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How quietly to put a man on a diet

How quietly to put a man on a diet

There is nothing shameful or indecent about it. Intelligent and enlightened women are doing just that.

Not so long ago, for example, it became known that the newly minted wife of George Clooney Amal Alamuddin decided to put him on a strict diet, forcing “Mr. Decofinato” to abandon alcohol, fatty meat, dairy products and favorite Mexican food. At various times, domestic stars also “lost weight” on their men: Ekaterina Strizhenova, Evelina Bledans, Nonna Grishaeva, Ruslana Pysanka, Ksenia Sobchak …

Still, the most conscious wives in the world are English women, because every sixth of them puts her husband on a diet without even warning him about it. In this case, claims about obesity to its second half is ready to make almost a third of the inhabitants of foggy Albion.

And why are you thinking about this?

  • During your life together, his weight has changed in a big way (and quite significantly).
  • Jeans, in which he broke five years ago, have long been gathering dust on the shelf. And not because they are out of fashion, but because they have become cramped.
  • He began to complain more often about high blood pressure, and you noticed his shortness of breath and rapid fatigue (even while making love).
  • His mighty snoring keeps you awake at night.
  • He has such a tum, that if you were pregnant, you could take very funny pictures.

If at least you agree with a couple of points from this list, get ready to make a great gift for your second half, which he won’t even guess at first. Getting started?

How quietly to put a man on a diet

Caution. She never hurts, but becomes paramount if your other half sincerely believes that he is “a rather plump man in his prime.” In order to understand what actions you need to take, first of all it is useful to try to figure out why the spouse recovered.

Heredity? Stress? Thirst for sweets?

Saving on lunch during business hours? The naive proposal to “sit on a diet” can be met with hostility, because it has been proven that men are much worse than women endure hunger.

For example, Ashton Kutcher super detox (a handsome man was allowed to drink only a cocktail of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for several days), which Demi Moore’s wife had arranged for him at that time was much more difficult than the 47-year-old actress. In general, do not force a man to starve, if you do not want to suffer a fiasco.

And be silent, be silent!

Your actions: the words “diet” and “lose weight” should not reach the ears of your faithful. First of all, it is not at all necessary to devote a loved one to all the subtleties of cooking lunch or dinner.

I noticed that in the salad the place of the usual mayonnaise was taken by low-fat sour cream? I decided to experiment. Offended that the potatoes today are not fried, but stewed?

Oil is over!

How quietly to put a man on a diet

Reasonable restrictions. Yes, perhaps, over time, he will be inspired by the principles of healthy eating and will voluntarily prefer celery to fried potatoes (although, of course, it is unlikely). But if suddenly on the night from Sunday to Monday you do a spring-cleaning in the refrigerator, replacing the usual products with “healthy and healthy”, it is unlikely to go unnoticed. Deliver an ultimatum – his actions are not excluded.

For example, the purchase of ready (or favorite) food in supermarkets and its absorption in the car or banal dinners after working in fast foods.

Your actions: in no case abruptly do not exclude from the diet those products that formed its basis. Your man will immediately feel something is wrong, if instead of oatmeal with butter cooked in milk, her lean variation appears on the table. What to do?

Sly. For example, the excuse “I forgot to buy your favorite sausages / sausages / wings” is quite good.

In the end, not caught – not a thief. Just offer a decent alternative: not a handful of canned beans and a bunch of lettuce, but at least steam burgers. Imagine!

Spend one evening exploring the shelves in the supermarket, and the other on the culinary forums. What didn’t you cook long ago?

Or maybe some products you unfairly forgotten? Maybe someone has useful ideas?

Surely you did not know that if you mix sour cream with soy sauce in a small proportion, will you get a dressing resembling mayonnaise? That’s the same thing.

Available methods to reduce the caloric “male” diet:

* Buy lean foods (instead of chicken thighs – breast). And if you are not yet ready for such feats (or are not sure that it will go unnoticed), just go to low glycemic index foods and replace simple carbohydrates with complex ones. Too difficult?

By no means! Just combine the meat (beef, chicken, turkey) with stewed vegetables (or buckwheat, or quinoa), and not with potatoes.

If you are going to cook pasta, then supplement them with fish or seafood. Sour cream can be replaced with low-fat kefir (yes, it is indeed possible!), And sugar in desserts with honey.

* Cut the fat from the meat just before cooking, and cook in its own juice (for example, in the sleeve);

* Slightly overdo the food. Excess salt is harmful to the body, including because it is badly removes fluid from the body;

* Do not get carried away with spices and reduce the spice: spicy and spicy dishes excite not only desire, but also appetite. Only this was not enough!

* Learn alternative cooking options. Ask for a gift on March 8, a double boiler, a slow cooker or aerogril (or better – all this, taken together). Steaming, baking and stewing are not only dietary, but also the safest cooking methods.

How quietly to put a man on a diet

* Fruits and vegetables are required! Buy a large transparent bowl and fill it to the top with oranges, apples, grapes, persimmon. It is not necessary to force a man to feed him with a rabbit meal, but she must certainly be present on the table.

* Clear the shelves of kitchen cabinets from flour and sweet (sweets, milk and white chocolate, biscuits, butter biscuits). You can replace all this with black or bitter chocolate, marshmallow, marshmallow.

A good option is to buy sweets in the departments for diabetics.

* Replace the usual commercially produced Coca-Cola and fruit drinks with homemade sour compotes and analyze its bar chart. Alcohol is incredibly calories.

In addition, if the meal is seasoned with an alcoholic beverage, it is easier to eat more than usual. But if we are talking about degrees, then remember that a glass of dry wine and good cheese are better than a bottle of beer and a bag of chips.

* Set the table with small plates. Without the risk of being lazy, it would be easier to make happy owners of dishwashers (“Oh, honey, and your favorite dish is still washing …”).

How quietly to put a man on a diet

Patience. It will take a lot. Therefore, if by nature you are a choleric person, honestly admit that the long-term task of imperceptibly “losing weight” for a man is impossible for you and invite him to sit on Kremlevka. But since we took up the tug, always be alert and monitor, control, control!

Stories about how thinner husbands instantly gained dropped pounds immediately after the wives weakened their attention, alas, not fairy tales. Soothe yourself with the thought that your angelic patience will be rewarded.

Your actions: smoothly change not only the eating habits of your beloved, but also his lifestyle. Look for a way to increase physical activity.

Well, if by nature he is an athlete and runs to football with friends on weekends. And if not? The following tips will be useful to “happy” owners of couch potatoes:
– stabilize the day regimen. This applies equally to weekdays and weekends. What exactly is required?

To lie down no later than 12 am (preferably, of course, before 10, but, let’s be realistic, in the conditions of modern life it is hardly possible) and get up no later than 7-30 am. Taking into account the average work schedule a la 9-00 / 18-00, this is not so difficult, right? Of course, you will have to make some effort, especially if you yourself like to soak in bed until 10-11 am.

But nutritionists say that such a regime activates metabolic processes in the body and contributes to weight loss.
– do it together The fitness club is optimal (by the way, many of them now work almost around the clock), but “homemade” forms of physical education are possible: push-ups, twisting and working with dumbbells, household chores (vacuuming, knocking out carpets), sex, finally (good would be looking at night – instead of a midnight snack).

Motivate him to engage not so much in gaining good physical condition – although it is also a good argument in anticipation of vacation — but rather to improve health, improve immunity, and combat stress.
– walk on foot Even if you have a car.

Even if you both love her very much. And even better – spend a good bike, because summer is coming soon!

How quietly to put a man on a diet

Tact. Harsh British women do not consider it necessary to hide from their spouses dissatisfaction with their excess weight, skeptical about the “cholesterol” dishes that those with appetite absorb, or deliberately exaggerated admiring the celebrities’ inflated bodies. The result is logical: more than a quarter of English gentlemen are stunned and confused by this, and they are thinking about parting. Why such a categorical?

Softness and tact are simply necessary in the “slimming” husband. Let you see that the stomach has long been a great obstacle to him tying the laces on his shoes or buttoning his button on his jacket – keep from ironic remark.

Your actions: express cautious concerns: not dissatisfaction with the appearance – God forbid! – but only fear for his health. Tell him that walking on the Internet yesterday you accidentally stumbled upon the following information: overweight men die before skinny ones, even if they haven’t had any serious risk factors for heart disease.

This, by the way, is true. Swedish scientists have proven this assumption five years ago. Do not want to talk with him on such sad topics?

Then simply “accidentally” leave the notebook turned on with open pages and screaming headlines on relevant topics: let it know that you are not just grumbling like an old pepperbox, but really worried about it.

How quietly to put a man on a diet

In general, there are no big differences between “male” and “female” diets. But you need to take into account the fact that the minimum daily amount of calories for the representatives of the stronger sex is slightly more and amounts to 1600-1700 kcal.
Take the approximate “one-day menu,” which we have compiled for you, as a starting point.

coarse oatmeal cereal without sugar (with grated cheese) and two crispbreads with jam;
toast with a slice of boiled turkey or beef and a tomato and a half-cup of vegetable salad;
fish steak, tomato, half a cucumber and wholemeal toast with a slice of cheese.

spaghetti with bolognese sauce made from low-fat boiled ground beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic and greens);
a piece of baked beef and potatoes, cooked in a uniform and sprinkled with grated cheese;
beef liver stewed with vegetables and herbs plus two small tomatoes.

Afternoon tea
two whole grain breads, a portion of an omelet with tomatoes, ham and parsley;
two wholemeal buns, vegetable salad and a glass of yogurt.

a cup of lean soup, whole-grain bread, a portion of white fish (baked or grilled);
steak with wholemeal bun;
stew of turkey with a cup of boiled beans in tomato sauce, toast of bread with bran.

We asked our readers what diet they would recommend for their best friend to plant her man. We share the most original answers.
* “I advise you to post. Now it is the most simple and affordable diet.

By the way, it is easy to push: “Are you weak?”
* “On the vegetarian. Say that you decided to become a vegetarian, but you need to mentally prepare for this.

So now you will be cooking meat-free meals once a week! Ask your husband to support you in this endeavor at least for the first time. ”
* “On a blood type diet: there are only some foods to be excluded. He did not guess.

Of course, consult with a doctor familiar to start. ”
* “Sexy: just pretend that you have someone else. Man is great stimulates. ”
* “To” French “: in the morning – a cupcake, in the afternoon – sex, for dinner – a cupcake and sex.”

Julia Bastrigina, Dietitian, Nutrilite Bodykey Expert

How quietly to put a man on a diet

How to put a man on a diet? No

Because you can not diet: one who is hungry will never lose weight. The main question here is what exactly if you need weight correction you need to eat.

The answer lies in the plane of individual characteristics. The most important thing, of course, is not to skip meals, moderately reduce portions and not to abuse both too high-calorie and low-calorie foods. Significant changes can be achieved if you start paying attention to the “path of the dish” or the “path of the product”.

The longer and more incomprehensible it is, the more likely it is more dangerous for the figure. The products with the “long” way include: meat and fish semi-finished products, sausages, cakes, cakes, “compound” salads (for example, “Caesar” and “Olivier”), restaurant food and, of course, fast food.

And vice versa, the “clearer” the product, the more suitable it is for nutrition: it is safest to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish cooked without excess fat, eggs, low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese, meals from cereals without sugar and cream. Porridge, butter, cottage cheese, milk for breakfast are wonderful and useful sources of energy. Unlike, for example, fried bacon with five eggs (the so-called breakfast in the English / American style) or croissants with jam (in French).

But even foods and dishes with a “short” way of cooking can be harmful if you do not take into account the amount of food eaten! The most effective way is, of course, weighing portions on a culinary scale. For men, a measure of the consumption of cereal dishes per meal is 150-180 g, bread – 50-70 g, meat, fish, eggs and curd – 70-90 g. The amount of vegetable oils should be no more than 15-25 g, and butter – 5-7 g. Do not rush to get upset ahead of time: you don’t have to do it all the time!

It is enough to try weighing the plate for 2-3 days to visually remember what the “right” portion looks like. By following these simple rules, in two months you can safely help your husband get rid of 3-5 extra pounds.

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