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Future mom in winter

Future mom in winter

Seasonal epidemics of influenza, hypothermia, drafts … In many ways, these anxieties are justified, because in the cold season we are easier to become prey to all sorts of bacteria and viruses, meeting with which pregnant is completely useless. With such unpleasant consequences, such communication is especially fraught in the first trimester, when the organs of the future baby are laid, and the placenta is only being formed and still does not protect the child from infections and harmful substances. The well-being of a little man can also be affected by medicines that a woman may need during her illness (for example, antibiotics).

But in order to catch the infection, all you need is to take a ride on the bus at rush hour or look at the family cafe, where there will always be a couple of coughing babies.

The most effective way to avoid these problems is to minimize contact with the infection. And to do this, try as little as possible to appear in crowded places like cinemas, cafes and shopping centers, to avoid contact with sick people, especially with children.

Of course, it is impossible to lock yourself at home for the whole winter, therefore, going “into the light”, at least, take security measures. Do not hesitate to wear a disposable mask, talking with a cold colleague, going down the subway or going to the clinic. Before leaving the house, smear your nose with oxolinic ointment, and after returning, wash off the entire infection in the respiratory tract: wash your nose with a spray based on seawater, gargle with chamomile infusion.

To make this measure work, teach your family to do the same.

Vitamin-mineral preparations, as well as herbal remedies, known for their protective properties, for example, on the basis of Echinacea, will be helpful for strengthening the immunity. These funds can be taken and 2-week courses for prevention and in the initial stages of the disease.

Still not managed to protect yourself from a cold? In order to prevent the development of complications, proceed as soon as possible to the most active actions. Every 2 hours, gargle with throat (infusion of chamomile, soda solution, miramistin) and rinse the nose (spray on the basis of sea water or the same miramistin).

Drink more: hot tea with lemon or dogrose infusion will naturally flush the body of the infection. Expectant mothers are allowed homeopathic remedies (“Aflubin” (Bittner), “Otsillokoktinum” (Laboratory Boiron)) – but it’s important that they show themselves, it is important to take them exactly according to the scheme indicated in the instructions.

If the discomfort is accompanied by a temperature above 38 ° C, call the doctor, and before his arrival you can use the paracetamol or ibuprofen-based products for pregnant women. Even active women who are accustomed to suffer a cold on their feet should take a bulletin and rest in bed – otherwise the body, weakened by an existing infection, can easily become a target for a new one and the disease will go down harder.

A proven way to catch a cold is hypothermia. For women, “in position” is especially easy, because, due to the accelerated metabolism, they are more likely to suffer from heat and feel less cold – but experience its effects and can overcool just like everyone else.

So first of all it is worth taking care of correct clothes. The main principle of the winter wardrobe – multi-layered: several clothes, each of which can be removed at any time. The second important condition is natural breathable fabrics.

In synthetic clothing is easier to sweat and supercooled. By the way, this also applies to thermal underwear made of artificial materials: it is designed for actively moving people and removes moisture from sweaty skin well, preventing it from cooling.

But slowly strolling “puzatikam” in such clothes can be cool, so for strong frosts better suited products made of cotton or wool.

Future mom in winter

When buying new clothes for yourself, choose clothing “with a reserve”, at least half a size larger. This should be done not only for practical reasons, because weight gain occurs gradually throughout pregnancy, but also from medical ones.

Apart from the fact that too tight clothing impairs blood flow (which is especially important for the pelvic area), it is colder than in more spacious models. For all nine months, the priority in choosing a wardrobe is to make comfort and warmth. Outerwear should protect the neck and head well – the future mother is forbidden to go without a hat, even if she had previously done without a hat.

Give up short jackets and coats: the buttocks and upper thighs must be covered. Winter shoes for the future mother should be spacious, because women are “in position” often have swollen legs. So that by the evening the legs were not crowded and they did not freeze, it is better to have half a centimeter between the tip of the thumb and the toe of the shoes.

But for the time being, it is better to refuse from boots with a high-necked boot or pointed toe. Ideally, shoes should also be with simple fasteners or without them, so that the future mother would be easier to wear.

In the winter cold, not only in women “in position” do tastes change: we all begin to be drawn for sweet, fat and nutritious. In this way, the body is trying to get fast energy and “fatten up fat”, which will become a natural defense against frost. It is not surprising that by the spring we all have time to accumulate a couple of extra pounds.

For future mothers, the surplus may become a much more significant problem if doctors advise to control weight gain (for example, when there is a prospect of giving birth to too large a baby). To satisfy the “double” appetite and at the same time not gain too much, try to lean on slow carbohydrates: cereals, bread with cereals and bran, as well as vegetables and fruits rich in fiber. An important component of the winter menu is proteins: meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs.

They not only create a feeling of satiety for a long time, but, more importantly, supply the future baby’s body with building material for cell growth. In search of vitamins, so necessary for pregnant women during the cold season, give preference not to overseas “exotic”, but to familiar and proven products, best of all – grown in our latitudes. Imported vegetables and fruits that are processed to prolong storage can increase the allergenic load on the body and cause unwanted reactions.

In addition, any innovations (even if we are talking about very useful products) can be perceived differently by the organism than in the absence of an “interesting position”.

The safest way to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the right quantities are special complexes for pregnant women. What kind of drug is suitable for a woman – only the doctor decides depending on the state of health and the specific situation.

Vitamin and mineral preparations differ in composition and dosage of individual elements, and must be selected strictly individually. For the same woman at different periods, the choice may be either a complex of 20 ingredients, or a preparation of 2-3 components.

The fear of slipping and falling is haunted by many expectant mothers in the winter. And there are physical reasons for this: the center of gravity in pregnant women shifts due to the growing abdomen, coordination worsens, and the ligaments softened with hormones fix the joints worse.

Balancing becomes harder at any time of the year, and especially in ice – especially. The way out is to slow down the pace of walking, try to avoid slippery tracks (even if the path will be twice as short), look carefully at your feet and, of course, choose the right shoes.

Outdoor shoes or boots should be on a raised rubber sole, with a slight rise of 3–4 cm or without a heel. Once on a slippery road, go, like a penguin, in small steps, bending your knees slightly.

Step on the ground with your entire foot and roll over from one foot to the other. Hands slightly apart.

So it will be easier for you to keep balance and not to fall. If you still can not stand on your feet, try to at least land on the buttocks or on the side, substituting your hands as a support.

For all that, dramatizing the situation and treating yourself as a crystal vase is also not worth it. In the mom’s belly, the future baby is reliably protected from shocks by a thick muscular wall and amniotic fluid.

Accidental “landings” on the side or on the buttocks rarely lead to unpleasant consequences for the child, especially in the early stages. But the fall on the stomach, especially in the III trimester, threaten not so much the child himself as to save the pregnancy.

A fall can cause an increase in uterine tone or premature detachment of the placenta, which may lead to the need for emergency delivery. So, at the final stage of waiting, the expectant mother should double the caution, and not only during walks, but also, say, when visiting the pool or sports activities for pregnant women.

If after the fall you feel a heaviness or pain in the lower abdomen, dizziness, and the movements of the baby become too active or, on the contrary, barely perceptible, immediately go to the obstetrician-gynecologist. And it is absolutely necessary to do this when the appearance of bloody discharge or leakage of amniotic fluid, as well as if the stomach was injured during the fall.

Even when you feel fine, but the result of the injury was bruises on the hips, a visit to the doctor, ultrasound and CTG will not be superfluous. Be sure to visit the doctor who is leading the pregnancy, and in the event that you are injured in “remote areas” (for example, a broken arm or leg), and discuss the drugs prescribed by the traumatologist with him.

Do not be alarmed if you have to do an x-ray or tomography — the benefits of accurate diagnosis far outweigh the potential risk.

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