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Glenn Doman: Your child is a genius

Glenn Doman: Your child is a genius

It all started when, at the end of the forties, a young military doctor, Glen Doman, began treating children with brain injuries. They developed techniques that produce amazing results. “Sentenced” children developed rapidly and even overtook their healthy peers.

The basis of all development lay discovery: through healthy areas of the brain can affect the damaged.

Having achieved amazing results, Doman tried a system designed for patients in working with healthy children. He headed the Institute for Human Development in Philadelphia.

His methodology is used by parents in different parts of the world, since 1964 his books have been published in different languages.

Glen Doman identified six functions of the brain, thanks to which man is different from all other creatures. Three of them: motor (walking, running, jumping), speech, writing – completely depend on the other three, sensitive ones: sight, hearing, sensations.

Only a person is capable of upright walking, can communicate in a symbolic, abstract, artificially invented language, write down this invented language, read what is written, understand oral speech, and recognize an object through touch.

“It is the implementation of these six functions that serves as a life test for underdevelopment, normality, giftedness. Moreover, superiority in the performance of these functions will almost inevitably lead to superiority in life. ”

Each of these functions from birth to six years passes through seven stages of brain development. This is the basis on which the whole teaching method of Doman is built.

It is important to note that, according to Doman, the main of these six is ​​the motor function (walking, running, jumping). Every parent who wants to see a child physically perfect should help him move as much as possible.

Glenn Doman: Your child is a genius

The mobility and activity of the hands allows the child to quickly increase their mental potential. And you need to start the development of the baby from birth.

What does Doman offer? First of all, turn the newborn on the stomach.

Babies are usually laid back, in this position they are helpless and cannot move normally. But not a single cub of the animal is in the position of paws or hooves up.

This is the main and first mistake that limits the mobility of the newborn. Putting the baby on the tummy, we follow nature: the soft underbelly is protected by the floor, and the back is the natural skeleton of the skeleton, the baby moves his arms and legs freely, trying to hold his head.

The second mistake is to muffle kids in warm clothes that prevent them from moving. During pregnancy, the baby was at a temperature of 36.6 ° C, and the cool adult atmosphere of 20 ° C does not suit him.

It is necessary to plan a nursery as a room for children, and not for parents-educators – therefore, to make it warmer.

Then everything is simple. The development program of motor, manual skills and equilibrium program begins.

Doman offers special tracks for crawling, which can be used from the first birthday. They resemble long boxes, the walls of which relate to the forearms and thighs of the baby lying on the belly. Pushing off the legs, following the innate reflex, the crumb can creep rather long distances.

Crawling on the hands and on all fours plays an important role in the development of vision, speech and intelligence. Therefore, this technique recommends even older children to take part in the training of the baby – to crawl with him!

Glenn Doman: Your child is a genius

Glen Doman is ready to place a child for physical activity on a warm, even, safe floor for at least 24 hours a day. Here, of course, there are many opponents of this approach. No physical intelligence will ever replace a live emotional contact, they will say and will be right in their own way.

However, they do not take into account that his parents should be on the floor together with the child!

In addition to crawling, you need to develop a grasping reflex in your baby, simply by holding your fingers 10 times a day for 1 minute to his hands. A program to develop vestibular skills will accelerate the growth of the brain that is responsible for balance.

Doman offers 15 types of such stimulation.

So, moving on the stomach will grow into 2.5 months into conscious crawling, 3-4 months into crawling on all fours, then walking, running, sprinting and long-distance running. While practicing according to the Doman program, at six years old, the kid will run 20 meters down, from a hill, then 100 meters, etc., up to 5 kilometers without stopping.

Studying the method of Glenn Doman, take what suits you and your baby, do not limit yourself only to the framework of this program, even if it is absolutely yours. Listen to songs with your child, read poems, play role-playing games and toys, engage in creativity. Listen to your child and do what you both enjoy.

Each time reinforce the process of teaching the child some kind of affection, such as kissing or stroking.

Glenn Doman: Your child is a genius

Learning to read Doman considers the most important and important task. With the help of reading, a child can receive “inheritance of the knowledge of another person who lived in another country and 100 years before him”.

Having learned to read, the baby becomes free, he is no longer limited by what his parents know and give him. Teaching reading, mathematics and various other sciences is built in the Glen Doman system on the same principle.

It is necessary to quickly show a child a card of a certain size with whole words and sentences, dots from 1 to infinity, animals, planets, historical figures, etc., and clearly pronounce the names depicted. And the sooner such training is started, the better. “A one-year-old child is easier to learn than a seven-year-old,” says Glen. And to the question: “From what age should you start training?” – answers: “From the very birth!”

The method of teaching reading begins with words that are divided into thematic groups, the first of which is “Parts of the Body”. Many teachers note that this system must be good for those languages ​​where there are no endings, but the child will learn the Russian language incorrectly, ignore the endings or swallow them when reading.

On the other hand, at the second stage (after mastering the order of 50 words), the baby gets the opportunity to see phrases (where he discovers changes in endings), later simple sentences, common sentences.

Doman does not start learning children with letters. “It is very difficult to read the letters, because no one has ever eaten, caught, wore or opened the“ A ”. But everyone ate a banana, caught the ball, wore a hat, and opened the book. The letters that make up the word “ball” are abstractions, but the ball itself is quite specific, so it is easier to learn the word “ball” than the letter “M”.

This is contrary to the traditional approach, when children are first introduced to letters, sounds, syllables and warehouses, and only then with words and sentences. Doman also argues that the brain, like a computer, you need to give a set of information and facts, and the laws to which they obey, he will open himself.

Children love to learn, love to learn, and the younger they are, the greater their craving for knowledge. We can stop this need by testing and testing children to find out what they don’t know yet. Doman opposes checks: the child must show that he knows, to be a winner, and not a defeated person, who is pointed out to his mistakes and problems.

More often praise your little genius, create situations of success, say that he is doing everything right!

Glenn Doman: Your child is a genius

A few weeks or months after the start of learning to read, Doman adds encyclopedic knowledge. The program is built identically.

The series of cards include knowledge from various fields of science. It does not even matter that the child will remember a large amount of information, because when buying an encyclopedia, we also do not read it from cover to cover. Studying, the kid will allow his brain to grow, and will also be able to analyze objects and, like a real scientist, draw conclusions and find patterns.

The “lessons” themselves do not take much time, although they require organization. The time here is calculated in minutes: one card should be shown 1 second, and so on 10 pieces of 3 series. Therefore, let’s say, even with 20 approaches, it will take you only 10 minutes a day.

However, the production of cards – rather hard work. After all, to complete, for example, the assimilation of encyclopedic knowledge and proceed to the intellectual program, you should already have about 1000 cards.

Glen Doman also says that it is not necessary to perform everything completely and if parents give at least some part of the material, it will be much better than nothing.

The child begins to learn mathematics from the number of subjects, and not from signs (numbers), as is customary in traditional pedagogy. Indeed, you first need to acquaint the child with the concept of quantity, and only when he has a clear idea of ​​what is 5 cars or 10 geese, can he be introduced to numbers. Doman does not show children of geese and pears and does not even count apples and cats with them, he shows cards with dots.

He argues that according to his method, children will be able to easily determine the number of points on the go, even if there are 50 of them, without recounting, and this will help them to perform arithmetic operations with large numbers in their minds.

And in mathematics, as you see, you can achieve results that we call brilliant. And all because all the children are brilliant, according to Doman, from birth, and every crumb has mental potential no less than that of Leonardo da Vinci.

“We tried to understand the origin of the genius,” Doman writes, “and suddenly realized that this“ origin ”was concluded in the time span from birth to six years. The appearance of genius depends on the opportunity given to the child to develop!

Glenn Doman: Your child is a genius

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