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Frost and sun! A wonderful day!

Frost and sun! A wonderful day!

It’s cold outside. And kids do not like to dress. While you are wearing a hat, tell him anything, but only in a cheerful, kind voice: children understand intonation and react to communication.

It is clear that depicting an orchestra, dressing a child is difficult, and grandmothers with rattles and musical pistols are not always at hand. Make bright beads from toys, “Kinders”, filled with peas or buttons to thunder, and hang them around your neck.

Try to keep your baby’s arms free longer so that he can reach for toys. Choose clothes with light fasteners, perhaps, instead of a jumpsuit for an infant, an envelope with sleeves will be more suitable: you will not have to fight with the legs, putting them in your pants.

On the child put on one layer more than on yourself. Children from 1.5 years to wear much easier and more interesting.

Use this time with benefits. Suggest your child to find a pair of his mitten or a woolen sock of several.

Show that the two socks are the same in color, size and pattern. If mittens get wet, do not forget to take a spare.

Putting on blouses, winter boots, mittens, pronounce the name of clothes and shoes, teach the child where the right handle or leg is, where the left one is. The child will quickly learn orientation and generalization, expand his vocabulary.

And the participation of the baby in the process of dressing will prepare him for independence.

During a walk in the cold it is undesirable to cover the nose of the baby with a scarf or a scarf. Microbes accumulate there, and a moist environment helps them multiply even more.

If the frost reaches 20 degrees, try not to go out with the baby at all or divide the hour festivities into short exits for 20 minutes. If the nose is blocked and not breathing, spend time at home. So that the crumb did not talk while going out on a very cold windy day, it is not at all necessary to strictly forbid him to open his mouth, you can simply play the game “Behind the Glass”.

Frost and sun! A wonderful day!

The purpose of this activity is to develop the ability to use gestures and restrain verbal expressions. Imagine that you are behind glass: see, but do not hear each other. Let the child try to make any request with gestures.

This may be the desire to drink tea, play ball, offer to read a book or go sledding.

Before the walk, invite the child to color the water. Pour the water together in plastic transparent bottles and use a brush to allow the paint to be added to it.

Note the child that the water is clear and has no color. Make a hole in each cover (with an awl or a heated needle).

Suggest the child to paint on the snow, pressing on the bottle. Multi-colored patterns on the snow will look very original.

If it snows and the child is going to sculpt a snowman, and the snow crumbles, suggest a game that will not leave him indifferent. Tell the baby to follow in your footsteps, stepping precisely on the footprints left in the snow.

First walk slowly, taking small steps. Then complicate the task: retreat to the sides, alternate small (ant) steps with large (gigantic) ones – in general, confuse the tracks. Count the steps out loud.

Sometimes distract the child’s attention so that he will go astray and look for your footprints among others by comparing and matching the size and pattern of the sole.

Collect icicles with your baby, count them together and start building a small fence by placing them in the snow. You can lay out icicles, like a mosaic, get a picture of a person or geometric shapes.

When laying out icicles, invite the child to fulfill the different desires of each icicle. For example, this icicle wants you to jump on the spot. And the other can be put on the snow only if you count to 5.

Frost and sun! A wonderful day!

Remember the English folklore hero known in many countries of the world, whose name is Humpty Dumpty, and in the new Russian translation of “Alice through the Looking Glass” – just Beltok Yolk. So, make an egg out of snow and lay it on a wall (bench), read a poem.

In the words “Fell in a dream,” the child must dump Humpty Dumpty, and after the phrase “Humpty Dumpty, Dumpty Humpty cannot collect”, try to fashion a new hero and continue the game. This game develops auditory attention, fine motor skills and just amuses children.

The game aims to develop a sense of trust and the formation of the ability to navigate in space.

Is thorny snow pouring into your face? Let the kid close his eyes. Your task: holding his hand, notify about the pits and curbs that you need to step over, about the obstacles that need to be circumvented.

Use the words: above, right, left, etc. You can offer your child to bypass non-existent barriers. Before the kid opens his eyes, ask him how he thinks, where have you already reached?

Now invite your child to drive you, it is advisable to pry you a little.

On a frosty day without precipitation, take a piece of cloth moistened with water onto the street. Lay it out or hang it on a bench and play other games.

Before you go home, look what happened to the soft matter. “She has become as hard as cardboard!” – the baby will be surprised.

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