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Housing problem

Housing problem

Most of the day a newborn baby spends in sweet dreams, so the safety of the bed should be taken first. In addition, to twist and lift on handles peanut learn very quickly. It is optimal if the crib frame is made from natural materials (for example, beech or birch), and the sides are made from flat rods with rounded edges.

All parts should be smooth, but not too slippery, so that the child’s handle doesn’t slip when he tries to get up. A suitable distance between the bars is no more than 7–8 cm and no less than 2–3, otherwise the inquisitive child may be trapped by trying to push his head or leg between them.

The height of the side must be at least 45 cm, so that the crumb does not roll over the edge.

Protective screens mounted on the wall of the bed (they are also called bumpers), will protect the rest from blows. Silicone lining on the sides will be useful when the child will have the first teeth.

It is better to put the crib in a bright, warm, well-ventilated area at least one meter away from the window or the battery. You should not hang shelves, paintings and cabinets above a berth.

It is important that the mattress is even. There should be no gap between it and the sides of the bed, otherwise the baby can stick an arm or leg into the slot and get stuck firmly.

In the good desire to decorate the nursery as best you can, you can easily overdo it. So, the canopy should be hung up only if it is well washed and it does not have long hanging edges (the maximum allowable length of the structure is 15-20 cm).

Otherwise, the baby may become entangled in the fabric.

The changing table surface should be smooth and non-slip. Ensure that it is securely attached to the dresser cover.

Furniture should be firmly fixed, because the child can use any object in the search for support.

It is better to provide the doors with a lock and special locks to protect the small fingers.

It is necessary to wash the floors in the nursery 1-2 times a day, especially when the crumb begins to crawl. It is absolutely not necessary to use antiseptics, it is enough to moisten a cloth in water, and 2-3 times a week – in a soap solution.

It is better to lay a rug with a low pile of cotton or viscose over laminate or parquet. Synthetic materials are also suitable – they are less likely to start dust mites.

Batteries should be closed with plastic, metal or wood screens.

It is necessary to choose a model with unbreakable shades. Suspended devices should be so that the baby could not pull them by the cord.

It is desirable that the room was as little home appliances as possible, because the multi-colored buttons and levers act like a magnet on novice explorers.

It is better to hang the air conditioner on the wall opposite to the crib so that the air flow is not directed to the floor and not to the sleeping baby. runny nose A humidifier can help solve the problem. It is better to choose a model that simultaneously can clean the space entrusted to it from small particles of dust.

In order for the baby to feel well, the temperature in the room must be kept between 18 and 22 ° C. Children need to be ventilated at least 3-4 times a day and always in the absence of a small owner.

It is better to choose curtains for curtains, and they should be hung so that the baby cannot grasp the edge.

Plants will have to remove higher – suddenly the crumbs come to mind to try the “greens” to taste. Refuse from mobile supports at all, otherwise the pot can fly with ease downwards.

All interior should not be too bright: unnatural colors will reopen the nervous system of the baby, making it worse to fall asleep. Monotonous and faded solutions – not a solution either. It is important for the child to see different colors and their combinations.

To place objects in the zone of visibility of the crumbs, squat down and try to assess the situation with his eyes.

The baby bath should be checked most carefully, because if it is installed unreliably, the child can slip out of it. In addition, a smart kid can turn over a loose structure during active games.

For the smallest, a model that follows the anatomical contours of the child’s body is best suited. For older bathers, you can purchase the classic version – it is more spacious, but at first it is necessary to support the child with your hands. It is also important to make sure that the bath is made of durable plastic.

For safety reasons, fill it with water by no more than two thirds.

Mercury models are banned. Even if the figures correspond to the norm (37−40 ° C), it is necessary to once again check the water temperature, dropping into her elbow.

Medicines and cosmetics should be stored either in a locker or on a shelf, hanging out of the reach of the baby, otherwise the restless experimenter will get to hazardous substances and pull them into his mouth. Scissors and manicure accessories should also be hidden there. If left near the bath, they can slip into the water and injure the crumbs.

Detergents should not stand on the floor or on the sides of the bath. They also need to be hidden in the lockers or on the shelves.

At the time of bathing you need to turn off all electrical appliances (hair dryer, electric razor, toothbrushes). This measure will avoid short circuits.

A floor extension can also serve a bad service: it also happens that water gets into it. Low located electrical wires should be closed with a special protective cover or glued with adhesive tape to the plinth. All the cords hanging from the walls must be hidden or fastened with a clothespin, otherwise the kid may pull the rope.

It is better to put protective plugs on electrical outlets, because keeping track of your small fingers is not easy.

It is advisable to isolate the heated towel rail with a thick diaper, because the child can get badly burned.

The bathroom rug should be made of non-slip materials. The edges should neither rise nor bend.

It is important to take care of the security of the door lock: it is best if it does not slam and it can be opened from the outside.

Housing problem

Safety rules for the living room are generally the same as for the nursery. The main requirement for all items of interior and decor – sustainability, otherwise the child may turn them over and hurt themselves.

Potentially dangerous interior items (dressers, bedside tables, etc.) must be securely attached to the wall. This can be done with steel corners or appropriate fittings.

To avoid injuries when the baby learns to walk, protruding corners need to be secured with plastic or latex covers. For the same purpose, self-adhesive linings can be used.

Before your precious child gets to the desk with important documents, you should purchase special blockers that block access to the doors. These elements, similar to straps, are mounted on a fixed wall of the structure on the one hand and directly on the door or front surface of the sliding cabinet – on the other.

Thanks to this trick, the crumb would never be able to pinch his fingers, and you will be calm for the safety of especially valuable things and papers. Tablecloths and napkins are not strongly recommended to leave on the table: pulling the edge, the baby can destroy not only a dinner party, but also an expensive service.

As in the nursery, the door to the living room will also have to install protective shock absorbers made of soft plastic or rubber. They are attached to the side or top of the main panel and do not allow the child to pinch your fingers.

On the door with a snap lock, it is better to put a lock that locks the handle in the open position.

You can cut access to the stairs, the balcony and other potentially dangerous places in the apartment with the help of the so-called “security gate”. This useful design is made of metal, wood, plastic and equipped with a variety of fixtures.

It is best to choose models that are installed directly in the doorway and have an adjustable width.

Wires from floor lamps and table lamps will have to be hidden behind furniture, otherwise fixtures risk being tipped over.

Batteries in the living room should be protected in the same way as in the nursery.

Toys should be at the kid’s hand, so he did not have to drag them. If the house has older children, their things should be folded separately.

TV remote

Keep this device in an inaccessible place: if the panel with multi-colored buttons falls into the hands of a baby, he will definitely try to unscrew them. In addition to small parts that a child can happily swallow or stick in the nose, batteries are also dangerous: they contain toxic substances.

Housing problem

The main attention should be paid to the plate. In order that the crumb could not bring the switches to the working position, there are special caps that hold the neutral position.

On the edge of the hob would be good to install a special protective screen.

If the baby is in the kitchen, the dishes on the stove should be placed away from the edge, and the frying pans should be turned to the wall. It is best to use long-range burners. It is important to make sure that the boiling liquid does not spill out of the saucepans: splashes can not only burn the baby, but also pour the fire on the gas burners – then the little one risks breathing harmful vapors.

For the same reason, if the switches are not provided with plugs, after all the dishes are cooked, it is necessary to close the main gas supply valve.

The oven must be equipped with a thermal protection system. The door should be covered with a special opaque screen so that the baby does not look inside. If the child is near the oven, it cannot be opened: hot air can burn the airways and eyes.

And remember: even after the oven was turned off, it remains hot for a long time, so it is important to ensure that the crumb does not come close to it. Needless to say that the highchair is better to be placed as far as possible from the stove.

On the door of the refrigerator you can hang a special lock – then the child will not be able to try what is on the shelves. For the same reason, on the lower “floors” you should not store medicines, alcohol, vinegar.

Covering the table, pots, plates, cups with hot contents, knives and forks should be placed away from the edge. The salt shaker, pepper shaker and toothpicks should be kept out of reach of the baby.

It is better to equip drawers with latches or lock them with a key, especially if they contain cutlery.

Place a trash can where the baby can not get, because cans, glass fragments, spoiled products can attract his attention and cause serious trouble. If a suitable angle for temporary storage of waste cannot be found, an ordinary old-fashioned latch will secure the locker. But the sharp and dangerous garbage is still better to immediately take out

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