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For mom, for dad

In 2.5–3 years, feeding the baby turns into a real battle. “I don’t want soup, I won’t soup!” – “Well, eat a spoonful for mom. I’ll buy you a new ball! Just eat porridge! “-” Porridge? Aaaa. “In the end, the very word” dinner “makes the unhappy mother nervously shudder.

And this battle seems endless. But it is finite.

By four years, this problem must pass. If only the moms and dads themselves do not fix the habit of whims at the table in the baby.

The desire to eat is the natural need of any organism, regardless of age, and there will be a healthy child. Only they can prevent it. love and fears of parents. The reasons forcing the baby to refuse food may be different.

We will help identify them and eliminate. And then the child will always have a healthy appetite.

And never again make a family dinner – a family scandal.

The simplest problem is when the appetite is lost “for a while.” That is, yesterday he ate a full bowl of porridge, and today, two and a half spoons and do not intend to continue the meal in any. This riddle is explained simply.

Yesterday my son moved a lot, ran and jumped – and, naturally, got hungry. And today, on the occasion of the rain, he watched TV all day or drove cars on the floor — and he needed less food to recuperate.

At different times of the year, under different circumstances, children need different amounts of food. But this obvious truth of the father, mother, and especially compassionate grandmothers often do not notice. “You’re so skinny! Because you eat badly!

A healthy boy should eat more! ”It also happens that the children play together, and then the girlfriend’s daughter eats the porridge with pleasure, and your son sluggishly picks his spoon on the plate. This is also not a big deal.

Children have different needs, and this does not affect their health.

But among the adult population of our hospitable country, fear lives somewhere deep in the subconscious. “Why are you eating so bad? You must be sick!

And even if absolutely healthy – be sure to get sick. Because you will not have enough vitamins, minerals, proteins and other useful substances. ”

This is not true. Children perfectly feel the needs of their body. And they know how much they need to eat now.

Conducted such experiments. The babies were allowed to choose their own food for 1-2 weeks. Someone chose a little bit of everything, someone leaped on vegetables, someone chose fish, who ate less, who ate more.

As a result, it turned out that every kid gained a necessary balance of vitamins – minerals – proteins – fats – carbohydrates.

Unconscious resentment is often mixed with the baseless fears of parents. “I was preparing a tasty gruel for my beloved daughter, I tried, I spent four hours, but you refuse!” As a result, the frightened and offended mother wants to force the child to eat by any means, experiences stress, starts screaming, “with another spoon” to force the baby “. And the child develops a negative attitude towards such forced feeding, and the problem becomes much more serious.

Always keep calm. Do not worry if the baby “eat bad today.” For his body it is today – just right.

You can offer to eat, but not to force.

If your child suddenly lost his appetite for no apparent reason, check whether he is healthy. In a sick child, a normal appetite really disappears, but this also benefits him.

The body mobilizes reserves not to digest food, but to fight the disease. And in this case, do not worry.

Otherwise, your excitement will be transferred to the baby. And the child will recover faster if he is sure that everything is in order, he will recover.

Confidence is given by close people.

The second option. The smart kid knows very well: he will not be hungry.

But how mom will worry because of his whims! For permission to feed yourself so much useful stuff you can bargain.

In other words, your clever realized: at the dinner table from your mother you can make ropes. And after all viet!

And provokes him to the whims. mom herself. Remember, have you never bargained, prompting a piece of candy, a new saber, a trip to the zoo and other mountains of gold – “just eat up the soup.”

And what will happen next? “Struggle” and bargaining at the table will become an end in itself for the child. Fascinated by such amusing mockery of his mother, he will forget how to listen to the desires of his body.

And it will be capricious and refuse to eat – even if it is really hungry.

Do not bargain! If the kid always naughty at the table – will help the hardness and … creative savvy.

At the age of 3, it is important for the child to realize his right to choose. So let him choose. in the little things.

You don’t care if he eats black bread or white, with or without butter, with sour cream or without. And the kid will be happy to demonstrate their independence. If the child still refuses both alternatives – remove the plates.

Everything, the third is not given.

Do not devote all your attention to dinner at lunch. You can eat at the same time.

The child must understand: either I eat what they give, or I remain hungry. Show your behavior that you do not worry a bit … And remove at the same time sandwiches, cookies – all that he can eat.

When he wants to eat, let him sit down at the table again. And eats.

Of course, almost any kid would prefer candy to soup, and ice cream would prefer cauliflower. That is, chooses more delicious, from his point of view, dishes.

They are usually less useful. And to encourage such vagaries is not necessary.

Starting to fulfill all the requirements of the baby to food, you go broke. In addition, it is very harmful!

But, on the other hand, it may turn out that the child likes borscht more soup, potatoes – more vermicelli. And he just organically does not tolerate dumplings.

It is likely that there are delicious dishes that your baby can not tolerate.

Two-year-old Masha got to a pack of butter. And without hesitation began to eat it.

When adults discovered Masha, the oil was already half a pack less. This case did not affect the girl’s health. But since then, even the sight of the oil causes Masha a persistent disgust.

Making her eat sandwiches with him is impossible. And do not do this.

Or everyone knows the “cold semolina with lumps.” This phrase even in adults causes vivid memories and a slight panic. If a child with horror says that he is forced to eat this “delicacy” in kindergarten every morning – talk to the teacher.

Ask her at least not to force the child to eat up this mess.

Learn how to eat your baby in kindergarten, observe his preferences at a party in a cafe. If he stoically refuses some dishes, and out of two “equally useful” he stubbornly prefers only one thing – these are not whims, but natural desires.

You can meet him, more often (but, of course, not constantly) to prepare “his favorite.”

The vagaries of food can be a symptom of a much greater problem. Away, he even eats porridge with great pleasure, and at home refuses sweet cake and pancakes?

And every time refusals to eat occur with you. And you, of course, react badly to this: worry, ask, worry, persuade, demand.

But the baby needs it: you worry, take care of him, he becomes the center of your interests and your attention. At least for lunch.

Apparently, for the rest of the time, this attention is not enough for him. He lacks hugs, joint games and activities. Perhaps he is jealous of his younger brother or sister.

And then he himself becomes “youngest” – you persuade him, feed him with a spoon. In this way, the baby reminds of itself.

Translating from a child’s language to an adult, he asks: Mom, stay with me, distract from your worries and works, I miss you!

Need to show a little rigor. But, on the other hand, accept such behavior as a declaration of love to you. And answer it.

How? Spend time with him, play with him, arrange dinner for two persons – you and the baby.

In a word, how did you do it when it was very, very small.

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