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Happiness is my teddy

Happiness is my teddy

When a pet dog or a bear becomes too dirty (especially after summer walks), there are several simple ways to get them back.

A mild washing powder, a new sponge (or a clean white cloth).

Pour the powder into the basin with warm water and whisk until a large amount of foam is formed. Then lightly use a sponge or cloth to clean the toy.

Squeeze out a sponge or rag after every few movements and make sure that the animal is not too wet. Dry the toy in the air (but not in the sun!) During the day.

For a big company

Spacious plastic bag, 1/2 cup baking soda and a soft brush.

Put two or three toys in a plastic bag, put soda in it. Tie the bag and shake vigorously for a minute.

Take out the toys and clean them, removing dirt, dust and soda. For large toys, use a vacuum cleaner.

Bear on the carousel

Toys marked “machine washable” can be washed in the “Careful Wash” mode and dried with warm air. The main thing is that the child agrees to be separated for some time from his friend.

After all, when a baby is very attached to his red puppy, it’s very difficult not to see a friend for even an hour. Let your child help you.

Turn washing into an adventure: “A puppy wants to ride in the car! Isn’t it great? ”

There is, of course, less troublesome way out: wash the toy while the baby is sleeping. But it is better to still allow the child to the process at least at some stage.

For example, after cleaning, allow your baby to put in order the fur coat of his beloved animal using a soft baby comb. Show yourself how to do it carefully, so that the pet is not bald.

And that will be a tragedy.

Happiness is my teddy

If the best friend of your baby is limping, his paw is torn off or the seam has broken, you will have to do a little operation.

    • To sew a torn seam or sew a paw, use a sturdy, colorless nylon thread and a large needle. The larger the toy, the larger the needle you will need.
    • If the eye or nose has fallen off, make a new one with bright embroidery.

        In no case do not sew a button – if it comes off again, the child can stick it in the nose or mouth.
      • To fill a thinner lion or a flamingo, buy a padding for pillows in a craft shop. Find a seam that can be cut. Most quality soft toys have one hand-made stitch. This stitch is usually located in the middle of the back or on the tummy, it is easy to find: hand stitches are larger than machine stitches. If there are no hand stitches on the toy, you can cut the machine stitch with manicure scissors. Drive the filler into the hole and push a little. Then carefully and firmly sew.
      • If repair is already useless – be creative. Let the child help you choose, for example, a bandage that will cover the missing eye of a bear cub (now he is a pirate!) Or a flirty doll hat to hide the kitten’s loose ear.

      Happiness is my teddy

      Even if the baby has not played with any tiger cub or frog for a long time, it is not easy to part with them forever. And, of course, to spare children’s feelings is necessary.

      But there are several tricks here.

      How to decide who will leave and who will? Ask the child to show his favorite little animals.

      Ask: “Who are your best friends? Who do you play less often?

      Who don’t you like? ”These questions will help the child to realize for himself what toys he can do without. To facilitate the farewell and at the same time instill in the child a feeling of compassion – give the toys to a charity foundation.

      Tell your baby how his toys will help make someone else happy and be sure to take it with you when you go to the center of help for low-income families. Such centers exist in many temples. Find out in advance if they are accepting plush toys in these places.

      Of course, bring with the help of the baby all the teddy settlers in order.

      Before you give a toy – take a picture of it and make an album as a keepsake. But. all the noble words are spoken, and the baby does not want to part with its plush happiness.

      Well, do not insist. And in any case, do not throw away a toy in secret!

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