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Here it happens: what is not customary to talk about childbirth

Here it happens: what is not customary to talk about childbirth

Detailed knowledge of what remains to be experienced helps to avoid unnecessary stresses in the family block, so we decided that we should become the first from whom you will learn the whole truth about what you can expect. Do not panic. It’s okay


Who would have thought that during childbirth you might vomit. And it will be fine.

Nothing extraordinary, no pathology. Just nausea and vomiting.

Many will find out about this only when they are in the maternity hospital. There are several reasons for nausea.

First, it can cause epidural anesthesia. On the basis of epidurals, you may experience a sudden drop in blood pressure – hypotension.

It can lead to nausea and vomiting.

Secondly, vomiting and nausea can begin because of the pain you are experiencing.

Thirdly, this condition can provoke too dense lunch or dinner in the first stage of labor. For this reason, in order to minimize the likelihood of this kind of trouble, at the very beginning of labor, if there is a feeling of hunger, it is better to limit yourself to a light snack.

When the active stage of childbirth begins – it is already impossible to eat, you can only drink, and only clear liquids.

About half of women in labor usually complain of chills and that they have teeth chattering during childbirth. This is not happening at all because you are cold.

In fact, the body temperature during childbirth can even increase by 1-2 degrees, because of which a woman, on the contrary, should feel the heat. The exact reason why a woman feels chills and her teeth chattering is unknown, but recent studies indicate that this may be due to incompatibility in the blood group of the mother and fetus.

“During childbirth, small amounts of fetal blood enter the mother’s bloodstream,” says Henry Klapholz, MD, professor, obstetrics and gynecology department at the Harvard University Medical School in Boston. “Studies show that if there is an incompatibility in blood type between mother and child, for example, the mother has type A blood, and the child has type B, then the mother may feel chills and tremors.”

Here it happens: what is not customary to talk about childbirth

When the baby passes through the birth canal, air is forced out of the anus, so be prepared for gas to escape. The likelihood of such a scenario increases with epidural anesthesia, which paralyzes the anal sphincter.

Another unpleasant side effect of childbirth is defecation right on the delivery table or delivery bed.

“This is due to lack of space,” says Arianna Scholes-Douglas, MD, head of the high-risk pregnancy group at the charity department of the medical center in Baltimore. “When a child’s head passes through the birth canal, it presses on the rectum, the latter flattens and its contents are pushed out.”

Worry about this is not worth it. Obstetricians, who take birth not the first day, have seen all this more than once and treat it with understanding and peace of mind.

During childbirth, especially if they pass without anesthesia, you may suddenly find that you are shouting, crying, scolding your husband or doctor. Obstetricians admit that some patients begin to behave completely unpredictably and do not control themselves.

Do not worry: it’s just a reaction to pain and general fatigue. This may be to blame and hormones, because childbirth causes changes in the levels of estrogen and progesterone, which is akin to a serious premenstrual syndrome.

If you lose control of yourself, do not be discouraged. Doctors and nurses are accustomed to such reactions. But if you still want to maintain control over your actions and emotions, you need to seriously prepare.

It is believed that women who attend training courses for childbirth remain calm during childbirth more often than those who do not.

Here it happens: what is not customary to talk about childbirth

In the heat of the moment, you can forget all that was taught in the preparation courses for childbirth. All breathing and self-pain relief techniques in childbirth can remain somewhere in the secret corners of your brain, which flatly refuses to be your assistant now.

It remains to rely only on nature and obstetricians. Perhaps it is in these situations that partner labor is a good option.

Provided that your partner’s brain did not turn off even earlier at the sight of what is happening.

Do not be discouraged if, for the first time holding a newborn in your arms, you will not experience great happiness. You have just gone through hard work, it takes time to recover.

Try breastfeeding your baby, and then let the nurse take care of them to give you the opportunity to rest or sleep.

Childbirth can be difficult for dad. In fact, the monitor, the rollercoaster of emotions, blood, and the environment in general, squeaking and every now and then giving incomprehensible signals, far from every man can withstand all this.

Doctors admit that sometimes they are forced to ask men to leave the premises. The kind of spouse suffering from severe pain can upset her husband, and this, in turn, makes a woman even more nervous.

If your husband is asked to leave the rodblock, let him know what could be worse: “One father, when his wife gave birth, lost consciousness,” recalls the obstetrician Heinrich Klapholz. “The poor guy, falling, broke his leg, he had to be hospitalized.”

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