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Home child “and kindergarten

Home child

Just yesterday, it was believed that a home child, not attending kindergarten, was doomed to face many problems at school: it would be hard for him to find a common language with his own kind and teacher, he would sore almost the entire first class and most likely would fall behind his ” organized peers in school. However, times have changed, and it became clear that home education can be no worse than “kindergarten”.

Previously, the kindergarten was a kind of mandatory program for each child, and this choice for most families was almost the same. The mothers were not given three-year maternity leave, and the social path of the crumbs began with a nursery. There was practically no choice of preschool institutions, and the question of which kindergarten would become a second home was decided by the proximity to the house or the work of the parents.

The children were transferred from kindergarten to school by a company they already knew, and only there were modestly joined by units of household children.

Today, much has changed. Firstly, it became more difficult to get to this very educational institution – mothers have to stand in line immediately after the birth of the baby.

Secondly, the kindergartens have become more diverse – these are both development centers and kindergartens according to the Montessori or Waldolf system, private and public. Thirdly, there are much more household children, and at school they no longer look like white crows.

The first thing you need to think about is how to organize your child’s communication with peers. The home child, contacting only with elders, gets used to being the center of attention and selfishly relates to the needs of other children. He barely resigns himself to the fact that not only his or his best place is taken by another child in school.

He does not understand why other children may refuse to do what he said. Deprived of intercourse with other children, the kid, “having come out into the world,” spends a lot of time building friendships.

It cannot be said that in the kindergarten everything goes smoothly and all the children who attend it are free from difficulties. But to give the child the opportunity to be friends is still necessary.

Most likely, the same moms in the neighborhood are also looking for the company to their child – on the playground you can get to know them and make your communication more regular. It is better that the child could see each other with the same children and make regular friends, and not look closely at unfamiliar babies every time.

Write down the baby in a circle or section and give him the opportunity to communicate with the children after school.

Home child

The last option is good because the baby will get an important experience of communicating with another adult. In addition, you will learn to trust your treasure to another person. This is also very important.

Many mothers who do not let the babies out of their caring hands, with great distrust and concern to the first teacher of the child, try to control every step of a first grader in a new life. Get used to the fact that in the life of the baby there will be other significant adults for him.

In order for the baby to become accustomed to communication with other adults, gradually accustom him to make small purchases at the store in your presence or to answer independently the questions of adults in the sandbox. This does not mean that the child does not need to be explained so that he is careful with strangers.

It is believed that when a child enters the team, he will certainly begin to get sick. Children attending kindergarten undergo this adaptation at an early age, and they are already more hardened to school. It is reasonable to take care of the health of the child, not only placing it in a group of children.

Harden your baby, teach him to do exercises, play sports, expand his habitat. If the home child attends a swimming pool or a skating rink, he will postpone the start of school, contact with a certain set of viruses in the children’s team is much easier.

If the baby stays within four walls to school, respiratory diseases are inevitable.

If the child does not attend kindergarten, the responsibility for his preschool education lies with the parents. Of course, there are many gardens where classes are very limited and do not meet all the cognitive needs of the child.

However, a small set: modeling, designing, drawing and basic knowledge of mathematics, teaching literacy, the world around us – much better than nothing.

You can take the child to the school of early development, and you can organize classes in these common subjects with the baby at home. Individual lessons will bring even more benefit to the crumbs.

He will not have to wait until all the children understand the topic, but you can dwell in more detail on what is difficult. Now there are many books for parents, methods and ready-made notebooks for learning.

Stick to them and improvise. The main focus should be not on obtaining knowledge, but on the development of mental processes (attention, memory, thinking, logic, imagination), phonemic hearing and fine motor skills.

The school will require the child to plan their day. It is quite difficult to change the modeless time of games and walks to lessons on a schedule, homework and getting up at seven in the morning.

It is not necessary to raise a child from an early age in strict Spartan conditions and the army regime, but it is still necessary to adhere to a certain daily routine.

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