Great swimming

Great swimming

1) On the first day he observes. Sit on the beach by the water under a parasol.

Place a basin with water, cups or mugs. Play with the baby, pouring water over his hands and feet.

If he does not like it, do not insist.

2) It is dipped into water. Holding the baby in front of you, crouch down with him in the water so that the baby rests on your hips.

If you see that he does not show any signs of discontent or fear, stretch your legs and wet his back.

3) Holding the child in your arms, gradually enter the water and carefully submerge him in the water along the shoulders. He likes? Supporting the baby under the arms, keep him away from you a little, continuing to talk with him.

Move the baby towards you and move it away, circle the water with it and watch when it starts moving on its own.

4) Honored rest. Get out of the water, wipe the baby and immediately wrap it in a large bath towel so that it dries well. Then massage him using special baby milk or body oil.

And to help your child calm down, offer him something tasty – for example, cookies with fruit puree.

A child who loves swimming in the bath, easy to get comfortable with a swim in the pool or the sea.

Wrong. In the bathroom, he can easily navigate.

But in a pool, a child may become agitated because of its large size, and the waves and the sound of the sea can scare him.

I still breastfeed, but I can swim.

Right. Do not sunbathe without the top of the swimsuit. The skin is still very sensitive, and pigment spots or sunburn may appear on it.

After each swim in the sea or pool, take a shower – the baby will not like either salt or bleach on your skin.

He just drank from a bottle, now you can swim.

Wrong. Wait at least an hour.

Water from the pool (or the sea) fell into his mouth. Now he is sick.

Wrong. When the first moment of surprise passes, the child will make a frustrated grimace, and then quickly forget about it.

The child gets tired from swimming.

Right. During the development of a new activity, your baby spends a lot of energy. And here he still has to move a lot.

After so much effort, it’s no wonder he falls asleep quickly.

At what age can a baby start swimming?

On average from 5 months. But first he needs to make the 1st BCG vaccine and 2 polio vaccinations.

For the first time it is better to prefer the pool, in it the baby will be less worried. Avoid large crowds of people and the hottest hours – from 11 to 17.

To begin, sprinkle with water (32 ˚C) on the feet of the baby. If the child does not show signs of anxiety, gradually immerse him in the water while holding it in his hands.

How long should bathing last?

About 10 minutes: the child very quickly begins to freeze in the water – his thermoregulation system is still imperfect. Watch the baby: if his lips turn blue, his face turns pale, his teeth chatter, immediately get out of the water.

Can he swim naked?

It is better to use swimming trunks, they will protect the baby’s ass from sand and mud on the beach or the side of the pool. Do not forget about panama, t-shirt and sunglasses.

At the water, the action of the sun’s rays is enhanced, keep in the shade or under an umbrella from the sun and regularly apply sunscreen on your baby’s skin.

Is it better to support a child during bathing or to wear arms on him?

At first, rely only on your hands! If you feel that the child feels confident in the water, you can lay him on an inflatable mattress and, when he learns to move on it in the water, put on his armbands.

But still stay close.

As soon as we get close to the water, he starts screaming. What to do?

No need to insist – the child will cry even harder. Try again the next day.

Install a small plastic pool – not so frightening, take plastic toys and play with the baby in the water.

Flat seams and anatomical cut. Swimming trunks do not hinder movement and do not interfere with blood circulation.

The wide soft elastic band in combination with a cord prevents slipping in water. Soft hygienic lining in the front of the heats adds comfort when worn.

Provides reliable protection of the skin of children from sunburn, prevents inflammatory processes. Retains moisture, cares and soothes the skin of the child.

Easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Water resistant.

With vitamin E and panthenol, without paraffin oil. Economical to use. Protection factor 50.

Dermatologically tested.

Designed to familiarize the child from 9 months with the first swimming skills. It is quickly displayed and removed, it can be taken with you on trips.

The awning will reliably protect the kid from direct sunshine.

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