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Food with value

Food with value

1. The inscription on the label: Low-allergenic (or hypo-allergenic) porridge.

They are intended for small allergy sufferers and those babies who are at risk of becoming. Recall from the series of new dishes porridge appears in the diet of these kids first. Manufacturers achieve a reduction in the allergenicity of their products using a specific treatment of the cereal base (safe buckwheat, rice or corn usually plays this role), monitoring the purity of the raw materials and the vitamin-microelement composition of the final product.

Low-allergenic cereals are usually prepared from one type of cereals, they do not contain gluten, milk, sucrose, fruit fillers (unless proven, such as, for example, the famous green apples).

You can dilute these products with breast milk or a mixture familiar to your baby (based on soy protein isolate, partially or fully hydrolyzed milk protein), which will make the porridge even more nutritious by enriching it with protein, fat, calcium, and so on. Another option is special children’s water.

2. Label inscription: Milk free.

The main cause of allergies in babies are cow’s milk proteins. Among children under 1 year old, sensitivity to them occurs in 0.5–1.5% of infants and in 2–7% of infants feeding on artificial compounds. About 85–90% of babies with atopic dermatitis are allergic to cow’s milk proteins.

That is why it is so important to remove the “provocateurs” not only from the nutrition of the little allergy sufferers, but also those babies who risk becoming them (in this case, the meeting is postponed until 1 year, in order not to start the mechanism of the problem development).

Dairy-free cereals will suit those babies who do not tolerate lactose – the main carbohydrate of milk (this disorder is called lactase deficiency) or prone to bowel disorder. As we have said, you need to breed them with the usual baby food: breast milk or formula.

3. The inscription on the label: Composed of – soy protein isolate or milk hydrolyzate.

It is a safe substitute for the milk base of cereals. Isolate of soy protein will be a worthy alternative to dairy, if the baby does not tolerate it.

But small allergy sufferers are unlikely to help out: sensitivity to milk protein is often accompanied by soy allergy. For such situations, products based on hydrolyzed milk proteins, which are subjected to special treatment that reduces their ability to cause allergies, are more suitable.

4. Label written: Gluten free.

Gluten is a protein that is found in most cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats). He is both an allergen and a provocateur for the development of the disease.

Therefore, its appearance in the diet of babies with atopic dermatitis and food allergies in the first year of life causes or intensifies problems even in the absence of the actual reaction to gluten.

Gluten-free products will be needed even for children with celiac disease – this is how they call a serious intolerance to this substance. In this case, the porridge can be both dairy and dairy-free.

5. Label inscription: Contains probiotics.

Probiotics are microorganisms from among the normal intestinal microflora of the baby. It is primarily about bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which protect the intestinal mucosa from harmful bacteria and enhance immunity.

6. Label inscription: Contains prebiotics.

These include inulin, oligosaccharides (oligo-frutose), lactulose, and others.

Prebiotics themselves are not useful microorganisms, but they help the growth and reproduction of beneficial microflora and fix the chair. Inulin and oligosaccharides are obtained from natural raw materials: the first is contained in chicory, asparagus, artichokes, girasol, garlic, and the second we will find at the root of chicory.

These substances regulate digestion and help calcium to be absorbed.

Lactulose, like all prebiotics, is not digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract, and transits into the large intestine, where it breaks down to form substances that enhance the work of the intestine.

Some industrial cereals contain a combination of probiotics and prebiotics, which makes their composition even more valuable. Such porridges are useful for all babies, but especially for children who have a tendency to constipation, intestinal dysbiosis, or simply often get sick.

Non-dairy, low-allergenic cereals with pro- and prebiotics will help both small allergies and kids with food intolerance, since a violation of the composition of the intestinal microflora almost always accompanies food allergies.


Food with value

Rice Porridge, Frisocrem

Without gluten, milk and sugar.

Porridge is prepared on the basis of rice flour with the addition of minerals and vitamins.

Food with value

Gluten free. HUMAN HA, Humana

Contains specially processed cereal corn and rice.

In the composition – hydrolyzed milk protein.

Contains lactose, fructose, glucose and vegetable fats.

It is enriched with 13 vitamins and trace elements.

Food with value

“Low allergenic rice porridge with prebiotics”, Heinz

In the “role” of probiotics – inulin and oligofructose.

Without gluten, milk and sugar.

Does not contain preservatives, dyes and flavorings.

It is enriched with 12 vitamins and minerals – calcium, iron, zinc, iodine.

Food with value

“Pomogayka. Porridge rice, corn “, Nestle

Without gluten, lactose, sugar and salt.

It is enriched with 11 vitamins, and also with iron, iodine and zinc.

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