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Guests from the future: a great overview of the most unusual toys of our time

Guests from the future: a great overview of the most unusual toys of our time

A toy is the most desirable thing that a child wants to receive as a gift. We will not be cunning – not books, not sweets or even an amusement park – an ordinary kid from the list, most likely, will choose a toy.

If the choice is given exclusively to parents, without any regard for the baby’s requests, many will prefer a toy or a developing game. That’s right – nothing to just have fun! But, fortunately for our children, modern educational games and toys not only help to master and deepen some skills and knowledge.

In the first place – this is exactly the game, that is entertainment. Gambling, multidimensional, disturbing the imagination of a child, allowing even the smallest person to experience one of the greatest pleasures available to people is the joy of discovery and creation.

Here, for example, the designer. A toy that, in fact, the child creates himself. Today, you can feel yourself as a creator, using the most diverse and, sometimes, very unusual, material.

The first designer for the youngest could be the winner of the best toy competition in Nuremberg in 2013 at the Toy Fair exhibition, where a total of 380 new products were presented – the Tobbles Neo pyramid. The pyramid, traditional and beloved by all generations, is turned into a completely different level of fun here. The pyramid of the new generation, consisting of beautifully styled colorful bowls in an interesting design, not only develops the imagination of small builders with the possibility of creating a virtually infinite number of figures, but also adds thrill to the game.

The fact is that the tower is not stable. It is very interesting how far she can lean and not fall.

A successful combination of beautiful forms, attractive design and imaginative toy thinking – these are the trump cards by which the toy won first place from the jury in the BabyInfant category.

Video: Tobbles Neo Pyramid

Stacking Wood Set is another winner. This is not just a toy tower, it is the freedom of creativity for the most courageous imagination.

Cubes, lovingly transformed by designers into cute animals and wonderful flowers with rustling petals, create a tower that can give free rein to children’s imagination. Elements of high-quality wood and beautiful fabric will help kids develop not only creativity, but also motor skills.

Video: Stacking Wood Set Toy

Quercetti Kaleido Gears and Fenming Toys are fun gear designers. Combining all the details together, the child will receive a fascinating game center with moving elements.

The design can be run manually or automatically. The movement of the elements is accompanied by fun music.

All parts of these sets are made from environmentally friendly and safe plastic.

Video: Quercetti Kaleido Gears Toy

BrikNik is a domestic ceramic constructor made from environmentally friendly natural materials – sand and starch. Real miniature architectural structures are made of clay mini-bricks, arches, ceilings and other details. The sets include a small trowel and special cement.

Such an interesting and unusual set will acquaint the child with the peculiarities of building construction and will make him feel like a real architect.

Video: designer Bricnik

Recently, another unusual designer has appeared – Battat Spinaroos and Battat Stackadoos sets of flexible needle parts that are easily fastened together. In some sets are moving base bases, funny little faces, legs and hands to create little men. Details of the designer are excellent stimulus material for small fingers.

They are pleasant to feel and easily dock with each other. Such a designer will not soon get bored, because ideas that build from it will grow with the child:

Video: A little boy plays with Battat Stackadoos

Magformers – magnetic designer. But not the one that is dangerous for children, consisting of small balls that the kid shoves into his nose and mouth!

The sets consist of multi-colored parts of different geometric shapes: squares and triangles, which are fastened together with the help of magnets. Of these, you can collect three-dimensional shapes, including complex buildings – houses, castles, at the same time getting acquainted with the basics of geometry.

Video: Magformers Designer

An unusual designer LaserPegs recently appeared on the Russian market. Its details have light effects, so the usual design turns into a light show.

Thus, the usual models – houses, animals, robots, vehicles are painted with wonderful tints of light.

Video: LaserPegs LED Designer

Magic Nuudles – these designers are made from 100% safe materials – corn starch and food dyes. You can build all kinds of crafts out of multi-colored corn sticks.

It is only necessary to apply some water on a special sponge and wet the parts so that they become plastic and take on any shape. And boring crafts can simply be dissolved in water and rinse

Video: Ecological Designer Magic Nuudles

And with the help of LEGO Creator Monster Dino designer details, you can not just create something, but revive an almost real dinosaur. The toy has three different types of construction, during which the dinosaur can also turn into a crocodile or spider.

Controlled by remote control, can walk and growl.

Video: designer LEGO Creator Monster Dino

Speaking of designers, it is impossible not to mention the winning toy in three nominations for the Best Toy of the Year 2013 (TOTY) in New York at once – the LEGO® Friends game set. The line includes 23 sets and has five main characters – 5 girls living in the fictional city of Heartlake City. A veterinary clinic, a cafe, a beauty salon and a suburban house, a design studio, a swimming pool are only a part of the possible design elements of the city.

Each of the characters has their own interests (for example, animals, art, design), which are reflected in the models. Not a designer, but a lifetime!

Video: LEGO® Friends Emma’s house

Puzzles – not quite design material, rather a mosaic element. But here, such puzzles, from which you can create, for example, our planet in miniature, is already a designer. In modern 3D puzzles, the construction is required to be made up of a plurality of pattern fragments in three-dimensional space.

Typically, 3D puzzles are various architectural buildings and landmarks or some types of cars. Composing a puzzle from 120 parts takes about 3 hours.

Specifically, for example, out of the 60 details of the game Sharovy Globus, the child is able, by means of adults, to construct a robust construction of a small globe with a diameter of 7.6 cm.

Video: New York City 3D Puzzle

Materials for artistic creativity, too, are changing and improving every year. The familiar plasticine has now been replaced by various creative versions of edible, multi-colored soft clay (environmentally friendly, of course,) and other unusual mixtures of the youngest creative individuals.

Mix for modeling Kinetic Sand WABA Fun, for example, consists of quartz sand and a special binder, and is great for children’s creativity, developing fine motor skills of hands, coordination of movements, concentration, attention, forming aesthetic perception and enriching fantasy.

Video: kinetic sand from WABA Fun

And your artistic vision of the world can now be expressed without brushes with paints. Innovation of the Year – Crayola’s Digital Designer drawing system lets you do it with your magic round dome. It responds to the touch of an electronic pencil – stylus and displays up to seven colors.

Children can not only draw on it, but also create various animation options and even make short films by combining drawings.

Video: Crayola’s Digital Designer Toy

Many of these toys are controlled using gadgets, others are “powered” by batteries. These toys fly, crawl, float.

What for? To the delight of the little ones! Some parents will call them pretty useless.

But can it be useless what children like? And adults too.

A set of game pieces Skylanders Giants has become the best-selling toy based on a virtual game and integrated with the game console. The figure “comes to life” right on the screen if you put it on a special pedestal.

And the entire game experience is stored on a special chip inside the head, so you can play your characters on any system.

Video: Skylanders Giants trailer and action figures

There are a lot of toys, talismans and souvenirs in the form of flying saucers, but the exit has attracted the attention of adults and children. The fact is that the flight of the Air Hogs Vectron Wave flying saucer can be controlled simply by hand movements.

Without pulling any levers or ropes, make passes with your hands, moving the plate up, down and sideways. The special effect of the flight of the dish produces in the dark, thanks to the LEDs shining on its edges.

Video: Air Hogs Vectron Wave Frisbee

Another, already becoming popular, electronic toy for swimming – fish RoboFish. Being easily activated in water, it reproduces the habits of a real fish and swims well. Electromagnetic motor allows the fish to move in 5 directions. When immersed in an aquarium or other water tank, it begins to float, sinking to the bottom and rising to the surface of the water.

Also available with a plastic aquarium.

Video: electronic fish RoboFish

And on land the baby is waiting for fun moving bugs NANO BUG from HEXBUG, running around the tables and labyrinths. Nanoscapes look like real natural inhabitants, there are very tiny, nimble insects that quickly run, fall, turn over on their backs and rise to their feet again.

There are respectable individuals larger, moving importantly. And there are nanocrubs, they move sideways.

Video: funny Christmas advertisement nano-bugs HEXBUG

Despite the romantic name – Flying Fairy Flutterbye, this toy is similar to bugs. Also a robot, only able to fly. The secret of the magic lies in the little motor, the thinnest petals-propellers are responsible for the movement of the doll, and the built-in touch sensors help it to be kept at a distance from foreign objects.

Tiny propellers unwind, and the fairy takes off to a height of several meters, and then gradually descends. But it is worthwhile for the child to give a hand; it is again striving upward.

The higher the palm, the higher the toy takes off. The full feeling of a fairy tale is recreated with a wave of a magic wand. Time!

And the fairy as if dancing in the air. By the way, you can see a demonstration of a miracle right now in many metropolitan shopping centers.

Video: Flying Fairy Flutterbye

And in order for the Fairy not to fly away, it is reasonable to launch a spy helicopter behind her on a remote control of the Silverlit Spy Cam Helicopter. Radio-controlled, it has a significant advantage over previous models: a digital camera, the image of which is displayed directly on the display of the control panel.

Video: Silverlit Spy Cam Helicopter Toy

Do you like to launch paper airplanes with your baby? Yes, they have you, go, fly slowly!

But with the Electric Plane Launcher electric paper launcher, their maximum speed will be as much as 50 km / h! So promise manufacturers.

Video: Electric Plane Launcher Paper Aircraft Launcher

They have no heart, no soul, no love, no sympathy. Therefore, in dealing with a pet robot and dreaming of friendship with him, the child will have to try for two.

But, unlike ordinary dolls and toy animals, robots can move, answer questions, they can change and even teach some simple skills of a child.

So, a small rabbit photographer Ouaps JoJo will be a great companion for children: he communicates with the kids and asks them to perform various tasks. The rabbit will check if the child has found the right solution, thereby contributing to the development of the motor skills and intelligence of his little playmate.

If the task is not completed, the rabbit will comfort the child with a sweet voice and funny swinging of long ears.

Video: Ouaps JoJo Rabbit Photo

RoboMe is not just a robot that looks like an alien. He is a smart robot.

After RobotMe connects to your iPhone or iPod, you can endow it with human traits. Change appearance, voice, give it individuality, and, thanks to voice recognition and voice control, you can communicate with the robot.

The kid and the robot can “grow” intellectually at the same time: learn new words, cope with more and more complex tasks. RobotMe can be controlled using the remote.

A child, for example, can let a robot go for a walk into the garden and control his actions from a distance.

Video: RoboMe Interactive Toy Video Review

Pleo dinosaur robot, imitating the appearance and behavior of the dinosaur baby Camarasaurus, who is only a week old, is also able to learn. Based on the artificial intelligence, the “personality” of Pleo is shaped according to his experience obtained during the study of the environment and communication with various objects.

Video: two Pleo dinosaur robots

The very first mistresses of Tamagotchi have already grown, and their former pets have long since died. And the present will never die! If you care for them improperly, they will simply fly away from the child to their native Tama Planet.

The new Tamagotchi Friends, like the old ones, hatch out of the egg, ask for a pot, require them to feed, grow, grow up and are always ready to play. Now you can raise and raise up to 24 pets at once, teach them friendship through the new function “to be friends”, invite friends to visit, go on dates and give them gifts.

The game has several levels and, after accumulating a certain number of points, new functions are opened.

Video: Tamagotchi Friends

Sovushki Furby – another electronic model, updated since its appearance in 1998, toys. Soft, pleasant to the touch and brightly colored birds repeat the words of the children, laughing, blinking and smiling (sometimes angry), and if you tickle them tummy – Furby will start laughing loudly. Kids can make owls creative hairstyles and pick up cool stylish accessories from the sets, issued additionally.

And besides, the new Ferbie is synchronized with applications for iPad and iPhone – it becomes more and more interesting to play!

Video: Furby Boom

All means are good, if only to tear children away from gadgets and make them run, jump, play ball! Moreover, the balls are not simple now. Yes, they are also robots that work with gadgets

The brightly glowing Sphero ball is the first modern robotic digital ball in the world. He goes to where he is ordered by a child controlling a toy through iOS or Android with the help of special applications. In order to build the trajectory of the ball, it is enough to draw it with your finger on the tablet screen.

Sphero can overcome various obstacles and even swim. You can play golf, mini-football, and train a dog with it. The ball is controlled at a distance of up to 15 meters, and thanks to an improved illumination system it glows with thousands of bright and vivid colors.

But attention! Sphero can reach speeds of up to 7 meters per second, and this is unsafe.

Video: Sphero’s glowing ball 2: 0

Another new toy is the super-strong jumper Zing ZeeBeez. Not a robot, but also love the little ones.

To play, you need to turn the rubber ZeeBeez inside out and throw it on the floor, ZeeBeez jumps up to two meters and returns to its shape.

Video: jumper toy Zing ZeeBeez

Arctic Crossbow crossbow in a single copy – money down the drain. At the very least, they need to be taken two in order for the father and the child to run about each other in the snow.

This snow machine, which looks like a crossbow, sends snowballs over long distances with ease and force. It has a sight, and, thanks to a specially equipped mechanism, it is very easy to charge.

Video: Arctic Force snow crossbow

Some of the toys, which were discussed here, are not yet widely available in Russia, but, having set a goal, they can be purchased online. Just do not forget about the stated age limits and the possibility of the baby.

And also, of course, about security.

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