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Fragrant world of perfume

Fragrant world of perfume

Today it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without already such an everyday and necessary means as perfume. Nevertheless, unequivocal advice on how to choose the most important attribute of an image for oneself does not exist. As the saying goes, “there is no companion to the taste and color.”

After all, everyone perceives smells in their own way, and the same perfume can “sound” completely differently depending on skin type, emotional and hormonal state, and even time of year. No two people are alike.

The peculiarity of each person is expressed, in particular, in the chemical composition of the skin. Everything that happens to the skin inevitably affects the smell of perfume applied to it.

Several factors matter: the temperature of the skin (the higher it is, the longer the smell lasts), the pH of the skin (better if it is neutral) and the surface (the smoother it is, the better the fragrance dissolves in it). The situation is complicated by the fact that the perfume itself consists of many different substances that behave differently on the body.

It is for this reason that the same perfume is not only held by one woman better than another, but each one acquires a slightly different odor character.

It is also important that we eat: spices and meat, for example, enhance the smell and give it sharpness.

Fragrant world of perfume

There is also a psychological component when, under a certain emotional state, the fragrance applied to the skin changes the shade of its bouquet. Hormones of fear (adrenaline and norepinephrine) give the smell of “sour”, fatigue – watery, and the state of love adds tart and spicy accents.

You fell in love or were frightened – know that not only the notorious blush, but the spirits will immediately betray your emotions.

During pregnancy – during the period of active hormonal adjustment – the future mother changes not only the taste preferences, but also the perception of smell. The fragrance that you adored just a couple of weeks ago can become annoying, and you mercilessly cross it off the list of favorites.

Choosing a scent, try it on, like an invisible dress, and take a look – does it go to you? It is best to choose the smell in the afternoon: it is at this time that the peak of smell is observed.

Be sure to apply the perfume on yourself – interacting with the skin, the smell changes: at first, a pleasant aroma after a while may sound completely different and vice versa.

By the way, today in some cities there are specialized salons, where everyone (of course, with the support of qualified consultants) can create their own unique flavor. Mix the ingredients with your own hands, while receiving unprecedented pleasure from both the process and the result.

A kind of perfumer himself.

Fragrant world of perfume

The aroma of toilet water should correspond to the situation and be combined with the season, day and place where you are going to go. For example, for an evening exit richer spirits will approach. New perfume from Escada Desire me guarantees you a dull evening.

Trying on this incredibly delectable fragrance, you instantly turn into a fatal seductress. Believe me, the exotic notes of peony and honeysuckle, skillfully decorated with “edible” chords of coffee, biscuit and chocolate, will not leave indifferent any beautiful prince.

At the beginning of the day, floral perfumes are more appropriate – for women and citrus – for men. To visit, say, a children’s party, pick up aerial floral waters like A Scent by Issey Miyake – new items that everyone has been looking forward to for 11 years.

Fresh notes of hyacinth and galbanum together with a light whiff of jasmine define the fresh floral character of the fragrance.

In the office, perfumes cease to be a detail of an individual image – they create an atmosphere in which your colleagues have to work all day. Going to work, choose unobtrusive smells, such as the gentle and at the same time energetic fragrance of the renewed Cristalle Eau Verte, Chanel.

It will not irritate colleagues, and, perhaps, will contribute to career growth.

Spraying perfume, remove the jewels! High concentrations of alcohol and essential oils can ruin the brilliance of the stones.

Fragrant world of perfume

Based on their components, flavors are divided into several groups. In the flower dominant theme is the flower. Chyprevaya combines a bouquet of smells of patchouli, oak moss and bergamot.

Amber perfumes have a spicy touch with an exotic note. And the main chord of citrus fragrances – extracts of mandarin and lemon, coupled with flowers of bitter orange.

In autumn and winter, chypre and oriental perfumes are especially good. Their tart and spicy notes of musk, vetiver and amber will lift your spirits on a gloomy autumn day and give a feeling of internal warmth during the icy winter season.

They are perfectly combined with fur, wool fabrics and frosty air.

The disturbing feeling of the rich veil of oriental and woody notes of Rock’n Dreams, Valentino, will undoubtedly impress the young and dreamy fan of rock. And the quintessence of depth and transparency of BLV Eau de Parfum II from Bulgari will charm a true connoisseur of beauty with its sophisticated elegance.

But in the resorts, where the eternal summer, the fragrances of the floral, fruit and citrus directions are more appropriate. For example, an unforgettably fresh and natural Escale à Pondichéry, Dior, with a delicate aroma of black tea, jasmine and cardamom.

To be fully prepared, this fashionista, we strongly recommend to have on the dressing table an arsenal of fragrances for all occasions. Always remember that too strong smell at all times was considered a sign of bad taste, so you should not stifle too much in the morning in fear that by the evening the fragrance will fade.

Carry a “travel” bottle with you that fits easily in your purse.

Fragrant world of perfume

There is an opinion that the representatives of the stronger sex are by their nature more conservative and, as a rule, remain faithful to their favorite fragrances, which are already out of fashion. Unlike lovely ladies who are more inclined to experiment with spirits and more often change images, from the fatal seductress to the romantic shy.

However, today the market for men’s fragrances is almost as saturated as that of women. The creators of the spirits are looking for a new role for a man who is no longer so simple.

Perfume compositions are becoming more complicated, and every modern gentleman can pick up the smell, the most appropriate to his state of mind.

For a young and cheerful supporter of an active lifestyle, an invigorating and energetic Boss In Motion will do.

A charismatic intellectual traveler would rather prefer a warm woody chord with a deep mineral tint of silicon of the unusually courageous Terre D’Hermès.

A tireless adventure seeker and lover of an exclusive, perhaps inspired by the luxurious oriental woody fragrance with bright green notes of Baldessarini Strictly Private.

Each has its own unique legend, where fragrance is a must-have accessory that harmoniously complements the image. And everyone will find their own perfume created by skilled craftsmen who skillfully mix citrus and woody notes with sometimes unusual explosive chords of vanilla and cinnamon. So, after reading the article, take your loved ones and go to the store to plunge into the bottomless ocean of flavors and pick up the cherished elixir.

Or maybe not one.

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