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High temperature in a child: how to knock down?

High temperature in a child: how to knock down?

When the baby’s temperature rises, some mothers and especially grandmas prefer to immediately knock her down, giving the toddler the appropriate medicine. Is it worth doing?

When the child should be given antipyretic and immediately see a doctor, and when is it better to do with other methods of reducing the temperature?

It seems that everyone knows: normal body temperature is 36.6 ° C. But this is a very individual indicator, which also depends on the time of day, emotional state, physical activity and age of the child. Fluctuations in temperature during the day in a healthy baby can normally be up to 1–1.5 ° C.

The minimum values ​​are typical for the morning, they reach a maximum at 18–20 hours. In addition, in children in the first year of life, the testimony of a thermometer of 35.5–37.7 ° C is considered permissible.

The temperature measurement also affects the thermometer reading. Inside – in the rectum (in the priest) and the external auditory canal, it will always be half a degree higher than on the skin – in the armpit or on the forehead.

If the thermometer in the pope shows 38 ° C, it means that it is 37.5 ° C on the skin, that is, the value is within the normal range. But doctors recommend measuring the temperature after all in the armpit; make it more convenient and safer electronic thermometer.

If the child is over a year old, you can also measure it with a thermoscan in the external auditory canal.

In order not to create reasons for unnecessary unrest:

  • measure the temperature of the baby at the same time in the same place;
  • you should not put a thermometer right after sleep, if the child is crying, scared or excited, just woke up, ate, made a “big” toilet. In these cases, the temperature is usually increased.

The increase in body temperature familiar to the child is a protective reaction of the body. Many viruses at high temperatures lose their pathogenic properties. With a rise in temperature in the body, metabolic processes are enhanced, and the production of antibodies (including in some cases interferon) is stimulated to fight the infectious agent.

Thus, increasing the internal temperature, the body fights infection. And, conversely, reducing the temperature, we help the virus multiply.

At the same time, high fever can cause serious complications. Especially high risk in children under the age of 3 months, as well as in children with disabilities in the central nervous, cardiovascular or respiratory systems. The rapid rise in temperature in them can trigger the development of so-called febrile seizures – loss of consciousness with a general tension of the muscles of the body and twitching of the limbs.

It is very dangerous for babies and dehydration: during fever, the liquid from the surface of the skin and with rapid breathing evaporates more intensively, with intestinal infections, it is lost even with loose stools and vomiting.

Therefore, before giving your child antipyretic drugs, evaluate his condition. If the toddler eats with appetite, drinks, his skin is pink, his palms and feet are warm, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, antipyretic drugs can be stopped until the thermometer shows 38.5-39 ° C. But even if the values ​​are 37.5–38 ° C, the baby is not interested in toys, cartoons, refuses to drink, he has shivering, his skin is dry and pale, his feet are icy to the touch, and his forehead is fiery, without medication.

With the same values, the temperature gets lost in the case when the child is at risk.

If a child is younger than 3 months old, the temperature is above 38 ° C, an urgent consultation with a pediatrician is required. Emergency medical care is also needed if a child has a lethargy or drowsiness with a temperature, he breaks into a sharp and unusual cry, he has vomiting, a rash on his legs.

Paracetamol-based medications are considered the safest for children. This substance inhibits the synthesis of biologically active substances that are produced during the inflammatory process. They can be used from 3 months (only a doctor should recommend them to newborns).

The only contraindication is individual intolerance. A single dose of paracetamol is determined at the rate of 10-15 mg / kg of weight.

You can take the medicine again not earlier than in 4 hours. This means that paracetamol-based drugs can be given no more than 4-6 times a day, the maximum daily dose is 60 mg / kg of weight.

The effect should come in 30 minutes, and persistently knock down degrees to the norm is not necessary. Enough to improve the condition of the baby, he began to show interest in others, began to willingly drink and play.

High temperature in a child: how to knock down?

If paracetamol does not help, the temperature persistently does not decrease, it is recommended to give an antipyretic based on ibuprofen. This substance also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The effect also occurs after 30 minutes, but the temperature decreases faster, and the effect of the drug lasts longer: if a single dose of paracetamol can reduce the temperature by 1–1.5 ° for 2–4 hours, then ibuprofen reduces the fever by 2–2 hours ° C and valid up to 8 hours.

Since ibuprofen is quite a potent substance, the doses are lower: 5–10 mg / kg of weight per dose and no more than 30 mg / kg of weight per day.

The form of the medicine depends on the age and condition of the sick child. Very small is better to put rectal suppositories, older children are given syrups and pills.

Rectal suppositories are also appropriate for vomiting, with liquid stools, it is more expedient to give the medicine through the mouth in the form of syrup or tablets. For children in the first 3 months of life, antipyretic drugs are given only as prescribed and under medical supervision.

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