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How hormones affect female behavior

How hormones affect female behavior

Hormones are chemicals that produce special, endocrine, glands of our body. Most of us know only two or three of these substances (for sure, adrenaline, estrogen and progesterone are among them), in fact there are dozens of them, all of them are produced in different quantities, and each contributes to the body’s work, creating the so-called hormonal background. Many details of the work of this mechanism are not yet known to specialists.

But one thing is indisputable: hormonal background has a powerful influence on almost all our vital functions, it is he who directs our behavior and sets the tone for mood, makes us sad or have fun, overflows with energy or, on the contrary, deprives of strength, calms or derails.

It produces a special gland – the epiphysis, it is located in the brain.
The main “goal” is sleep regulation.
He is accused of unwinding the mechanism of seasonal depression.

Beginning in November, when the days are getting shorter, many of us are overwhelmed by fatigue, and the mood takes on a tinge of lyrical despair. Nothing serious, so seasonal depression manifests itself, which usually begins in late autumn or winter, and passes without a trace in spring. It is believed that this state is due to the fact that light day is shortened and we have to spend a lot of time with artificial light.

Scientists suggest that because of the lack of daylight, our brain switches to a “night mode” of work and “requires” to increase melatonin production. By the way, seasonal depression occurs in women three times more often than in men.

Advice to our surroundings
Yes, in the fall we often miserable. In order not to feel at home a fighter of a besieged fortress, invite us for a walk more often: experts believe that daytime walks in the fresh air can return us goodwill and optimism.

It is produced by the adrenal glands.
The main “goal” is to support metabolic processes.
Accused of belonging to a group of hormones involved in the launch of the mechanism of insomnia.

The most common cause of problems with sleep becomes constant stress – an obsessive companion of modern citizens. In moments of unrest, our body begins to produce adrenaline, and the effect it produces does not allow us to fall asleep. In fairness it must be said that he alone cannot be to blame for what happened.

Insomnia causes many more hormonal disorders, for example, an excess of thyroid hormones. That is why insomnia is more a symptom than an independent disease.

Advice to our surroundings
We are so “cute” when we do not sleep enough, is not it? So, in order to observe this “splendor” as rarely as possible, make sure that we do not worry. Arsenal of tools that can soothe a woman is so great that everyone can choose for themselves the option for the soul.

And the experts, for their part, are ready to help you with a couple of practical advice. Make sure that before going to bed we do not think about sad things and go to bed at the same time.

They produce the ovaries.
The main “goal” – these smooth movements, soft manners, rounded shapes, velvety skin, shiny hair and a sparkle in your eyes – they make a woman a woman.
They are accused of actively promoting the development of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Mitigating circumstance – contribute to the onset of preservation of pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting period, an absolute record for the number of new impressions and sensations. As for our mood, at this time there are two noticeable stages in this sense: the gushing irritability in the first weeks of waiting and the detached indifference at the end of the term. Both states, as you already understood, are inspired by hormones, or rather, progesterone.

Since the beginning of pregnancy, it is distinguished by the corpus luteum, and from the 14th week, the placenta takes up the baton. Progesterone is called the main custodian of pregnancy – it relaxes the smooth muscles that make up the walls of the uterus so that they do not begin to shrink ahead of time. Thus, the baby will be reliably protected from any surprises and can safely grow until the very time of birth.

One problem: progesterone acts blindly and affects everything around with its mighty relaxing power! To him, the future moms are obliged by a noble slowness in business and a serene tranquility of spirit.

It is not surprising that in the interests of the safety of the baby, for 9 months, the concentration of progesterone in the blood of his mother gradually increases. As for estrogen troublemakers, they will be different when preparation for childbirth begins – they will shorten and soften the cervix to make it easier for the child to come out.

Advice to our surroundings
Do you think that once you have done enough for the good of the common cause – the unborn child? Not at all, consider that you have made the first installment – it will be followed by the obligatory regular “investments” in the development of the enterprise.

Otherwise. well, then you yourself know everything: “fines”, “disputes”, “arbitration”.

It is produced by the thyroid gland.
The main “goal” is to support metabolic processes in all organs and tissues.
They are accused of creating a number of unfavorable conditions, such as sleep disorders, uncontrolled gluttony, or, conversely, weight loss, depression, and so on.

And again there is no justice in this world – failures in the thyroid gland (overproduction of triiodothyronine and thyroxin is called hyperthyroidism, the shortage – hypothyroidism) are more common in women. It is believed that the cause is the global hormonal changes that accompany the pregnancy and the childbirth process itself, as well as emotional shakes and our old familiar stress. If the thyroid gland “processes” by releasing too much triiodothyronine and thyroxine, the body gets an extra dose of stimulants, which makes us feel bad: the heart beats more often, the intestine seeks to get rid of its contents, we lose weight, sleep less.

A shortage in the production of hormones is fraught with a slowdown in our inner life: we are always cold, gaining weight, and the intestine is offendedly “locked” at every convenient and uncomfortable occasion.

Advice to our surroundings
Take heart and with a clear conscience, put the solution of these problems on the shoulders of specialists. After receiving the results of tests for hormone levels in the blood, ultrasound data, the endocrinologist will prescribe the appropriate case of treatment.

Serotonin and endorphins, which you probably heard more than once, belong to a special category of substances – neurotransmitters. These are not hormones, they rather play the role of their assistants – messengers transmitting pain impulses to nerve cells. But their mission does not end there: serotonin and endorphins are considered natural painkillers.

They appear at the moment when you need to “defuse” the situation in the body. A vivid example – the record indicators of the content of these substances are recorded in the blood of women. during childbirth.

The researchers came to the conclusion that frequent, and even more so long stresses cause real hormonal storms in the body of women. The result of these cataclysms can be a variety of violations, which, as you already understood, sometimes paint everyday life not in the most bright colors. Conclusion? “Do not wake famously while it is quiet.”

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