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How not to spoil the baby attention

How not to spoil the baby attention

When the crumb is too small, there is no reason for concern: as long as it cannot independently cope with anxiety, discomfort, and satisfaction of immediate needs, it really needs that you immediately respond to its call. Your embrace and attention will not only help your baby calm down, but also give him a feeling of stability, consistency, predictability.

And it is very important for a small person to be confident in your love and support. A sense of security and trust is the foundation on which your child’s worldview will be based.

On the other hand, the teaching of the crumbs to the patience and independence also can not be shelved. Most pediatricians and child psychologists agree that the baby needs a regimen from an early age. A clear schedule of the child’s day and repeated actions while eating, bathing and going to bed, such as a magical kiss for the night, give the child a sense of permanence and comfort.

External stability helps the child to cope with complex and contradictory feelings that he experiences at some stages of his development.

How not to spoil the baby attention

Usually the main difficulties with the regime relate to sleep. First of all, it is very important to teach your baby to stay alone for a while. After all, sooner or later he will have to learn to calm down and fall asleep without your help.

Starting at the age of 3 months, leave the baby for a few minutes alone in a crib or playpen, but be nearby and talk to him so that he knows that you are near. Gradually increase the time (and distance!). By 6 months, the child will already be able to play independently for 10–15 minutes.

Make sure that he has enough toys and look after him. As your child grows up, you may have difficulty convincing him to go to bed.

And time after time you spend half an hour to put him to bed! Be sure to come up with a family ritual of going to bed.

Why is he naughty and does not want to let you go (and at the same time – and fall asleep)? The fact is that no matter how beautiful and cozy his room is, no matter how nice soft little animals sit in his crib, nightfall always means separation from family and loneliness, which is why he wants to delay a farewell kiss and your wish. good night.

Everyday repetition of evening activities: brushing your teeth, laying toys, reading a fairy tale, singing a lullaby – will make moving to bed if not more pleasant, then at least predictable and expected. And even if you are tired of reading the same fairy tale every night of the week, which he knows by heart, you still read it: your child enjoys every moment of this solemn event. It invariably calms him down and makes him feel protected before you turn off the lights.

Repeating the evening after the evening a certain sequence of actions prepares him to part with you until the morning. Of course, you can come up with your own ritual, paying tribute to the preferences of the baby.

The main thing is not to make it too formal and have fun with the child: he really needs this emotional charge.

How to teach a child to sleep without waking up during the night? Try not to let him fall asleep in your arms.

If you put him half asleep, he will get used to falling asleep in his crib. Leave the room while he is still awake.

If he learns to fall asleep on his own, then, waking up in the middle of the night, he will most likely not begin to cry and call for you, but calmly fall asleep again.

How not to spoil the baby attention

By 4 months, most children no longer need night feeding. Although many parents continue to use night feeds as a “sleeping pill” for the baby and are in no hurry to abandon them. Try to establish a more or less clear feeding schedule.

Experts believe that the intervals between feedings should be at least two and a half hours. If the baby started crying an hour after feeding, do not try to calm him down with food – this may entail many problems in the future.

If you give a breast or bottle every time a baby cries, this can lead not only to overeating and stomach problems, but also to a violation of the emotional connection between you and the child, because the baby will feel that you don’t understand him, react incorrectly to his needs. So do not give up!

If you feel tempted to reassure the baby by late feeding, think about the consequences – and find another way. And if you are consistent, the baby will know for sure that when he is hungry, you will surely feed him.

  1. Do not ask your child to observe the rules of decency. It is very important to show firmness if the child’s behavior causes you pain or discomfort, for example, to remove him from the breast if he has bitten you. But do not expect too much from him, if your child is playing with food – just stop feeding, most likely, he is already full.
  2. Speak “united front.” Talk to your husband (and other family members) about the daily routine and the rules you want to set for the child – and try to follow them.
  3. Do not give up! If you feel tempted to reassure the baby by late feeding, think about the consequences – and find another way.

How not to spoil the baby attention

When the crumb grows up a little, you will no longer have to run to every squeak. In the meantime, do not ignore the call of the baby, but, if circumstances allow, time to answer.

If he whimpers simply because he is lonely, do not immediately drop all his affairs, but say: “Wait, little, I will come now.” Your calm, comforting tone will enable him to make sure that you are still there and everything is in order.

As long as you finish what you were doing, the baby may find a new occupation, for example, pay attention to the toy.

If in the usual routine of the life of the baby there was an overlay, do not panic. This happens from time to time: you can not take the child to the nursery, you need to leave for a few days, you spend the weekend with friends (who, unlike your family, live in a different rhythm), etc. Some moms start to worry: blame themselves getting upset. Do not worry!

Your child may well adapt to the new conditions, if you explain everything to him well. Seeing that you yourself feel confident and calm, the child will also feel completely safe.

Perhaps for him it will be even a little adventure.

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