Grow big

Grow big

Since the problem of growth bothered parents at all times, for many years she managed to acquire many myths and legends. Some of them only mislead pap and mum, others quite have a right to exist.

So that various guesses and assumptions do not take you by surprise, we will question them and decide what we should believe and what we shouldn’t believe.

The growth of the child is inherited from parents and close relatives
True Experts believe that growth is a genetic parameter. However, a child can go not only to his parents, because he gets some of the hereditary information from grandparents, and sometimes from the most distant relatives.

If the expectant mother smokes during pregnancy, it will slow the growth of the baby.
True Tobacco poisons the small body, preventing the access of oxygen and nutrients that are necessary for the harmonious development of the crumbs. This is due to the fact that nicotine reduces the lumen of the mother’s blood vessels.

That is why doctors advise pregnant women to refrain from this harmful habit.

If a child is born small, he will always be lower than his peers.
FALSE In fact, the length of the body of a newborn does not allow to predict what will be its growth in the future. If the genetic information of the baby is based on the fact that he will become a real bogatyr, this will happen, especially if the crumb does not face serious illnesses in childhood. Emotional overload, unhealthy diet, chronic diseases, climatic and geographical conditions, chromosomal abnormalities (for example, Down’s syndrome), bone defects can slow down the growth of a baby.

Such problems can lead to the most tangible problems with growth.

If the parents are tall, you can expect the child to keep up with them.
TRUE AND FALSE Since growth is a hereditary parameter, it can be assumed that this version sounds quite convincing, at least in practice it happens so often. However, exceptions are more than likely, because, as mentioned above, the child may well go to his miniature distant ancestors.

That is why sometimes parents of short stature get tall children. If the parents of a baby of different height, it is likely that he will “copy” a miniature mother, and not a two-meter-old father.

If you multiply the growth of a two-year-old child by two, then we will get his growth in adulthood
FALSE A child grows in jumps. If a baby under 2 years old was often sick, then the forces of his body went to completely different processes, and it is quite possible that after recovery he will catch up and outrun his peers.

But in order not to be mistaken in the calculations, doctors prefer to make predictions only after the child is 5–6 years old.

In order to calculate the future growth of the child, there are many formulas, but only one deserves attention. Add the growth of mom and dad in centimeters, divide the resulting amount by 2, add 5 for the boy and subtract 5 for the girl.

For example, mom’s height is 165 cm, and dad’s is 172 cm. Most likely, their daughter will grow to the level of 164 cm ((165 + 172): 2 – 5), and her son – to 174 cm ((165 + 172): 2 + 5).

Grow big

Boys are usually taller and bigger than girls
True No need to be a great specialist to notice the difference between the parameters of boys and girls: by nature itself it was intended to make men stronger and women weaker. But up to 12–13 years old girls outperform boys in terms of height, and then everything happens exactly the opposite.

After the transitional age is over, the child will stop growing
True There are two main peaks of growth. One of them falls on the period from 0 to 5 years, and only in the first year of life does the child grow by 25 cm.

The second peak is the time of puberty, which usually begins at 9-10 and lasts up to 13-14 years. During this time, girls grow by 18 cm, and boys – by 25.

But after the active phase there is a period of calm: boys and girls almost cease to grow, although the skeleton forms up to 25 years.

If the baby suddenly stops growing, he will not be able to catch up the lost time.
TRUE AND FALSE It all depends on how badly the growth schedule is violated. Usually periods of activity alternate with pauses. This is absolutely normal.

Longer stops are associated with infections that require energy to heal and prevent growth. However, as soon as the disease passes, the child, as a rule, quickly catches up the loss.

Another thing, if we are talking about severe chronic diseases that interfere with digestion or prevent some beneficial substances to digest. In addition, other abnormalities can lead to growth retardation: problems with the kidneys, heart, respiration, excess hormones, etc.

Both parents and doctors watch over the growth of children.

It is true for this purpose that pediatricians prescribe regular tests for babies:

  • every month up to a year;
  • every 3 months to 2 years;
  • 2 times a year to 3 years.

If the growth of the child is very different from the peer parameters, measurements are carried out more often. Plus, the doctor watches how the baby data compares with the average.

The difference between them should not be more than 7 cm. If the indicators deviate by 10−12 cm, consultation of the endocrinologist will be required.

Intensive activities in some sports prevent children from growing
TRUE The growth of boys can be damaged by weightlifting, so they should be postponed until the transitional age is over. Up to this point, children are much more useful to engage in swimming, which takes the load off the spine and allows the skeleton to develop harmoniously.

Children grow up in a dream
True Experts say that the brain produces growth hormone in the first half of the night in the deep sleep phase. However, for the harmonious development of preschool children it is useful to sleep, not only at night, but during the day.

In addition to growth retardation, due to lack of sleep in children can begin psycho-emotional disorders.

If the boy is much lower than his peers, help him feel more confident. Try to find a sphere of interest in which he can express himself most clearly.

This will help the child to communicate on an equal footing with higher classmates. Otherwise, his experiences about small growth can turn into a psychological problem.

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