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Holiday at the resort and pregnancy

Holiday at the resort and pregnancy

The first thing a future mom should start preparing for rest is a visit to her obstetrician-gynecologist. Discuss with him whether you can leave the city and for how long, which type of holiday is better to prefer and what should be avoided.

The doctor will help you make a reasonable decision based on the duration and course of pregnancy, the place of attachment of the placenta and the state of the cervix.

The second point of “preventive work” before the holidays is preparation for typically summer situations that often worry future mothers. So that they will bypass you, it is worth taking care of precautionary measures.

The load on the cardiovascular system of a woman, already increasing with the expectation of a baby, in the summer is even greater. In the heat of the vessels dilate, the blood moves more slowly through them, and the body is not easy to adapt to the high temperature. That is why due to overheating, future mothers are especially prone to sun and heat shocks, even fainting.

Conclusion: take care of yourself from the heat and do not go outside without a wide-brimmed hat or cap, and the hottest time of the day (from 12 to 16 hours) spend in a cool room or take air baths in thick shade.

In the heat, we lose a lot of fluid from sweat, and these losses must be compensated by drinking. If you sweat a lot, drink a little more: on hot days, your body should get at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

Make sure that you always have a bottle of water at hand, rather unsweetened and non-carbonated – then thirst will pass faster.

The effect of high temperature makes the vessels less elastic, the blood stagnates in them and stretches their walls, disrupting blood flow. As a result, women prone to varicose veins often experience heaviness in the legs, edema, protruding veins or spider veins.

When going on vacation, be sure to take anti-varicose veins with you (for example, an ointment or gel that your doctor will recommend to you). Make contrast foot baths, and during the day, rest with a pillow under your feet.

Expectant mother should not:

  • Sunbathing (the sun enhances the development of varicose veins and pigment spots, there is a risk of fainting and uterine bleeding).
  • Too heavy on yourself – for example, long-distance walks.
  • Ride a bicycle and rollerblades (you can easily lose your balance and fall).
  • Dive, climb the mountains.
  • Supercool – say, long time swimming or sitting on the beach.
  • Experiment with different exotic products.

Holiday at the resort and pregnancy

Wherever you spend your vacation, at the cottage or on a trip, take care of things that you can’t do without on vacation.

When leaving the house, do not forget to bring your insurance policy, passport, and if you have already entered the last months of pregnancy, you will also receive a birth certificate (a document for paying for medical care in antenatal clinics and maternity hospitals) and an exchange card Ultrasound and expert opinion).

If a doctor has prescribed any drugs for you, you should not interrupt the treatment. Ask your doctor to compile for you a list of safe medicines for expectant mothers that you may need in emergency cases: it should include medicines for colds, intestinal infections, allergies, digestive and cardiovascular problems, and remedies for wounds and abrasions .

In the summer months, you always need them when you go out. Without this protection, the skin of the future mother, especially vulnerable due to hormonal changes, can easily be covered with pigment spots and moles (they appear under the action of ultraviolet radiation).

In order not to suffer from the heat, choose clothes of light colors, necessarily from natural fabrics (this is especially true for underwear). Cotton and linen allow the skin to breathe, which is not the case with synthetics – in it we sweat more.

Avoid tight-fitting close-fitting clothing, which hampers blood circulation in the body.

When choosing shoes, give preference to spacious models with low heels: they will make the gait more stable and will not constrain the foot, if it expands due to the heat. But from high heels and shoes without backs for the whole waiting time of the baby is better to give up – they slow down the movement of blood in the legs.

Where it is better to spend a vacation depends on the well-being of the future mother and her baby. If during pregnancy there are any complications, most likely, the doctor will recommend a rest within a radius of 50–100 km from your city, so that if necessary you can quickly get the help of doctors.

Holiday at the resort and pregnancy

What situations can prevent long-distance travel?

If it is low, even a small load increases the risk of bleeding. You can detect this trouble in advance with the help of ultrasound examination.

Late toxemia, which occurs in some women after the 30th week of pregnancy, can sometimes manifest itself only by swelling of the legs, but the future mother should be constantly monitored by doctors. If increased pressure joins these troubles, and protein is detected in urine tests, the woman is urgently sent for treatment at the maternity hospital.

That is why, with noticeable edema, doctors advise expectant mothers to spend their holidays at home.

In this case, it is more prudent to refuse any long trips and go to rest in the country or in a boarding house near your city, and in the last 2 weeks before the birth and return home at all.

If the pregnancy proceeds calmly and the waiting period is still short, even a long journey will not harm the expectant mother – the main thing is to choose the right route and transport. It is best to relax in regions where the climate and time zones are close to ours.

Moving for every 10 ° latitude already requires adaptation to new conditions – a different heat and ultraviolet regime. And the movement in longitude violates the usual biological regime of a person: day and night change places.

In addition, high humidity and low oxygen content in the air of hot latitudes will be a load on the cardiovascular system, and the body of a pregnant woman does not know how to quickly (in a few hours of flight) adapt to climate change.

What to do on vacation? Get plenty of sleep, pick berries, fish, do gymnastics for pregnant women, read – choose what you like.

Here are two more useful activities that should be devoted to vacation time.

Spending time in the fresh air, you saturate your body with oxygen, so necessary for the future baby. Walk for 1–2 hours in the morning and evening; the only condition is not to overwork and not to overheat.

Pregnant women are very helpful to swim, but to do it better in the morning and evening. Water relaxes and refreshes the body; In addition, swimming is an excellent workout for the respiratory and muscular systems of the body that will prepare you for childbirth. And even practicing water helps to correct the wrong position of the baby in the uterus.

But you should practice them under the supervision of an instructor. Therefore, swim for your own pleasure, but do not arrange competitions, do not dive and do not supercool.

Holiday at the resort and pregnancy

What to get to the place of rest: by car, train, plane? Whatever way of travel you choose, make sure that the journey is not too long and you are close to the trip next to you.

Fatigue is fraught with back pain, which can lead to the risk of miscarriage (the first sign of a problem is pain in the lower back and lower abdomen) or premature birth.

With all the convenience of this type of transport, it is important to remember that the flight should not be sent to women who have any violations in the work of the placenta. During takeoff and landing there is a sharp change in atmospheric pressure, which can cause vascular contraction and premature detachment of the placenta.

Traveling by rail will be safer – provided that the road does not take more than 12 hours and you will have the opportunity to work comfortably, always on the lower shelf. In the train you will be protected from the heat, and at any time you will be able to stand up and stretch your legs.

It is suitable for small journeys. To avoid fatigue and back pain from long sitting, put a pillow under your back, make small moves (up to 200 km) and stop for 20 minutes every 2 hours.

Arrange in the back seat and do not forget about the seat belt (wear it is necessary, insuring the belly above and below).

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