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Fully armed: how not to get sick during the cold season

Fully armed: how not to get sick during the cold season

To walk in any weather

Do not be afraid that your child will turn into a midget from the Strugatsky book. Rain and wind cause discomfort only for us adults. For children, who are just beginning to learn about the world, this is more likely another exciting life experience.

And most importantly, a great way to improve health. To walk helped counter the attack of viruses, two important rules should be followed: breathe fresh air every day and dress according to the weather.

Temper the throat and forget about socks

If a child, from infancy, drinks only warm, a sip of cold kefir or a gust of icy wind while walking will instantly provoke a cold. If a kid has been wearing socks all his life, an attempt to walk barefoot on even slightly cool parquet can be fatal.

What to say about the wet shoes. But for children who eat ice cream in dank weather and routinely slap their bare feet on the floor in an apartment, no cold is terrible.

Hardening is one of the most important conditions for successful protection against viruses.

Measure the humidity level in the nursery

During operation of central heating, the humidity level in the room decreases by 15–20%. Reducing to below 40% may significantly affect the standard of living of the baby, including causing frequent colds.

The fact is that with increased dryness of the air in the upper respiratory tract, evaporation of protective mucus occurs, which prevents the penetration of bacteria into the body. As a result, the infection becomes much easier to attack the child. To measure the level of humidity, you can use a special device – a hygrometer.

Or easier – using an ordinary glass of water. Take a glass, take water into it and put it in the fridge for a few hours.

Then remove and place in the nursery, away from the central heating radiators. If the glass is quickly fogged up and covered with condensate, and after 10 minutes it is completely dry, the humidity in the room is very low. If large drops of water have formed on the walls of the steaming glass, humidity, on the contrary, is too high.

Ideal if the glass is sweated, but the condensate is not drip and the walls are not dry. This suggests that the “weather” in the nursery is excellent.

Fully armed: how not to get sick during the cold season

If the measurement of the humidity level showed disappointing results and the air was dry, measures should be taken urgently. You can arrange water tanks all over the room or buy an aquarium. Then the water will gradually evaporate and moisten the air.

True, for children with very small inhabitants such a method is hardly suitable, because, playing, they can knock over and break the vessels. Another popular method is to dry the laundry in the room.

Its main disadvantage is that the drying board in the nursery looks ugly. In addition, if there are particles of detergent left on the laundry, they will get into the air when drying.

But the key disadvantage of such homemade humidifiers is not even an inconvenience, but ineffectiveness.

The third, much more perfect method is to use a real moisturizer. But he has his own nuances. First, the device must be properly maintained – including regularly washing the filters, draining the waste water and pouring fresh water.

Otherwise, bacteria will multiply on the inside surfaces of the humidifier tank. Secondly, some humidifiers leave condensation and white deposits on furniture.

In addition, some of them are very noisy, which makes it difficult to use them at night.

Fully armed: how not to get sick during the cold season

According to research, the air in most rooms is much dirtier than outside. Even with regular cleaning, dust particles, bacteria, toxic substances remain suspended in the air and settle in the airways of a child whose immune system is just beginning to form.

The result is obvious: the more time the baby spends at home, the more often he gets sick. How to clean the air? The easiest method is to air more often.

True, if you live near a busy highway, this method will do more harm than good. You can plant houseplants: some of them, for example, ferns, anthurium or dracaena, not only saturate the air with oxygen, but also rid it of toxins. A more effective and modern method is air purification with the help of a special device – washing.

It combines the advantages of a humidifier and cleaner. Air washing by the German company VENTA, for example, humidifies the air to an optimal level (40–60%) and cleans it of most allergens: dust (including dust mites), plant pollen, pet undercoat and other pollutants. At the same time, it works without the use of replaceable filters and is easily disassembled.

The instrument housing is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and the motor and fan are cleaned of dust using a dry cloth. Unlike an ultrasonic humidifier, air washing does not leave white marks on the furniture, because it works on the principle of cold evaporation, that is, it does not force the air with moisture, but of course, at the molecular level. Another important advantage of the device is the presence of a night mode, thanks to which it will not disturb your sleep.

The reliable design of the VENTA airwash ensures round-the-clock work for 10 years and more, which is confirmed by the manufacturer’s warranty. And the minimum power consumption (no more than 3 W at night) will not create additional costs.

Turn to aromatherapy

In the cold season, the baby’s room can be sanitized using the essential oils of eucalyptus, pine, myrtle and tea tree. All of them have disinfecting, antiseptic and bactericidal properties. Add oil to the bucket with water before washing the floor, after having dissolved it in any emulsifier, fumigate the room with an aroma lamp or put a few drops of oil into the water that you are going to pour into the air wash.

For sinks VENTA, by the way, a special aromatic additive is provided. It is created on the basis of the whole complex of essential oils and is intended for cold inhalations during colds.

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