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Headache Eating

Headache Eating

The Society for the Study of Headache, based in England (there is also a similar organization in Russia), identified more than 150 different types of headache, including daily chronic, herpes zoster, migraines, abdominal, concentrated and hormonal.

Shingles is the most common. Do not exaggerate, if we say that every person experienced it. It feels like a hoop, tightly tightening the head.

Migraine stands apart – something more than just a severe headache. Pain increases gradually and becomes completely unbearable. They can be felt only in one half of the head and are accompanied by nausea, intolerance to bright light, some sounds and even smells.

People suffering from migraines, carry it, lying motionless in a quiet dark room. Many women will say that they know about hormonal headache, when the head hurts during menstruation and periods of hormonal changes (for example, during menopause or during pregnancy).

Of course, when your head starts to hurt, the first thought that appears is what can be done to stop this torture. But first you need to understand the cause, and only then – eliminate the consequences. Headache causes changes in blood flow to the brain. It is still unknown whether a migraine is a severe form of an ordinary headache, or is it a separate disease.

Recent studies have found that the nerves surrounding the blood vessels become hypersensitive during migraine. That is why you feel so much pain turning your head. However, headaches can also be a separate symptom of another disease, for example, sinusitis or cervicalgia (neck pain).

If the headache develops suddenly and (or) is accompanied by fever, consult a doctor. Fortunately, it rarely means serious danger.

Headache Eating

So headaches can have many causes. For example:

  • stress;
  • sleep disorders;
  • dehydration;
  • hormonal changes;
  • too bright light and loud noise;
  • food.

Yes, some foods and drinks can also cause headaches! And all because sometimes the human body is very sensitive to both synthetic and natural substances in food that can cause headaches.

Here, what substances in products in question in the first place:

  • Amines occur naturally in foods as a result of protein breakdown. The main “players”: tyramine and amine in cheese, red wine and soy sauce and phenylethylamine in chocolate.
  • Salicylates are found in herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, honey and fruit juice. They are also found in perfumes, flavored hygiene products and even in some medications.
  • Glutamates (some of which are very dangerous!) Are present in many foods, such as tomatoes and soy sauce. Sodium glutamate and other flavor enhancers can also be in finished products.
  • Nitrates are preservatives used in hot dogs, ham and sausages. They give the meat a pinkish tint and prevent rotting.

Keep in mind that these dietary supplements can cause headaches. Carefully study the packaging of products that are going to be sent to your shopping basket.

102, 107, 110, 122-129, 132, 133, 142, 151, 155, 160b

200-203 (sorbates); 210-218 (benzoates); 220-228 (sulfites); 249-252 (nitrites and nitrates); 280-283 (propionates); 310-312 and 319-312 (antioxidants).

620-625 (glutamates); 627, 628, 631, 634, 635; hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP); Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP).

Aspartame (951)

Food supplements today are in almost all products, so it is often difficult to find the “culprit”. If you go to a nutritionist, he can offer you a diet that excludes all nutritional supplements that can potentially cause pain, and then gradually introduce “new” products to find out what the problem is. This diet is called “exclusive”. The main thing in it is that you exclude, and not that you enter.

A more simplified version of it (and affordable) is to independently analyze the food consumed. For example, they noticed that after a glass of “Ruj s” begins to tingle in the temples unpleasantly, next time give up wine. Next – on the list.

More precisely, on the menu. After a certain, albeit possibly a long time, you should roughly understand what products your body “encounters” with a headache.

Headaches and migraines – in most cases, not a life sentence. The secret to getting rid of them is as simple as two and two: a healthy lifestyle (suggesting, of course, not only playing sports, but also a full sleep, walking in the fresh air, stabilizing the mental state) and healthy food.

The body will say thank you to you if you limit drinking coffee and alcohol, eat regularly (and never neglect breakfast!), Drink enough water, go to bed at the same time, and learn relaxation techniques.

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