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How to arrange a holiday for children

How to arrange a holiday for children

All the children on New Year’s Eve are waiting from Santa Claus for a big box tied up with a bow. Does your child know that giving presents is much nicer than receiving?

Help your kid prepare surprises for all family members. Teach him the art of picking up gifts. Make everyone something that he probably come in handy.

A grandmother who is so fond of reading is a bookmark for books. It is easy to make it, for example, from two strips of solid transparent film. On the first one there are placed multicolored pieces of plasticine in random order, in the form of a Christmas tree with toys or a snowman.

The second is superimposed on the image and carefully smoothed.

Pape – a box for storing family documents. A box of chocolates is so boring!

Cover it with clippings from advertising booklets: photos of cars, computers, images of what the head of the family is interested in: fishing, chess or football. Of course, in a kindergarten in two-year-olds, for example, the possibility of putting something on something will not appear soon. So what to do?!

Track even a dozen adhesive kids can not afford any tutor. But at home it is possible.

Only for children under 3 years old it is better to use not industrial glue, but homemade paste. It can be prepared by sifting flour through a sieve and pouring it gradually, in small portions, into boiling water.

The resulting paste should be heated for 15–20 minutes on low heat. Usually for one part of the flour take from two to eight parts of water. It is better to pour the glue into the lid, so it will be much more convenient for your bunny.

Show the crumbs how to apply glue with a brush, how to attach an image and wipe with a cloth. With your help, very soon the whole box will be transformed.

In the New Year’s holiday, arrange a real home theater. It is important to choose a simple fairy tale like “Turnip”, “Teremka” or “Three bears”. Try to pick up heroes from toys, then your child will be doubly interested in playing with them.

You can buy ready-made kits, there are a lot of them now. There are wooden toys, puppet finger theaters and paper sets “without scissors and glue.” Make the play together: Dad will speak in a rough voice, and you will be gentle.

Separate roles and rehearse in advance. It is not so difficult, and the child will have more impressions from such a family performance than going to the puppet theater.

How to arrange a holiday for children

For fun and uplifting, try making funny caps for all family members. Make cones out of cardboard and thread the rubber bands to prevent the hats from falling off.

Attach cotton pom-poms to the top. It is better to prepare caps of different sizes: the biggest is for dad, the middle one is for mother and the smallest is for child.

Ask your baby which one is right for him and which one is the biggest. So, the preparation for the holiday will turn into an occupation, developing your child’s perception of the magnitude of the object. Caps can be inserted into each other for clarity, the crumbs immediately become clear how big and how small.

You can decorate caps with snowflakes or colored circles, the baby will stick them in random order.

For a traditional round dance at the tree use poems or songs. Remember to wear caps.

Together make movements and have fun from the heart. At an early age, the basic laws of development are imitation and example.

The kid will happily jump, clap and spin. Here is an example of such a New Year’s dance:

Gray wolf walks in circles
He wanders through the woods in the morning (we dance)
Looking for traces in the snow (bending forward)
Hare, hare, where are you? (We spread our arms, shake his head.)
In the sky, white snow whirls (spinning)
The bunny on the tail lies down (hands show the bunny ears),
Bunny tail brushed off (wags “tail”),
Closer to the Christmas tree jumped (jump to the Christmas tree).

Walnuts can be given a festive look by wrapping them in foil or painting them with paint mixed with glue. Nuts should turn out bright and multi-colored, so give the child a single can of gouache so that it does not mix colors. Do not forget to spread a newspaper on the table, even the artist will not be able to do this work carefully.

Nuts are required for decorating and playing at the holiday. You can arrange a competition: who will more quickly transfer colored nuts in a spoon from one bowl to another, or whose nut will roll further?

How to arrange a holiday for children

Make Christmas decorations with your baby, this will extend the holiday and teach the little mischievous child a lot. Cut small Christmas trees from green cardboard and offer the child to “dress them up with toys.” Let him tear off pieces of multi-colored clay and stick them on the twigs.

When the Christmas trees are ready, hang them on the walls or place them with a ribbon on a real Christmas tree.

Tell the baby that you have made small Christmas trees, and there is a big one in the hall. Play the game of attention.

If you say “little Christmas tree”, the crumb must sit down, if “big” – stand up and raise your hands. When the kid learns the rules, try to confuse him – do the task incorrectly.

Take a sheet of colored cardboard, help the crumbs with a brush with glue to draw a snowman. While the picture can be seen badly.

Suggest the child to take, preferably with three fingers, semolina and sprinkle the sheet. Now blow off the excess.

That is a miracle – there was a snowman.

Draw the contour of the Christmas tree on the drawing paper, color it and paste it with double-sided tape. Attach the sheet to the wall. Offer the kid geometric shapes cut from colored paper to stick to the branches.

Let him decorate the Christmas tree on the wall!

Multicolored flags will be a good decoration: cut them out of colored paper and ask the child to stick various pictures from old cards on one side. When the flags are ready, stretch a thin rope or string, and the kid will hang out his crafts.

Consider together the pictures that are depicted on them. Can the baby find the item you named?

How to arrange a holiday for children

Sprinkle flour on a dark tray. Tell your kid a winter fairy tale: “Winter has come and snow has fallen. Everything is white on the street.

A car drove, leaving a trail behind it (draw two parallel tracks on the flour with your finger and have the child repeat after you). Children ran out into the street to play (lightly show the tracks). They began to go sledging (draw straight lines with the child), skiing (wavy lines) and skates (round loops).

And the snow went on and on, hiding all traces (shake the tray, leveling the flour). The sun looked out (draw the sun with the child’s hand), the children were very happy about the first snow (finish the game with a funny smiley face).

He lived in the house for a year, pleased the whole family, everyone got used to it. And now take the calendar and throw it away? Maybe it is better to make him a new game, a board?

A couple of chips, dice – and went around the year, week after week, month after month. On weekends you make an extra move, and on holidays among everyday life – you miss it. “Hodilka game” will teach the child not only to count, but also to introduce the names of the months and days of the week.

Along the way, remember interesting events, birthdays, holidays, teach your baby to navigate in time.

Five different toys, animals – all you need. Arrange them near the Christmas tree and ask the child to remember the animals: “Look, here is a bear, a chanterelle, this is a dog, a cat and a hare. They came to play with you. “

The kid will close his eyes, and you hide one animal for the Christmas tree. “Who is sitting under the Christmas tree?” This game develops the child’s visual memory.

Be sure to turn on the holiday fun music. Offer the child to be part of the orchestra.

Kids have an innate sense of rhythm. Prepare unusual instruments for the little musician. These can be spice jars filled with rice or beans, voiced pans, wooden spoons, or simple rattles.

Show your child how to beat the rhythm of the melody.

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