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For the health of the baby

For the health of the baby

Of course, the greatest anxiety of parents is caused by infants and children up to the age when they start talking and can somehow make it clear where and how they hurt.

Of course, the health of the crumbs – the care of the whole family! As long as the child’s social circle is limited to family members, it is necessary to use every effort not to bring infection from the street, that is, from work, from transport, from the store.

Father, grandparents, entering the house, must first of all have to take off their outerwear, wash their hands, wash their face, wash their nose, and in a good way also change into their home clothes. Ideally, it would be good to take a shower.

After all, viruses can be brought home on your hair, on bags, and even on products.

It is very important to monitor the microclimate in the apartment! The optimum air temperature is 22–24 ° С. Even in cold weather should air the children’s room several times a day.

In cold, frosty months, even on the street, the air becomes drier, and in the apartment – too dry due to heating. Of course, there should be no dampness, but the moisture level should be maintained at 40–60%.

In addition to creating the right, environmentally friendly and safe microclimate, it is necessary to deal with the baby itself. Of the means available at this age are the sun, air and water. Dousing and rubbing, air baths and walks – all this will help the child to get stronger and survive the viral months without ARVI and flu.

Hardening is better to start gradually, when the usual hygienic bathing is already fully mastered and gives pleasure.

When you change a baby’s diaper, do not rush to cover the newborn. Let him lie down for two or three minutes naked, taking his first air bath.

Remember that the window must be closed – ventilate the room in advance.

For the health of the baby

Soon you will be able to increase the duration of air procedures that your child will most certainly like, especially if accompanied by games and active communication. By six months, the baby will bask in the flow of fresh air for 10 minutes a day, after six months – already for 15.

Regular walks are very useful – this is one of the best restorative procedures. The baby, who is not even a month old, is taken out or taken out for a short while – 5–10 minutes in winter, 10–15 in spring and autumn and 20–30 in summer.

In the second month of life and older, if the child is healthy, walk with him 60–80 minutes a day in the winter, one and a half to two hours in the spring and autumn, and 2.5–3 hours in the summer.

Make sure that the child in the street in the literal sense of the word was neither hot nor cold. This is really important, because the mechanisms of its own thermoregulation work still poorly.

The sun’s rays accelerate the synthesis of vitamin D, which is necessary for the development of bones and joints. The child needs contact with the sun, but not direct.

A baby can not lie for long under direct rays, in the summer create for him a light “lace” shadow. The easiest way to put a stroller under the tree.

To prevent the bathroom from overflowing with the child’s tears, begin tempering gradually.

When the baby is about a month old, the temperature of the water in the bath can be lowered to 27–28 ° C. Wash your crumbs for three months and temper them at 25–26 ° С.

Starting from the age of six months and up to the six-month “anniversary” bathe the child at 22–24 ° C

Immunity is very fond of contrasting water procedures, and kids – not always. Therefore, be sensitive and careful not to spoil the impression of water treatments.

What is dangerous for the flu and how to prevent the disease

Unfortunately, simply a healthy lifestyle is not enough to protect against the flu. And the flu itself, in addition to the severe course of the disease, is also extremely dangerous for its complications, including pneumonia.

For the health of the baby

“Derinat” drops can be a good ally in shaping the health of your baby and protecting against any airborne viruses. These drops are suitable even for newborns, they can be used from the first day of a child’s life. Derinat restores and enhances the protective properties of the nasopharyngeal mucosa, our main antiviral immunity barrier. This allows you to prevent the penetration of viruses that cause SARS and flu, and fight them directly at the point of entry. Derinat activates the cells of the immune system, helping them to defeat dangerous microorganisms.

But the pills and sprays so contraindicated kids. Drops are safe and softer, they are easy and convenient to drip into the spout.

Derinat nasal drops have been developed specifically for use from the first day of life. Derinat begins to act quickly, penetrating directly into the site of infection. Drops have antiviral effects and help alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Drops are good because they can be dripped into the mouth and on or under the tongue.

It’s great if you give your kid an example, which is definitely very important!

Let infections pass by and you and your baby will be fit and healthy!

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