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Heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn is not an independent ailment, but only a symptom. It may indicate either short-term irritation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus, or some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastric ulcer, gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc.).

Both situations are observed during pregnancy.

Manifestations of heartburn are familiar to almost everyone: a burning sensation and heat in the region of hypochondrium, which usually occurs shortly after a meal, at least once in a lifetime all have experienced. Sometimes unpleasant sensations border on pain.

This symptom indicates the accession of the inflammatory process, so the guard should be even stronger. The burning sensation arises because part of the food from the stomach, where the acidic environment prevails, gets back into the esophagus, where the environment is neutral.

This discrepancy leads to irritation of the mucous membranes and the occurrence of heartburn. Most often, the return throw is due to the relaxation of the sphincters – circular muscles that pinch the hole connecting the esophagus with the stomach.

Do not ignore the “heat in the chest” doctors. For a baby’s health, a mild form of heartburn is usually not harmful, but in the advanced stage it can lead to erosion of the esophagus.

In addition, on its background, the appetite is often reduced, because at an unconscious level, the time of eating will be tempted to delay. A truncated meal schedule can adversely affect the development of the child.

The final argument in favor of action: with the increase in the period for the occurrence of heartburn, additional conditions are created.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, a symptom of which can become heartburn, usually develop gradually and, as a rule, before conception. In this case, over the next 9 months, its manifestations usually increase, and often already in the early stages. But sometimes heartburn starts for the first time during pregnancy and ends with its completion.

Reverse throwing of food causes physiological changes in the female body. Under the influence of hormones (especially progesterone), all smooth muscles, including sphincters, are relaxed.

Although some women have heartburn associated with toxemia. Then, as a rule, it occurs early, passes along with toxicosis and returns closer to the third trimester.

With the increase of the term added new factors. The uterus grows and gradually raises the stomach higher and higher.

If normally it occupies the position “at an angle”, then in late periods it assumes an almost horizontal posture, and these are favorable conditions for the occurrence of a backslide. By the way, this is why women who have twins or large babies have heartburn more often: in such circumstances, the uterus puts pressure on the stomach more strongly.

With pelvic presentation, the same picture is observed.

In addition, during pregnancy, food digests longer: less digestive juices are released, bowel motility is weakened. As a result, food is more time in the stomach and later evacuated from there into the duodenum.

Heartburn during pregnancy

An exact diagnosis should be made by a physician (general practitioner or gastroenterologist). If heartburn occurs on the background of any disease, additional tests (eg gastroscopy) and treatment of the underlying cause may be required.

To prevent heartburn or reduce its manifestations, do not necessarily grab the first aid kit. Try to start properly organize food and leisure.

OPTIMAL SCHEDULE Water and food in themselves stimulate the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract. For this reason, it is desirable to feed often and in small portions. In addition, since the stomach will be constantly busy and all its juices will be spent on the digestion of food.

To begin with, try crushing the dinner: first eat the soup, after a while – meat or fish with salad, and later, dessert. The interval between meals should ideally be 3-3.5 hours. Avoid overeating.

Food is in the stomach for about 2-2.5 hours. While the previous portion does not move down, you should not add a new one.

The last meal is better to arrange at least 2, -2.5 hours before bedtime, and even better – for 3-4.

EASY OPTION Products are desirable to choose easily digestible: they are well digested and provide maximum nutrients. To do this, the food must be cooked, stewed or steamed.

All fried, smoked, fatty, salty and generously seasoned from the diet should be excluded.

DRINKING MODE. Sour drinks help to get rid of heartburn: they all reduce the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. You can remove the burning sensation with milk (it is especially good to drink it 2 hours before bedtime), slightly sweetened with yogurt, ryazhenka, jelly.

Kefir can not be called a neutral drink, but you can drink it too. Another thing is that not everyone succeeds in this: for some people, it further enhances the sour taste in the mouth, which often accompanies heartburn.

Drinking drinks is also better fractional: no need to drink the whole glass at once, it is better to break it into pieces and stretch for an hour. And the recipe for traditional medicine – a solution of water and soda – should be abandoned. This mix brings only temporary relief.

Soda neutralizes gastric acids, but as a result of such a chemical reaction, a lot of carbon dioxide is released, so belching, increased gas formation, bloating appears, which only increases discomfort.

TRUE POSITION Immediately after eating it is better not to lie down, but try to walk for a few minutes: when you take a horizontal position, the likelihood of returning food increases. During sleep, put a pillow under your back and neck so that your chest is above the level of your stomach.

MEDICINES If these methods do not help, do not be afraid to resort to drugs. Only during pregnancy should they be appointed by an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Heartburn, especially in the early stages, is well helped by drugs that activate intestinal motility (Motilium, Janssen). They are debugging the process of evacuating food from the stomach to the duodenum, thereby eliminating the conditions for the occurrence of a return reflux.

When the period increases, the doctor may recommend antacids – drugs that allow inactivating hydrochloric acid (Renny, Bayer). Sometimes it makes sense to resort to drugs with enveloping properties (Almagel, Balkanpharma).

Their task is to protect the esophageal mucosa from irritation. But it is important to remember that enveloping agents reduce the effect of any other drugs that you can take in parallel, because they impair the absorption of active ingredients.

This should be taken into account on the advice of a doctor or to take a break in taking various medications, or to get ready for the effect of other pills to be relaxed.

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