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From sadness to joy: mood swings in a pregnant

From sadness to joy: mood swings in a pregnant

For nine months, the emotions and mood of the future mother change more than once. No wonder, because at different stages of pregnancy women face special tasks. Not for nothing, experts divide the whole long way of waiting for the baby into three trimesters.

Each of them has its own characteristics, conditions and sensations.

The news of pregnancy becomes an important milestone in the life of a woman, because now one more mother is added to her former life roles. How organically a new identity will fit into the existing pattern depends on many external circumstances, for example, the family or financial situation of a woman.

All points above the “i” are placed in a few weeks. At this stage, pronounced external changes in the physiology and life of the future mother are not yet happening, but the internal ones are already colossal.

The first months of pregnancy – the period of physical and psychological adaptation to the new situation. A real hormonal storm occurs in the future mother; all systems and organs are rebuilt in a new way, and this process cannot but affect the emotional state.

A new zone of nerve cell aggregation appears in the woman’s brain – the dominant of pregnancy. It provides the full range of protection mechanisms for the future man, from physiological (for example, reducing the activity of the immune system that can repel the “alien”) to psychological.

So, it is thanks to this dominant, along with the news of pregnancy, a woman comes to the feeling that a new little life is immeasurably more important than her own; an instinctive desire arises to protect and safeguard it.

From sadness to joy: mood swings in a pregnant

Adaptation of an organism to a new position does not always go smoothly: the most frequent manifestation of it is early toxicosis. A woman may experience mild nausea, dizziness, changes in taste, increased sensitivity to odors, weakness, drowsiness.

These feelings can not be called pleasant, but they are natural and act as a kind of link between pregnancy and the mind of a woman. The kid as if reminds: you still do not feel me, but I am already here.

Both obstetricians and psychologists consider minor toxicosis to be completely normal, moreover, one of the indicators of a safe pregnancy. But the strong toxicosis – with indomitable vomiting, loss of appetite, poor health, changes in blood and urine indicators – speaks of unconscious fears and conflicts with pregnancy and motherhood.

The answer may be the reaction of rejection, which starts the immune system. In order not only to preserve, but also to take a pregnancy, a woman cannot do without the help of a psychologist.

Because of the ailments, the expectant mother can become lethargic and apathetic, or, conversely, screwed up and irritable. Toxicosis can exacerbate the existing stress – and vice versa, nervous tension often increases pain.

Not surprisingly, the onset of pregnancy often becomes a period of anxiety. We are always afraid of the new and the unknown, and for future mothers anxiety is a completely natural situation.

It differs from the pathological state of fear in that a woman can abstract herself from her, muffle the voice of the mind and continue to live on. In future and young mothers, anxiety is not specific, it is aimed at the child in general and is made up of a multitude of “micro alarms” (can I safely bear and give birth, will the baby be healthy, etc.).

In such a situation, the support of loved ones is especially needed. In many ways, it depends on them perception of a woman and the expectations and birth of a child.

The situation when the expectant mother takes upon herself the problems of pregnancy of the mother, mother-in-law or friend (or even all at once) is a very frequent phenomenon, which only a psychologist can manage to cope with at times. Although the cure for these anxieties lies in just three words: each pregnancy is unique.

Difficulties that have arisen with your relatives or you yourself in a previous pregnancy, does not necessarily repeat.

By the 13th week of the manifestation of toxicosis, the hormonal balance is stabilized, and with them the psychological state of the woman comes to balance. The body and mind have already said “yes” to the future baby, the placenta has entered the work, protecting the child from harmful factors, and now you can be less concerned about his well-being.

At the same time, physical discomfort does not bother the woman so far – just as anxiety due to the upcoming birth. There is a period of calm, both physical and emotional.

From sadness to joy: mood swings in a pregnant

The most important event of this stage is the first movements of the baby for a period of about 18 weeks. A woman receives for the first time tangible signals from another life, which originated within her own, and begins to build relationships with her.

The normal form of such communication is a joyful game. The future mother strokes her belly, talks to him, sings songs.

Her hand thus falls on the back of the baby, in the area between the shoulder blades. This area remains sensitive forever: it is no coincidence that, in an effort to encourage a loved one, we unconsciously slap him on the upper part of the back.

At the stage of intrauterine development, such strokes form the child’s basic trust in the world, a sense of security and emotional attachment to the mother.

Communication between mother and baby should bring pleasure to both participants in the process. When the movements of a child bring pain or discomfort to a woman, it is imperative to consult a doctor, and if obstetric disorders are not revealed, to a psychologist.

It is also worth doing in the event that by the middle of pregnancy the state of anxiety, anxiety and feeling unwell does not subside, but only increase.

The last months of waiting – a busy period for the future mother. She goes on maternity leave, begins to actively prepare for the appearance of the baby, hastily finishes numerous affairs.

The so-called “nesting instinct” is turned on: a woman irresistibly pulls to make purchases, to build an apartment in a new way, to repair or relocate.

From sadness to joy: mood swings in a pregnant

By this time, the woman is already gaining a lot of weight, acquiring an impressive tummy, and doubts about her sexual attractiveness begin to torment her. Many couples refuse intimate intimacy also for fear of harming the baby, who declares himself more and more actively. In fact, if there are no medical contraindications for sex, you can do it until the very last day.

In addition, men, as a rule, are much less worried because of the external shortcomings of their lovers.

With the approach of the birth of the baby, there are new reasons for alarm. The future mother is worried about whether she will miss the onset of labor, whether this process will safely pass, whether she will be able to care for the baby.

These excitements can literally deprive a woman of sleep (by the way, insomnia in pregnant women is considered to be a completely natural state caused by changes in hormonal levels and wakefulness cycles). Help prepare for childbirth courses to help alarms.

Ideal – visit them with her husband. There, future parents will be given all the necessary information about childbirth, will be taught to care for the baby, will provide psychological support and – very important – communication with such moms and dads. Awareness will help a woman feel much more confident.

In addition, the background of anxiety and in itself is normalized a week or two before birth: everything is already prepared, and the expectant mother is quietly awaiting the baby.

Pregnancy is not a disease, but a natural, but at the same time, complex condition for the body. It is no coincidence that psychologists consider pregnancy to be among the so-called regulatory development crises (for example, adolescence also applies to them). This is a time of sharp psychological changes, as a result of which a person acquires new qualities.

This happens during the waiting of the baby. Pregnancy – normative, but still a crisis. And because sometimes, to overcome it, a woman may need the help of a psychologist.

It is not worth refusing, otherwise problems unresolved during pregnancy can become a tangible fly in the ointment of honey.

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