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Good night everybody!

Good night everybody!

In infancy, babies are driven by nature-reflexes and a genetic program. The child basically only eats and sleeps. But about 1−1.5 years, the child is increasingly guided by desires, mental impulses, often going against the needs of the body.

So, every child older than 2 years may have difficulty falling asleep, referred to in medical language as insomnia. The baby refuses to go to bed, even when he is very tired, he turns around in bed in search of a comfortable posture, wakes up at night, asks for water, food, a pot, etc., or runs from his bed to his parents. Such “night vigil” delivers a lot of trouble to adults, keep in suspense.

In addition, late bedtime has a negative effect on the psyche of the baby, the child becomes overworked, becomes capricious, does not get enough sleep the next day.

The body lives in accordance with certain biorhythms. It is important to organize a regimen and stick to it day after day.

Young children need long walks in the fresh air, light physical exertion, games, balanced nutrition and, of course, proper rest. Up to 4–5 years of age, daytime sleep is obligatory, which, however, is also shown to older preschool children, and even to extra-weary younger schoolchildren.

Parents should ensure that the baby does not overwork, because overexcitement is a serious burden on the child’s nervous system, which is also reflected in the psycho-emotional and intellectual development of the child. When building a regime, one should be guided by the child’s internal biological clock, his age and the recommendations of pediatricians.

It’s hard for kids to come to terms with the need to go to bed, because they think they will miss something incredibly amazing. The child needs to be morally prepared. You should not interrupt an important lesson, a cartoon, a game in the “most interesting place.”

It should be warned in advance to the crumb that “in 20 minutes we will go swimming, reading and sleeping”: the child needs time to reorganize. The abrupt termination of an entertaining game or conversation is not easy for an adult, and a child whose attention shift is slower and even less so.

Try to avoid noisy games, watching TV programs, films that are exciting to the child’s psyche before going to bed – otherwise it will be more difficult to calm the baby and ensure a restful sleep.

In the bedroom where the baby sleeps, should not be too stuffy or too cold; before going to bed you need to air the room, dim the lights. Preparing for bed should consist of nightly “rituals” that will be associated with the upcoming laying.

Such a ritual can be a warm bath, in which, on occasion (when the baby is very tired), you can add a baby mixture of aromatic oils that act soothingly and sedative. Wearing pajamas is also a ritual.

Like reading a book.

Good night everybody!

Literary gatherings can be alternated with intimate conversations, discussion of the past day, tomorrow’s plans, or family stories. Some kids love to listen to stories about the childhood of parents, grandmothers and grandfathers – such “family legends” in the evening silence appease and give a sense of security.

Some products can be a “help” in laying the child, as they have an impact on the emotional state. Everyone knows that coffee and tea are invigorating, but few know that corn, oats, rice, raisins, bananas, tomatoes, milk, honey contain melatonin – it regulates sleep and is an excellent harmless “sleeping pill.”

Either festive event requires significant psycho-emotional costs from the child. By evening, the baby may feel “squeezed like a lemon.” An adult, tired, goes to rest, and the child, on the contrary, begins to act up, cry, protest, cannot fall asleep.

After any event, you need to create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere at home and put a baby to bed early. If the tantrums could not be avoided, it is important to remember that a baby cries removes accumulated stress.

Some children need to be saddened alone, others need to be worn on their hands, but one should never leave the baby without consolation – this will give rise to a feeling of guilt and may later lead to the development of complexes.

Stroking under the lullaby and dim light of a night light will calm the baby and quickly send “into the arms of Morpheus.”

However, sometimes violent reluctance to go to bed can be dictated. fears. Many children do not admit to their parents that they are insanely afraid of “Baba Yaga looking out the window” or “Snake Gorynych crawling out from under the sofa” and do not want to go to sleep in a separate room where they will be left alone in the dark with this horror. Children’s fears must be treated with understanding.

You can not shrug off and even more ridicule the child – it will only drive the problem deep inside. It is possible to reveal children’s fears by suggesting a child to draw a picture on a free topic or by carefully looking at the games of the kid. If the crumb often depicts monsters, plays aggressive games, this may indicate fears.

To overcome difficulties is real only by establishing a trustful, friendly contact with the baby. Sometimes parents can cope with the problems on their own, but in other situations the help of a professional child psychologist is required.

In rare cases, insomnia or frequent waking up at night may indicate more serious disorders of the nervous system. When parents get up to the child 10 times a night, this is a reason to go to a neurologist or somnolog. The specialist will be able to determine the extent of the impairment using polysomnography – the recording of vital signs of the body during a night’s rest.

Today, a similar study is conducted in some clinics and hospitals and helps to determine the state of the child’s nervous system, the work of the heart, and the respiratory system. After the diagnosis, the doctor develops therapeutic tactics, which may include both behavioral measures (setting up a daily regimen, changing bedtime rituals), and drug therapy.

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