Give up

Give up

First of all, you should ask the parents who lead (or drove) their children to the group that your baby will attend. So you will save time, because according to their stories you will be able to get a general idea of ​​the person you entrust the child to.

Of course, any assessment is subjective, but if you talk not with one, but with 4–6 moms / dads / grandmothers, then you will have enough information for consideration.

“Strict, but kind” – perhaps this is good. “And in the classroom, as children, it’s interesting!” Is one of the best characteristics.

Do not worry if you did not get a teacher with the “highest category”. Titles and awards, alas, are not always synonymous with excellent human qualities. The main thing you should pay attention to is: how does your caregiver treat her wards, can she truly love them, or are they only working for her.

And it is not necessary that she should smile from morning to evening and constantly stop stroking the children on the head. True love is manifested in checking whether the little ones have puffed up trousers, whether the spouts are well wiped, whether the nimble and strong are oppressing those who are weaker, whether the kids are bored or not too much sitting on the chairs.

A good teacher will notice when the baby is bad, and will help in time.

However, the children themselves will best tell you about this if you listen carefully to what they say and see how they behave when they meet with her in the morning, when they come to the group.

Teacher Irina Yurevna children adore. But now she is on courses, and now for a week now she has been replaced by another. The next morning, the boy Nikita comes with his mother to kindergarten, hastily looks into the group and again sees the wrong one.

He turns to his mother (his face is extremely dissatisfied) and slowly and disappointedly says: “Again, another … Mother, let’s get rid of her!” The most surprising thing is that Nikita is a smart boy, maybe he can be bullied and fight, and Irina Yurievna Often takes him to the “mudskins”. It would seem, rejoice, Nikitka, while she is not there, and make a lot of noise.

But children are just people, they perfectly feel true love for them and respond to it with the same sincere affection.

When a baby begins to attend a nursery or kindergarten, they give him time to get used to. That is one or two weeks, the mother (or someone from the family) can stay with the child in kindergarten.

Very useful start. The baby during this time will get used to the new environment (and this means that it will do without stress), and you will be able to look around, carefully study the daily routine, notice many nuances and peculiarities in the behavior of children, the teacher and the nurse.

And try to adapt the child to these features.

Give up

While “getting used” to the garden is going, pay attention to that:

– How to meet their charges nanny and teacher. Greet or cost the attendant “hello” if there is a time to talk to him one-on-one: children really appreciate such personal attention.

If they read a long moral right at the entrance here, if they often quit and punish the “guilty”, if the children’s initiative goes out on the vine, if in a group the children quarrel a lot and for a long time – is this a reason to wonder: did you get there?

– How to do. Do not too often they get rid of the kids: “quieter” – “don’t make noise” – “don’t turn around” – “stop …”, etc.?

Children in the classroom do not get bored? Willingly engaged?

Have time to “at recess” between classes to run, crawl, jump? A good teacher children simply do not notice how fast school time passes, so interesting to them. “Grandma, you said that we would study, we didn’t study again today, we just played,” said Arina, and в led to show those applications, then drawings in notebooks, which they did in these “non-existent” classes.

– How to go for a walk and return from it. Is it too long for the kids, who quickly dress, to wait for all the others?

So that the kids do not sweat, a caring teacher will not delay the exit to the street, ask the nurse to go out with the “foremost”.

– How to play. The game is the most important occupation of preschool children, playing activity for them is just as important as for schoolchildren – learning.

A good teacher will always find something to occupy their wards. If someone does not know what to do, he will prompt, organize the game. Are there no children in the group who are deprived of attention, who are milling around and desperately bored (and in fact suffer)?

Do children often have to sit on chairs without work (so much calmer: everything is in place, no noise)?

– How does the comments. Pay attention to the intonation, to the voice and to the context in which this or that claim is expressed to the child. Any comment should not just pull up and stop children, but also show how to do it right. (Instead of: “Do not dare to squeal loudly,” you can say in a more tactful way: “Katyusha, speak more quietly … well done …” Instead of: “Don’t break the leaves!” – “Look, what beautiful flowers, fields, please …”)

Give up

Stop and orient the child so that he wants to be good. And most importantly, the remark should not humiliate the young man. (“You will behave this way – I will send it to the nursery”, Shame on you, I completely dismissed … ”,“ Look, Vanya is a good young man, neat, and you are so dirty, and also a girl … ”)

Everything said about the teacher can also be attributed to the nurse (the younger teacher – as this post is now called).

A good nanny will never refuse to wipe the ass baby if he is not good, and stroke the head of the one who was sad, and praise everyone who carried his empty plates into place or carefully removed the toys to the place. However, how can she not raise her voice to the kid who started playing, gapered and causing inadvertent defeat.

Of course, they will not scold your baby with you. And the others? Pay particular attention to how children react to comments.

There are very “sweet” teachers, but the children do not come to the delight of their unctuous voice. And there are those who speak in a stern voice, but children willingly carry out their assignments.

Give up

We are all different, and our views on education often do not coincide. Do not rush to draw conclusions based on first impressions.

Observe how the teacher and the nanny resolve the conflicts that arise between children (and they always arise between children). Even for half a day in the group someone has time to quarrel with someone, and even fight.

A good teacher will not interfere in small children’s squabbles, but will never allow a major confrontation. And it will do without long notations, often just with a glance, with a cheerful word will be able to defuse the situation.

And to conduct a “debriefing”, without blaming or humiliating children.

However, you have your own excellent indicator of quality: the reaction of your child. Do not be embarrassed that he demands: “Mom, do not go!” (This is normal for a beginner). See how he will meet you when you come for him: joyfully?

Do not throw tantrums in the locker room or on the way home? Not eager to escape from the group, as soon as I saw you.

– Wait, I’ll finish the game.

– Oh, I have to take the game into place …

If so, you can be sure: the child with his teacher is psychologically comfortable and very interesting.

Give up

It may give the impression that at first you are invited to be too critical of the nurse and the teacher, almost to arrange an exam for them – well, you are right. The work of the teacher is really complex and multifaceted and truly worthy of respect.

You do not like too much – maybe the teacher is not to blame? Maybe she really is a great person and an excellent teacher, you just do not fit each other.

In this case, it is better to change the group, and maybe the garden. It is better, more honest, than to criticize, condemn and hide discontent “behind the scenes” (as long as there is enough patience and you do not explode). If you are convinced that in this group they care for your child, wish him well, it will not be difficult for you in any difficult case to establish a constructive dialogue.

You can correctly, without offense to respond to comments, suggestions and advice that will inevitably give you. You choosed?

Now you have to trust these people and work with them on the same team.

Do not forget that both the teacher and the nanny are also people with a whole set of human emotions. They can be tired, and annoyed, and wrong (and who does not happen?).

The main thing is that all this does not spill on children.

Kindness, responsiveness and understanding (that is, what we expect from caregivers and nannies) are no less so and they expect from parents. Do not forget that at the same time, when you are studying a teacher, she is studying you. And the nanny, and the teacher also formed a certain opinion about you and your baby.

Of course, whether you like it or not, they cannot refuse a pupil, but this prevailing opinion contributes to how your relationship will develop in the future. If you express yourself as a person with complaints, always dissatisfied with one thing or another (in other words, look like a bore), it is unlikely that those who will raise your son or daughter will want to be frank with you, give advice and share doubts.

Maybe it will be easier and more pleasant for you, but this situation is unlikely to benefit your child.

Give up

The most reasonable thing you can do in the first days of kindergarten visit is to tell the teacher about the features of your child. No child is like another, and a good teacher will only be grateful for timely and detailed information.

– What character, temperament (quick-tempered, slow, sensitive, shy …).

– What features (he falls asleep uneasily, does not like to give away his toys, etc.).

– What does he particularly like to do?

– Are there “bad” habits?

– What is already able to do, and what has not yet learned from what is necessary by age?

Discuss issues that especially concern you. So, you can ask a nanny not to force a kid to drink cocoa, which he, for example, cannot tolerate.

Agree that during a walk they regularly check to see if they don’t take off their mittens, if there is such a habit.

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