range of 15–100 W.

Having correctly selected a humidifier, taking into account all the above characteristics, you will provide your child with comfortable and safe conditions and take care of your health and the health of loved ones.

How to choose a humidifier in the nursery?

Air wash LW25 from VENTA
This is a humidifier and air purifier in one device that runs on ordinary water without the use of replaceable filters. Effectively humidifies the air to the level recommended by doctors and cleans it of most allergens: dust (including dust mites), plant pollen, pet undercoat, and so on. The principle of cold evaporation eliminates the overwetting of room air.

Capacity is calculated on the area of ​​the room to 35 sq. M. m, consumes a minimum of electricity (in the first mode only 3 W), so it can work around the clock. Due to the presence of night mode does not disturb your sleep.

The automatic shutdown stops the operation of the air wash if it runs out of water or if someone from the household accidentally turned the device over. The housing can be washed in a dishwasher, and the motor and fan can be easily cleaned from dust using a dry cloth.

If the device is added aromatic additive VENTA (created on the basis of natural essential oils), then it can be used in aromatherapy or for cold inhalation during colds. 26 200 rub., Www.eldorado.ru; www.crane-russia.ru

How to choose a humidifier in the nursery?

Crane Ladybug Humidifier
Ultrasonic humidifier “Ladybug” EE-8247 from the American company Crane effectively fights dry air in the nursery. The device is designed for a room area of ​​up to 23 square meters. The intensity of the water mist output is regulated by a rotary switch on the instrument housing. The humidifier capacity is up to 8.7 l / day.

The water tank has a volume of 3.78 liters. The antibacterial coating of the reservoir reduces the growth of bacteria and mold spores inside the device by 99.96%. The humidifier consumes a minimum of electricity, and thanks to the absolutely silent operation it can be used in the nursery even at night.

The device will automatically turn off when water runs out. 5000 rub., Www.eldorado.ru; www.crane-russia.ru

How to choose a humidifier in the nursery?

Ozonball humidifier-ozonizer from Miniland
This ultrasonic humidifier has the function of hot steam and ionization. It will not disturb the sleep of your baby, since it is noiseless due to the ultrasonic technology of generating steam. The device automatically maintains the specified level of humidity in the room and turns off when there is no water.

For ease of use is equipped with a sleep timer, electronic display and remote control. It has a built-in water filter with nanosilver particles. Optimal for rooms up to 25 square meters. m. 8520 rub., shop “Children’s number 1”, www.detskiy1.rf

How to choose a humidifier in the nursery?

LG MiniON Air Wash
Provides the optimum level of humidity in the room, air purification from the smallest particles of dust, bacteria and viruses, as well as plasma ionization of air. The device has low water quality. It is possible to fill the tank with running water, filling it from the top through a special hole – this greatly simplifies the procedure and eliminates possible leaks.

To monitor the amount of water in the tank has a built-in sensor for filling water. There are LED-lights. All parts of the device do not require replacement (filters, discs and containers are simply washed with water, if necessary – with detergents).

It is especially important that the wash is absolutely safe for children. No need to worry that the child will get hurt if he leans against the body, or slides a finger or the whole pen inside the device.

Provides a lock control buttons. Effectively moisturizes the entire room up to 23 square meters. m. From 19 500 rub., www.lg.com

How to choose a humidifier in the nursery?

Humidifier PUH 5206Di from POLARIS
Elegant model of the air humidifier PUH 5206Di with a capacious water tank of 6 liters will maintain the optimum humidity during the heating season in an area of ​​up to 35 square meters. m for 18 hours. The device has a multi-function display, ionizer, auto-maintenance of humidity levels and night mode. 5690 rub., “Eldorado”

How to choose a humidifier in the nursery?

Humidifier WX-3101 from VITEK
WIT-3101 Ultrasonic humidifier from VITEK rich pink color will help to saturate the air in your room with life-giving moisture. You can control it with a flick of the wrist, and a special magic three-level light will “tell” how much evaporation takes place.

When the water completely evaporates, the humidifier turns off by itself. Power consumption – 20 watts.

Includes cleaning brush. 1469 rub., Detsky Mir Network

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