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He is crying? Only calm!

He is crying? Only calm!

Up to 3 months, a baby may cry when he wants to use the toilet “big”. Turn it over on the stomach and stroke the back. When the baby does all his business, change his clothes to dry clothes.

In diapers, children begin to feel discomfort, having lain in them for several hours or after the “big toilet”. The fact that the child has wet diapers, says the incessant soft whine, turning into crying.

As soon as you change this accessory, the crumb will calm down.

If the baby is dry and the crying continues, and it gets louder, most likely the child is hungry. It is easy to define a hungry cry: all attempts to calm down are in vain, shrill notes appear in weeping.

Attach the crumb to your chest or give him a bottle. When you satisfy his need for food and drink, he will die down.

Often, after eating, the baby becomes restless: she has legs, strains her tummy, turns her head. He chokes on a scream, convulsively clenches his fists. This is a sure sign that he needs to release the air that has accumulated in his stomach.

The active release of gases and regurgitation will also help to recognize the problem. Hold the baby in your arms “column”, hold his belly to his chest and stroke the back. Scarce belch air and feel relieved.

If he continues to cry anyway, put him back on the chest or give the bottle. Perhaps the baby is not full.

Natural “sedative” – ​​feeding. Most likely, the baby will subside, but only if he has a really empty stomach.

Think about how much time has passed since the previous feeding, did the baby manage to get hungry?

Elena Fadeeva, pediatrician

During the daytime, the child may sleep restlessly if the room is stuffy and not enough oxygen. The best way to calm the baby in this case will be a walk.

On the street, sleep is deeper and longer. The more time you spend in the fresh air, the calmer your day goes.

Take the baby in your arms and hold it on your shoulder. Gently support the ass and back of the head.

His tummy should be lightly pressed against your chest. Walk around the house: sometimes changing the situation is enough for the baby to calm down. For the same purpose, you can use a sling or “kangaroo” or, instead of a sling, a scarf and a warm towel.

But it’s impossible to carry a child in them for a long time, especially until 6–7 months, until a muscular lumbosacral corset that supports the back is formed.

Another effective way to calm a screamer is to give him a look at himself. Hold the mirror in front of the baby so that he can see his own reflection.

It will distract him from crying.

When mom is near

The child is always calmer when mom is near. He senses her smell, breath, heartbeat.

But another problem arises: the baby also feels the mood of the mother. Because you can never take the baby in your arms if you are upset, angry, scared.

Before you do this, you need to calm down, warm your hands with warm water and be sure to smile. Children catch the intonation, so the bed can not quarrel, swear, sort things out.

Its causes can be fatigue, overexcitement, colic associated with delayed stool. Try to create a comfortable environment before going to bed: air the baby’s room, prepare a bath with herbs, clean the crumbs of the intestines, if there was no independent chair.

The temperature of the water in the bath should be no higher than 37 ° C, the bathing should last no more than 10 minutes, otherwise the child will be overwhelmed and it will be difficult to put him to bed. Be calm and friendly in communicating with your child in the evening – and you have a good night’s sleep.

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