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Forgotten games: what our parents played when they were children

Forgotten games: what our parents played when they were children

You can try to find a way out of the situation if you mentally return to your childhood, when the game for today’s adults was still a holiday and the main meaning of life. It turns out that in the past there were a lot of exciting games, unfamiliar to modern children who prefer to spend time alone with the gadget. Collective, mobile, street, gambling – these are the games the guys played at the end of the twentieth century.

Do you remember how interesting it was? Let’s remember together several such games and teach our children to play them!

You can play both in the house and on the street. On the ground two lines are chalked out with chalk (and on the floor are determined by another method) at a distance of about 20 meters. All players stand at one line, leading at another, turning their backs to all.

Leading says: “Hush you go – you will continue. Stop! ”Moreover, the speed of pronouncing the phrase: quickly or slowly, stretching words or speeding them up, in many ways, depends on intrigue. At this time, the rest of the players are trying to run as far as possible to the finish line, but on the word “stop” they must stand still in that position, albeit on one leg! – in what found them, turned around driving.

If he sees the unfinished movement of the player – he is eliminated from the game. The first to win the finish line and touch the driver – he takes his place, and the game starts over.

For the game necessarily an even number of participants. With the help of counters, the leading and the third are chosen.

The rest, in a circle, in pairs – one after another, face up inside the circle. The chase begins: the driver overtakes the third-superfluous one, and the first must run only around the circle, he cannot pass through the circle.

And the third one at any moment can run into a circle and attach to any pair in front, shouting: “superfluous!”. That hour is the third player to be the last. Now he must run away.

But the driver has the right to fool him immediately, at the moment when the former evader attached to the pair and shouted the cherished word. Since all players must be in constant readiness to jerk off, and the situation on the playing court changes instantly, the game acquires real tension and interest.

When the driver overtakes the evader, they switch places and everything starts all over again. The game continues until the complete exhaustion of all players.

The players sit in a row and fold their hands in a boat. Thumbs should cover the space between the palms.

Leading takes the game “ring” – it may not be a ringlet, but, whatever, the same small. “Ring” he holds in his hands, in the exact same “boat”. Approaching each player and “dipping” his own “boat” in his hands, driving imperceptibly for others should put the “little ring” in the palm of a player.

And to bypass players, having already lowered a ring, the leader can several times to confuse them. Finally, he moves away from them, with the words: “Little ring, little ring, go out on the porch!” This is the most intense moment of the game. The lucky man who fell “ring” immediately and rapidly must jump and run up to the driver.

However, the players who are sitting next to them should not doze off – their task is to calculate it and delay it in any way. Therefore, it is so important for him to sit quietly, without in any way showing his joy, until the leader calls for him.

If the ring holder managed to escape, he becomes the leader, but if not, he remains seated.

Although the game requires attentiveness and calmness from all participants, it takes place in an atmosphere of constant fun. Earlier, when girls and boys played “Little Ring”, the transfer of the “ring” into the same hands for several horses could be a kind of expression of sympathy.

Forgotten games: what our parents played when they were children

For this game, you need a large space – you will have to run far and much. In the game zone, the border is separated (for example, with chalk), for which it is impossible to run over. Choose a driving.

At a signal, the driver starts to catch up with the players. The one whom he has burnt must stand still and shout: “Tea, tea, help me out!” Until he is rescued.

Any one of the participants can help him out by running up and simply touching him. But this is not so easy, because the challenging task of the leader is to fool not one, but all the players in turn. And this can be done by on duty near the “salted up”, waiting for “helping out”, then dispersing the rest of the players over long distances from each other.

Since this is very difficult, the role of the driver is most often assumed by an adult. Otherwise, the game may never end.

In this creative game several options for the rules. Leading is selected. He stands with his back to the other players and declares loudly:
“The sea is worried once
The sea is worried two
The sea is worried three
Freeze the sea figure! ”

At this point, the players must stand still in the position in which they find themselves. The driver turns, bypasses all players and examines the resulting figures. The first one who has moved becomes the leader, or is eliminated from the game.

In the second case, the winner is the player who still lasts the longest.

Another version of the game. The presenter, saying the last phrase, says, not “sea figure stand still!”, But “figure – and he must say who exactly (animal, concept, object) – stand still!” Then he looks at all the dead and chooses the best.

In this case, the winner is the player who most clearly showed his imagination.

Finally, we recall the old Russian folk game in which boys and girls played in the villages. And which older children will surely like, if they are told about it.

Without the expression of sympathy here, too, can not do.

Players are divided into two teams, which become ranks, firmly holding hands, opposite each other (distance of about 10-15 m). Ideally, boys play against girls, but at the worst mixed teams will do.

One team choruses, singsong: “Boyars, and we came to you, Dears, and we came to you.” The second picks up: “Boyars, why did they come, dear ones, and why did they come?”
Then they all take turns singing: “Boyars, we need a girlfriend, Dear, we need a girlfriend.” If girls sing or, in a mixed team, they want to choose a boy, then instead of “girlfriend” they sing – “boyfriend.”
“Boyars, and what you need, dear, and what we need?”
“Boyars, we need this one, Dear ones, we need this one.”
This phrase is pronounced the name of the selected player. But the second team is not going to give up so simply the “girlfriend” and answers:
“Boyars, her teeth hurt, Dear ones, her teeth hurt.”
The first persuade: “Boyars, and we will give the gingerbread, dear ones, and we will give the gingerbread.”
The second team discourages: “Boyars, she does not eat gingerbread, Dear, she does not eat gingerbread.”
The first come: “Boyars, and we whip her, Dear Ones, and we whip her.”
The latter do not give up the bride: “Boyars, she is afraid of splashes, Dear Ones, she is afraid of splashes.”
And the first to go on the attack: “Boyars, open the gate, Give us a girlfriend forever!”

The last phrase must be pronounced especially expressive, because the selected player, at this moment, must try to break the living chain opposite the first team with a running start. You can choose any place, knowing, for example, “the weakest link.” If you manage to break the chain, the player returns to his team, and takes one of the two “unlocked” comrades with him.

If not – the player became a team just between the “links” that he was trying to break. The winner is the team whose “chain” becomes longer.

What other games did you play in your childhood? Remember and be sure to teach them your children.

After all, neither the cartoons nor the modern gadgets will give our children that real excitement of movement and the joy of live communication and interaction, which can be obtained in the good old collective games.

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