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Hollywood stars who became famous in childhood

Hollywood stars who became famous in childhood

This actress can be safely called not only one of the most famous children stars of the 80s of the last century, but also the most scandalous. The more interesting is the story of her life and – yes! – success.

Because Drew Barrymore, in spite of everything, has retained the status of a star, now an adult, remaining in the main holder of Hollywood actors.

If someone decided to make a movie about the life of a popular American actress, director and producer Drew Barrymore before 1990, this could be a real tragedy. It all began with the kinosly, which she was, as they say, written to the clan.

Of course, not only the parents, but also the grandparents and other relatives of the girl were famous American actors. So on TV, at the age of eleven months, Drew brought (or brought) mother.

At first there was an advertisement, then, from the age of 6, films followed, and it was as if the selection was successful that immediately made her a young megastar. And Drew was not filmed because of the patronage of famous actor relatives, she really was a born actress from childhood.

Drew didn’t find it easy to test with copper pipes: from 9 to 14 years of age, against the background of a brilliant career and film awards, the life of a very small child girl rolled downhill. Alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs – all this together was fully present in her life. And, of course, irreconcilable contradictions in relations with the mother, which Drew told later in her book “The Little Lost Girl”.

After rehabilitation at the drug treatment center, assuring the public of full recovery, Drew, however, did not cease to rebel. Shooting in the nude for magazines, participation in dubious projects, stormy personal life … Fortunately for herself and moviegoers, in 1995 the actress became a producer, having organized her company and finally settled down, becoming a mother and continuing to remain a bright and sought-after actress of popular projects. Today, the Hollywood star Barrymore has two daughters, and, in addition to film work, she is actively involved in charity.

Drew, convinced that her non-child problems in childhood are directly related to early glory, says that up to 18 years old she would never allow her girls to act in film and generally get out of her control.

Hollywood stars who became famous in childhood

Her real name is Neta-Lee Hershlag, and in childhood, and even in her youth, she did not dream of being an actress. But life persistently pushed her toward the cinema, and there was nothing left but to become his star, Natalie Portman.

Natalie was born in Jerusalem, in the family of an American artist and an Israeli gynecologist, and from childhood she did everything to get a good education. “I loved school so much that most of my classmates thought I was a wise person,” Portman wrote. Career – and scientific! – At first she stood in the first place for her, even despite Natalie’s serious passion for dancing and participation in theatrical performances.

When she was 10 years old when the family moved to the USA, Revlon’s agent saw her expressive face and pretty figure, suggesting that she should act as a model for the brand. Natalie refused – it was not part of her plans: “I always knew exactly what I liked and what I wanted, and I worked a lot for this, I was a very serious child.”

But this child was torn by two passions: science and theater. Nathalie was unable to refuse the theater.

At the age of 11 she tries the Broadway show., and she, along with future pop star Britney Spears, is chosen as actress to replace.

And two years later, at the age of 12, Luc Besson shoots a girl in the cult film “Leon . All and all of her have been predicted for an undoubted film career, but Natalie still resisted. “I’m going to college.

I don’t care if it ruins my movie career. I’d rather be smarter than a movie star. ” However, before the age of majority, she starred in five films, missing the premiere of the sixth (“Star Wars.

Episode 1. Hidden threat “) – was preparing for final exams. In 1999 she entered Harvard University, in 2003 she received a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but … you can’t escape fate.

The mass of the highest cinema and theater awards, the love of the audience, unconditional talent plus an almost exemplary lifestyle: vegetarianism, participation in charity, successful marriage (not the first, yes, but this is Hollywood), motherhood, approved it as a successful movie star.

Hollywood stars who became famous in childhood

Daniel Radcliffe is an example of an actor, apparently until the end of his life forced to fight with his childhood glory, arguing that, having matured, he can already do without Harry Potter. But will the audience be able to forget who Daniel was for them for 10 years.

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was born on July 23, 1989 in England, in the family of a casting director and literary agent. He began his acting career at the age of five, participating in amateur theatrical performances, and at the age of 10 he first appeared in films in the film “David Copperfield”.

Surprisingly, a year later, the parents discouraged the boy from casting for the role of Harry Potter, but Daniel still begged to take him to an audition and … passed. Since then, for 10 years, Daniel has become the most famous little wizard, then loving, then hating his hero.

Because of the filming, Daniel was forced to leave school, getting an education at home, and then not to go anywhere, neither to college nor to university, claiming that all this is just a waste of time.

During the filming of the series, Daniel became not only megapopular, but, in 2009, the highest paid actor of the decade. Daniel played Harry and grew up with him, the transformation of the actor from a boy into a youth took place in front of the whole world. Despite being tired of his hero, Daniel speaks about these 10 years as a wonderful time, which, among other things, gave him a meeting and cooperation with many respected actors, from whom he learned a lot.

And, of course, predetermined fate. Yes, and he had a difficult (but short) period in his life, when alcohol hung over all other attachments, but Daniel managed to overcome his addiction and take the right path, that is, acting.

He plays in the theater, acts in film and, of course, continues to fight. The fight with the boy in glasses, about which, when Radcliffe appears on the stage or screen, his viewers still remember.

Hollywood stars who became famous in childhood

Unlike some other mature movie stars in Hollywood, Kirsten Dunst is better known for her accomplishments, not scandals. Meanwhile, her way to the current status of a respected and universal actress was not always an easy journey for Kirsten.

For the first time Kirsten appeared on screens at the age of 6 in the Woody Allen film “New York Stories”, a year later she acted in a movie with Tom Hanks, then a year later – in Star Wars. Not a bad start for filmmakers!

And a year later, at the age of 12, she became a real young star, playing a little vampire in “Interview with a Vampire” together with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Then the awards fell down, the copper pipes sounded … But the fame, according to Dunst herself, was not pleasing, but she, as is often the case with teenagers, tried to explain all the contradictions of a complex age with her mother.

Mom divorced her father and deprived her childhood, forcing her to play in the cinema … A few years later, while continuing to reap the fruits of her glory that began in childhood, to which, undoubtedly, her mother had a hand, Kirsten repented of her words: “Now I I understand that mother always had the best intentions, and today we are very close again. ”

However, besides the wonderful roles in famous films, including Mona Lisa’s Smile, Marie-Antoinette, Melancholy, and Spiderman, Dunst also had to undergo a rehabilitation clinic for depression, and at the same time refute rumors of alcohol and drug abuse.

Hollywood stars who became famous in childhood

“Monkey” – so Elijah Wood was called in childhood for inexhaustible energy and the desire to climb wherever possible and impossible. In order to somehow calm the middle of her children, Debbie’s mother gave Elijah to the piano lessons, then to the choir.

It turned out everything and everywhere, but it was not easy for the boy to sit (and stand) in one place. Further, at the age of 7, the tests followed as a model, since Wood had a truly angelic appearance, charm and lively mimicry.

Then Elijah participated in children’s theatrical productions. Well, and then, for the first time at 9 years old, the main thing appeared – the cinema site, the place where Elijah’s energy was finally in demand.

Wood is an example of a Hollywood actor, consistently shining and deserving of the acclaim and approval of critics in his children’s, and teenage, and adult roles. Whom did he not play in his 36 years: from Tom Sawyer to the hobbit Frodo!

Suffice it to say that ever since he began to act, this process in his life has not stopped for a single year. And, perhaps because of the constant employment, Elijah managed to avoid many problems and temptations that other Hollywood child actors were subjected to. Neither alcohol nor drugs, but only shooting, shooting, shooting … Or maybe his growing up at the “factory of stars” went so well thanks to his mother, which the actor often says in interviews.

In any case, talking with the Sunday Times correspondent about the very real problem of pedophilia in Hollywood and stressing that he personally did not touch such trouble, Wood said thanks for this to her mother, who never let him go to risky parties.

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