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Great tea party

Great tea party

Answers to the question of whether it is necessary to solder the crumb being breastfed still cause controversy. Supporters of long-term breastfeeding believe that babies do not need additional fluid. Some pediatricians, however, do not share this view and believe that in any case an individual approach is needed.

It is imperative to feed the baby in the heat and during the illness with a high body temperature.

Thirst at a baby is satisfied first of all with water – this is indisputable. Children’s tea is used mainly to solve some problems. Properly selected drink will help to cope with intestinal colic, to calm an excited child, to ease his condition with a cold or teething.

It is important to remember that special children’s teas, unlike adults, are made from medicinal and aromatic herbs. They are not a medicine and cannot replace drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Children’s teas are available in two types: bags and soluble (granulated). A packaged drink is a type of herbal tea in filter bags. It contains dried and crushed parts of plants: leaves, flowers, fruits.

There is no sugar in it, so children do not always like this tea.

The basis of instant baby tea is extracts (extracts) from plants, it has more components, which increase the risk of an allergic reaction. In such a drink is often added fruit and berry juices in powder form. Most granulated teas contain sugar or other sweeteners.

And this is their main drawback. At the same time, granulated tea does not need to be boiled with boiling water, it dissolves in warm water, thanks to the sweet taste, children are more willing to drink it.

And besides relatively harmful sugar, such a drink may contain many beneficial additives.

To choose the right drink, parents need to navigate in its many components.

Great tea party

The basis of children’s tea is medicinal plants.

Fennel, or fennel, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion, reduces intestinal spasms and reduces gas formation. Fennel tea can be administered from the first month of life.

Chamomile has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, produces a slight analgesic effect. Chamomile tea can be recommended both for intestinal colic, and as an additional drink for ARVI and other diseases.

Cumin is considered the most effective remedy for flatulence, so a drink with cumin is also useful for children with colic. Moreover, such tea can consist of cumin and cumin in combination with fennel and chamomile.

Anise reduces intestinal cramps and relieves meteorism. It can also be used as a soft natural remedy to combat intestinal colic.

Mint and lemon balm have a mild sedative effect and are recommended for children from 3-4 months with sleep disorders or with strong anxiety associated, for example, with teething. To baby quietly fell asleep, give mint tea for 1 hour before bedtime.

Rosehip – one of the sources of vitamins. It contains a lot of vitamin C and relatively rarely causes an allergic reaction.

Rosehip tea has a tonic effect, stimulates the immune system, increasing the body’s defenses.

Currants, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and fruits (apple, apricot, orange) are used as sources of vitamins and trace elements, as well as to acquaint your child with new flavors. Such teas are recommended not earlier than 6–8 months.

Flowers and leaves of linden. Tea, which includes these components, is prescribed as a mild antipyretic for ARVI; In addition, linden flowers and leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect.

This drink is better to give warm.

Raspberry leaves have a mild antipyretic effect and have an anti-inflammatory effect. This tea should be served warm.

Oregano and thyme (thyme) are used in the treatment of bronchopulmonary and gastrointestinal diseases as an anti-inflammatory and sedative.

Additional components of children’s teas include the means to improve the taste and increase the nutritional value of the drink.

Sucrose (sugar), glucose (dextrose) are sweeteners that are familiar to us, which are used to improve the taste of the drink. They do not cause allergies, there are not many of them in children’s tea, but still it is better to choose tea without them.

The later the child tastes the sugar, the better.

Maltodextrin – carbohydrate, a product of incomplete splitting of starch. He has a more complex composition, because this ingredient breaks down more slowly, providing a smoother rise in blood sugar levels.

Lactose, or milk sugar, is the main carbohydrate of breast milk. This component improves the taste of tea, does not cause allergies.

It should be borne in mind that the drink with lactose is not suitable for babies with lactase deficiency.

Citric acid is added to improve taste, as well as a preservative. It stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, improves the absorption of trace elements such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

Since this ingredient irritates the gastric mucosa, a drink with citric acid can be given to children not earlier than 6 months.

Vitamin C is added to instant baby tea to increase the nutritional value of the drink, especially since most babies in their early years are deficient in vitamins.

Inulin is a prebiotic. It is added to form and maintain normal intestinal microflora.

This tea is especially useful for crumbs with a tendency to constipation, but is contraindicated in diarrhea.

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